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Are You Invicta?

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Are you Invicta?

OOCly: Invicta is a guild of mature roleplayers. We're a non-elitist group of friends always looking for like minded people to join us at the table. We have little tolerance for drama and trolling. We're always looking for roleplayers regardless of any experience level. If you've been roleplaying for years, you'll fit right in. If you're new to RP, you'll find people with a wealth of experience which they’re willing to share. Our requirements are that applicants be over the age of 18 and are willing to work and play well with others.

We boast a fully unlocked and decorated guild flagship, fully unlocked and decorated HQ (Yavin 4), and an active RP community with friendly and inclusive members. We like to tell stories in Invicta and hope you will consider not only being a part of them, but also sharing your stories with us.

ICly:Invicta was initially formed as a secret initiative under Imperial Intelligence to prepare for the renewal of hostilities against the Republic and subsequent final victory for the Empire. Originally organised by the Sith Doctor Ryz Andu, leadership was reassigned to Count Noctifer of House Varn of Serenno, whom oversaw a massive growth to the power and influence of the Project.

Due to a Republic backed uprising on his Homeworld of Serenno, Count Noctifer was recalled to quell the rebellion, and leadership has been appointed to Darth Belatrix, The White Lady, who has subsequently reorganised Invicta, elevating a new command staff and re-tasking Invicta’s mission.

With war being waged throughout the galaxy, Invicta acts as microcosm of the Empire. With a broad focus and long leash, Invicta takes pride in being prepared for anything while making themselves relevant in everything.

OOC Broadview: Ordo Invicta is a multi-MMO RP community and Invicta is Ordo Invicta's TOR chapter. We are located on the Empire side of the Ebon Hawk server. Ordo Invicta was initially a gathering of guilds in SWG's Sunrunner server and was officially created as one guild for Age of Conan. We have since had chapters in Fallen Earth, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, and Star Trek Online.

Spoiler: Our MissionShow

Spoiler: Tenets (IC directives)Show

Spoiler: OOC Policies, Rules, and RequirmentsShow

Invicta is currently looking for people to be apart of our story, and for us to be apart of theirs. If you're interested, contact Belatrix, in-game for an IC interview. You can also send me a message on these forums, but I cannot guarantee that it will get a speedy response.

Be unconquered, be Invicta. We look forward to being your friends.
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Previous Major Storylines:

The following are brief write-ups of previous guild-wide storylines over the past couple of years, which paint a picture of the type of roleplay we've historically run.

Spoiler: Operation AshShow

Spoiler: Operation UnityShow

Spoiler: Outpost SkylineShow

Spoiler: The Battle of BalmorraShow

Spoiler: The RebuildingShow

Spoiler: The Assassination of Darth BelatrixShow

Spoiler: The Invasion of TarisShow

Spoiler: The KaggethShow

Spoiler: Operation: Long ReachShow
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The ISS Invicta

The pride of the Invicta fleet is our fully operational Dreadnaught, the ISS Invicta

I'd like to take this opportunity to shamelessly show it off.

The bridge, where the action happens, includes several control and monitoring stations, as well as a tactical map and a combat display.

Spoiler: Bridge DeckShow

The engineering bay is where PI's top minds test cutting edge technology and do research on lost technologies, who's potential we've only begun to understand.

They also have a frozen margarita machine.
Spoiler: EngineeringShow

The command deck is where PI's Sith Order locates during long missions. It includes a dormitory, archives, study chamber, sparring ring, common area, and Darth Belatrix's personal chambers.

The Sith like to hold cupcake socials on every third Tuesday.
Spoiler: Command DeckShow

The Hanger Deck is where PI stages fighter and ground invasion operations.
Spoiler: Hanger DeckShow

Last, but not least, the Crew Deck

This is where PI lives. Both mercenary and military operations are planned and staged here, where their division offices can be found.

Also included, is a fully stocked cantina where members of PI drink for free, a fully staffed and operational medical facility, crew barracks, and a detention centre, for prisoners of war.
Spoiler: Crew DeckShow
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Invicta in the Time of the Fallen Empire

Those who do not bend will break. A key to the survival of any guild in any MMO is adaptability. As games change and evolve over time, guilds must also change with them, and Invicta has done that consistently throughout the development of TOR.

During the time of Zakuul, Invicta has ICly become a much smaller and sleeker organisation. Rather than one guild with various specialised divisions, Invicta now operates as one unit with different fields of speciality.
The ultimate goal of this is for Invicta to operate in a guerrilla warfare environment. Full on military assaults against Zakuul forces have proven to be suicidal for the Empire, so quick precision attacks and espionage operations are the order of the day.

Invicta is currently operating outside of the Imperial military sphere for reasons of deniability. Invicta is still loyal to the Sith Empire, but operates outside of official Imperial law. Official Imperial law has, thus far, looked the other way.

While we continue to restructure ourselves into our new role, we happily accept all manner of characters, but our current recruitment focus is actively seeking espionage experts, medical staff, and combat scouts.

If you’re awesome, and you like your RP almost as awesome as you are, then come join us.
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