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The galaxy around you will be taking a look at events throughout the known planets, from Alderaan to the Outer Rim. Starting with:

House Lessia has taken to space! We don't know where they are going or what they are up to, but we have our reporters hot on the trail. The question is, have they taken to the Tion Cluster in hopes of soothing relations between the Galactic Republic diplomats and those of the Sith Empire, or are they elsewhere? 
We hear that tensions are still high in the Lessia household. And we intend to report on that on a week by week basis!
And in Jedi news, Doctor Nariis and Master Devlo'nir Per were seen visiting Arda-3 a number of weeks ago. Following that the rest of the order of the Light of Alderaan soon redeployed to the same location. We don't have many details about what was going on, but we do know that the Light of Alderaan returned to their headquarters two weeks later looking pretty bruised and battered!
And to contrast all of the bad news, the Praetorians, a trooper division within the Light of Alderaan, welcomed the birth of Samuel Vulpes to a Captain Kal-dur Vulpes last week! Well done. It is good to be able to report on something pleasant for a change. 

Next up in this series: Nar Shaddaa!

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
[Progenitor Server]

It's official: Manaan is coming to The Old Republic in the not too distant future. Earlier in the week, we were privy to an in-character story written about Manaan in a Developer Blog. Today, however, we got eyes on Manaan's first official teaser. In the image above, look at the top left corner. It reads: "Manaan Research Facility."

All speculation points to Manaan being a new Flashpoint, possibly following on but separate from the Forged Alliances series. It is also speculated that there may be a daily area, much like the CZ-198 Flashpoint and dailies. Charles Boyd, Lead Writer at BioWare, states: 

"Forged Alliances is a three-part story. But that doesn’t mean that Part III will be the end – these flashpoints lead directly into our next major story expansion, our largest since Rise of the Hutt Cartel. While we don’t plan to require that you play the flashpoints before jumping into that expansion, it’s by far the best way to experience the storyline, so don’t miss out!

We’ll be releasing a lot more info soon, but for now, here’s a teaser to tide you over…"

In other news, Charles Boyd reveals that Game Update 2.9 will bring forth the next chapter of Forged Alliances which follows on from Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion. 
aVoid FP. What I had heard was right. Oh well, here's hoping that "these flashpoints lead directly into our next major st ...

Lights, places, and action. Those are the three words that an actress is more than likely to hear when she signs up for the role of a life time.  However, I did not quite get the role that my agent put me up for, but still, my heart fluttered in the moments of playing a slave girl destined to be sacrificed in some secret Sith Ritual. The crackling of the flames, the voices of the Sith...  all this and more were just one part of the experience of the play that was the centerpiece of entertainment at the recent Imperial Summer Gala held in Kaas City. As part of my latest assignments for the Galactic News Press, I managed to both secure and pass an introduction with Darth Silental and those working for her in the production of this historical piece.

On Saturday, June 21,  the Nexus Room, a social hot spot known in Kaas City among Sith and others as a place to grab a good drink and possibly a game of chance, was the location of quite a different occasion as Sith of all ranks, Imperials, and any others that empathize with the Empire gathered for the Imperial Summer Gala. The event was hosted by Darth Covenant of House Aridian, and her organization, known as Singularity, with an open invitation offered to anyone that supports the Empire.  The evening included a full bar, food catered by the local fine restaurant as the Emperor’s Divine Dish, and included special entertainment written and approved by the Imperial Propaganda Bureau and directed by Darth Silental, known as the head of Talcorp among her many endeavors.

The play is an historical piece based on a scene from the life and times of Darth Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos, both well known figures. Hours of rehearsals as well as top notch costuming paid off for what was clearly the highlight of the evening. The audience appeared rather entranced with the play as the scene unfolded.  A local filmmaker managed to catch the production on holofilm as well.

(Video provided courtesy of Marcus Khaar)

I have to say that being a part of this was well worth the reaction of the crowd as the applause filled our ears as the curtain went ‘down’ after the play concluded. It is already rumored that the play has been considered for syndication among a well-known theater in Kaas City as well as others wanting to try and do something similar to Darth Silental’s efforts. They do say that imitation is the best form of flattery and praise.

Simulation | GNN reporter
Vaanthe a One of the main reasons I did this as well to mark that this was the first instance of this play being done and arranged ...
Marcus Khaar Once again, awesome play and amazing job of all those involved in it! Also, I never expected that my video would make i ...

This week, we are looking toward the Ebon Hawk server and the talented pool of artists, writers and musicians who make their home there. I have not had the chance to roleplay on that server as much I might like to, so I have not met Sriin in-game, but Sriin is an excellent and well regarded artist.

