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The Ebon Hawk - U.S. RP-PVE (East Coast)
The Ebon Hawk
Light - RP-PvE
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All important announcements and site news will be here. Want to know what is going on with the forums? Well, look no further!
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By Vaanthe a Sep 20, 15
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Got an event coming up? Post it here.
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By Karivishal Sep 16, 16
All guilds have a special niche -- a role to fill. Tell us about yours. We want to read it. (If you're looking for a roleplay guild to join, this is the section where you will find one.)
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By Sephe Fri at 02:32 pm
The Holonet
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Post ads for employment, IC sales/services, or new businesses opening. (please, keep everything IC) (No personal ads, please.)
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By Stevemcgarret Sep 15, 16
Find the IC bounties on Ebon Hawk as well as data needed to fulfill those bounties. Point of Contact for the board is - Rax-Tex, Kashira, and Koriath
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By Rax-Tex May 5, 16
Out of Character
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Draw the community together. Plan server wide events & plots - introduce yourself, find a type of RP, discuss in game locations.
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By dsoundz Wed at 04:11 pm
This board is created for the exclusive purpose of conducting OOC sales and trades. Read the guidelines before posting.
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By Khajur Yuzaw Apr 15, 16
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By Vaanthe a Dec 19, 11
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