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All important announcements and site news will be here. Want to know what is going on with the forums? Well, look no further!
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By Vaanthe a Sep 20, 15
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Planning an event? Have a question about roleplay? Have an idea and you want some feedback? How do you create more fun in roleplay? Post here.
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By MayMay Wed at 07:45 am
If you have a Star Wars: The Old Republic original piece of fiction to tell, we want to read it. Be sure to make a mirrored thread in the comments section, so we can give you some positive feedback.
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By Captain Edwards Jul 8, 16
A place to post reactions and comments on your fellow players' tales. Post your feedback regarding the stories here, so we can keep the stories threads clean.
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By Sesay / Asyr Sep 9, 13
The Holonet
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This is a section to list your events, either IC or OOC, that is happening on each server. We offer a central place here, besides on each server section. (Be sure to link them to the Calendar)
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By Karivishal Sep 16, 16
All guilds have a special niche -- a role to fill. Tell us about yours. We want to read it. If you're looking for a roleplay guild to join, this is the section where you will find one.
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By Sephe Fri at 02:38 pm
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Supporter of the Empire, or just wanting to discuss anything related to the Empire? This area is for the discussion of all things Empire.
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For the Republic -- section for discussion and posts about the Republic.
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By Shant'al Apr 17, 16
Section for Jedi related discussions, and anything relating to the Jedi Faction.
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By Mofeakinmade Sep 1, 16
Siding with the Sith, or just want to discuss something about the Sith? Post here for anything Sith related.
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By Darth Sorarum Jan 22, 16
Got stakes in both sides? Follows the beat of your own drummer? The section for the Independents, and discussion relating to it.
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By Ech'la'serra Sat at 05:34 pm
Out of Character
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The section for crafter/trader related discussions, and things in relation to trade and crafting. This section is for the discussion of ideas and concepts, not the place to post advertising.
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By CMikeHardy Dec 29, 14
What's happening with the game? What's new? What guides do you have? Have questions about game play or advice? Post them here.
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By Vilirius Mar 16, 15
Any player created art and media, be it pictures or videos that you would like to share with us, can be placed here. Tutorials; "how to" guides can go here as well.
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By MayMay Wed at 02:46 pm
Discussion about general topics.
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By Telden Sep 17, 16
If you have any problems with functionality on the site/forums as well as any bugs, please report them here.
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By Devereux Sep 18, 15
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