When speaking with the artist, she had the following to say about herself: 

"I have a BFA in illustration the School of Visual Arts and additional training from Gnomon School of Visual Effects."

And when speaking about the game and the community in which she roleplays, she commended the community as a whole, the people who have helped to shape her character, and her experiences and those who contributed toward her inspiration: 

"What inspired me about SWTOR is the people I've met within the RP community, and what they inspired in me. In a way, I suppose it's been a pretty kick-ass feedback loop. Some of my favorite RP moments have happened in the TOR game space. Out of all the communities I've been a part in over the years, the Ebon Hawk community has helped me to create and shape my favorite RP character--Sriin Knorei. No character exists in a vacuum, and they are all products of the RP experiences in these games. I owe much of my success, RP and art-wise, to others."

Looking at her artwork (and there is just too much amazing stuff to choose from but we will stick to the SWTOR based stuff), I think my favourite has to be this piece:
SvenPek My partner in crime and mischief on the swtor-rp site! Or well former. Did a picture for me too and I love it! Still use ...
Vaanthe a I love her art! She did a great picture for me of my BH Vaanthe. She is creative, easy to work with, and went well beyo ...
Mai Cash Sriin also did the piece that's the artwork for not only my Avatar, but the article about my work below (is that vain of ...

As Keyt Saren's previous report states, Manaan is now opening its world back to the Republic and Sith under new terms and arrangements. Do you think this will cause problems on-world? Was it a wise decision for Manaan to open once again? Would your character ever go there?

On another note, the Developer Blog speaks of the past history of Manaan and how it has affected the universe of Star Wars. Do you believe Manaan will come to Star Wars: The Old Republic? As it is not official yet, there is only hints at it. How do you think it would fit in with the SWTOR storyline? Would you roleplay there?
aVoid People of dulfy seem to think that this is going to be an FP. Someone in the comments' section said that it's already co ...
Rél Qu-Soraj o If only the Selkath species would be playable..... I'd be so happy.
Cruallassar It was unwise. A better idea would have been to sell their Kolto without the galaxy knowing it was coming from them. Buy ...

Manaan's historic dealings with the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire resulted in the planet being left in ruins. Ahto City—the planet's city above the seas—was destroyed by Sith forces when their dealings with the Selkath—the natural inhabitants of Manaan—resulted in the Sith's dismissal from the planet and Manaan favouring a union with the Republic. 

Hundreds of years ago, during the days of Revan's triumphant battles against the Empire, Manaan allowed the Republic and the Sith to establish themselves on the planet in a neutral agreement to trade Manaan's most valuable resource: kolto. The Selkath banished the Sith after discovering that they were training young Selkath in the ways of the dark side of the Force. Consequently, an uprising occurred, and after the Selkath refused to give in to the Sith's demand for their allegiance, the Sith bombarded the planet. The Republic did not rise to aid their trade partners during their time of need. The Selkath shut themselves off from the rest of the galaxy for a long time, returning to the depths of their seas. 

Reports from the Pyrshak system and Republic officials have revealed that Manaan has reestablished contact with the Sith and the Republic with new arrangements for on-world visits. The planet's new surface structure, Mercantile Plaza, has implemented strict rules for landing privileges for the two super-factions. Trade agreements for kolto have been made, and the Selkath have reinserted themselves into the galactic economy. 

Stay tuned for further information as it is revealed. 

Kep Saren | CBNS Reporter
aVoid ((For the first time during my time in SWTOR, I am honestly excited! A FP or a planet?!))

Volunteer work can sometimes seem to be a thankless job. Here at SWTOR-RP, we thank our staff often. But there is one member of our writing team that we owe the biggest thanks to: Mai Cash

Players from the roleplaying circles on The Ebon Hawk should know her. Mai has jetted around the galaxy in The Old Republic, collected information from players and non-player characters, then transcribed that information into in-character reports for the front page of SWTOR-RP. Her HoloGossip and Over Exposure columns have been amongst the most popular, providing its readers with quality work from a quality writer. 

For those that don't know Mai, she is loyal, dedicated, and has grown to be one of SWTOR-RP's best gaming journalists that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Behind the scenes, Mai is kind, generous, and above all else, devoted to her work. 

In total, Mai has published almost two hundred articles here at SWTOR-RP since her first joining our team over two years ago. She's our longest lasting staff member to date. But like all good things, they must eventually become one with the Force.

Mai Cash, thank you for your efforts, your kindness, and the quality of work and your persona that you've offered me, SWTOR-RP, and the roleplayers of The Old Republic for the past few years. May the Force always be with you, friend. 
Rolan Storm Thanks for all your work here, Mai. I really appreciate your articles, they were an inspiration. And keep in touch. ;) ...
User Ode to Mai Cash (Ode maybe the wrong word but it sounds good) A Gold watch to Mai Cash for service! Or just Gold will ...
Decalvatus - Darth Vader. ...

Jedi and Sith often have a rather single-minded approach when it comes to weapons: their trusty lightsabers. Everyone else has a rather less restricted approach: that does not include lightsabers. 

Everyone has their weapon of choice, whether it be a lightsaber, the blaster they made when they were in the military academy, or the biggest piece of firepower they can illegally get their hands on. 

Luke Skywalker wasn't so bad a shot before he decided he liked glowing swords, but Han Solo would likely never think about abandoning blasters for anything. 

So the question is, what weapon/s does your character call his favorite? Or for those smugglers out there, what is your Flashy the blaster? For the Force-users, do you restrict yourselves to only lightsabers?
Profundis / Mordio Surely the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy at the point of that image is the Death Star? ^^ Anyway, did you see tha ...
Adhock42 Most of my characters are fairly versatile in their weapons of choice, ranging from blades to explosives and everything ...
Kaerex/Daiskel For my three main characters: Kaerex Vizsla: Name any weapon and Kaerex has more likely used it. And, despite having an ...

Doctor Spaitso, a handsome man, glanced at the ceiling considering his question. "Nebu’la, why don’t you tell me about your Mother?”

The blue skinned Twi’lek pondered the question, took a deep breath and began.

"Well Doc, I suppose we have to go back to the start with that one. Mother was an exotic dancer, best there was and often sold or given as a gift between the type of beings who rule whole star systems. She ran away with a scoundrel and for a few years was free among the stars, that’s where I come in. Born in one of the hidden compartments aboard the star-ship Dancing Queen in the middle of a Hutt sanctioned stop and search. It was my initial crying that gave us away and they took us, Mother and me because I couldn't be quiet.”

She fidgeted a bit getting into a more comfortable position and fiddling with her Lekku.

Doctor Spaitso asked, "I sense you might blame yourself for that but you were an infant just out of the womb. You might want to look into that in another session. For now please go on and tell me what happened following the separation from your father.”

"Well my Mother returned to her life, having been ransomed back to her owner, and I was thrown in as an extra. She brought me up in that environment and trained me in the ways and techniques of entertainment, and although I never grew as tall as her I was very good.”

The memory of those days of dancing caused the Twe’lek’s body to move with minute precision forming waves of movement that cascaded over her form. The Doctor smiled, probably appreciative of her curvaceous form and the pleasures that such control could bestow.

Mai Cash Yay Nebs!
Nebu'la Gosh I wrote that a long time ago at the start of the game.. but Go Nebu'la!

This week I am going to be writing another Progenitor highlight. And as you can see we will be focusing on the Republic player Moganas, or Knight Kray'tan as he is referred to by many. 

Master to Padawan Joannah Selara, Moganas is a Knight with the Lost Praxeum: a guild of Jedi and aspiring Jedi alike who reside on the planet Tython (no surprise there. That isn’t an unusual place for Jedi to hang out). 

We asked Moganas what his thoughts on the Jedi code might be and his reply was: "It offers an insight into what we hope to become and what we strive to be and do.” 

Moganas seems to be all about duty, stringently following the guidelines of the Jedi Order, and he is basically just an all round believer in the tenets and philosophies of the ancient and influential order of Light-sided Force users. 

It was not unexpected that he felt his own worst enemy in the greater scheme of things was himself. The Jedi Knight is likely all too aware that the dark-side is ever present and one not fully prepared could rather easily fall to it. Personally, I think Moganas would be the last of those likely to fall to that which many of the light-side train all of their lives to resist and overcome.

Indeed, Moganas likes to focus on his research, his meditations (five a day keeps the dark side at bay!), and training his aspiring Jedi Padawan, Joannah. I have met her in-character myself, and if she is not someday the leader of the Jedi Order itself, then I would be surprised (she looks a little like a young Nomi Sunrider I think! No?).

On an out-of character level, when I asked Knight Kray'tan about what inspired him to create the character, he had this to say:
Morgandy Nice to see you up there ...
IOn Meeting this character was unforgettable experience, my sith got lost on Belsavis...and here he came:D knight in a whit ...
Cruallassar Interesting person...and a very nice outfit...I should rp with him sometime...
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