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Achuta, galaxy travelers. It's me again, and this time we have a doozy of a person to talk about today. His name is Darth Arkous. His isn't the most friendly of people either. In fact, I could be risking my life just talking about him. But I've never been the kind of girl to turn down a good fight unless you want to count that time in primary school where Sillara Jinks pulled on my tchin really hard. I will get her back some day. Anyway, let’s talk about Darth Arkous.

Right now, this pureblood Sith sits on the Dark Council as the head of Imperial Military Offense. That’s right folks, if you’re one of them Pubbies, he’s the one in charge of attacking you. Of course, he’s not the one who sat in that seat when this war began. That was Darth Vengean, who was replaced by Darth Baras, who was replaced by Darth Arho, who was replaced by Darth Arkous. Pro tip: If someone says that you’d be perfect for the job of Head of Military Offense, run the other way. That position is riddled corpses. This ain’t a threat against Reb Arkous, but if history serves, he's probably going to die an untimely death by the hand of another Imp.

At any rate, we should probably answer the all important question this week: Who the kark is Darth Arkous?

This week we are featuring the artist Mojo Jojo, known in-game by the alias Xei or N'alaa, presently residing on The Ebon Hawk server.

What we really like about this artist is her distinctive use of colour and shape and like many of those artists we all love and adore. There is something animated and almost alive about her artwork. We asked her about her motivations when it comes to her SWTOR fan art, and she had this to say about Star Wars:

"The first movie I actually remember sitting down and watching with my parents was Return of the Jedi. Since that day, Star Wars opened my mind to a world of mysticism, technology and wonder. A place where heroes live and breathe and there is a war between good and evil that we can't always discern in black and white terms."

And when looking at her artwork, we think the following piece stands out:

Want to see what the finest beautiful men and women the Hutt Moon has to offer? Want to have a whirlwind of a time with great company and good booze? Feel like chilling out and just having the time of your life? Well then this is totally the event for you! 

Read more here.

This will be the third annual competition, hosted by Vaanthe whereby both men and women will be competing for their respective titles as Mister and Miss Nar Shaddaa, so don't miss out. It is sure to be a blast!

Take a look at last year's winners below:

Truly Cosmo - Miss Nar Shaddaa
Matthyas- Mister Nar Shaddaa

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, there is still time boys and girls! So put your credits where your mouth is and see what you can do to sponsor your product with the most widely anticipated event of the year!
User Story of my bloody life, missing out on the glamour life. I will take refuge in wisdom (old age with nothing better to l ...
Vaanthe a ((Thank you for the article!))

-Memo to Republic Command, Carrick Station, from Chi'vas Ji'haldri, Jedi Master-

-Data entry beginning playback-

In my last message, I outlined the benefits of asymmetric warfare and its potential use on the fields of war against the Empire. You responded with a request for specific information regarding how it could have been or can be applied to current or past conflicts. I shall now attempt to satisfy your desire.

In less then recent history, I bring up the instance of the Mandalorian Wars; one of the greatest threats the Republic had faced for a thousand years. As a generalization, when the Mandalorians invaded, the Republic military was powerless to stop them. The Mandalorians were, and are, some of the best non-Force-using fighters in the galaxy, and the Republic military of the time was very much outmatched. This is not assymetric warfare. This is simply a large difference in the quality of the opposing forces. However, part way into the war, the Jedi known as Revan formed his fighting force of Jedi, the Revanchists, and succeeded in consistently driving the Mandalorians back. 

Due to the fundamental differences between the opposing forces, and the use in the current war of Jedi as a tactical resource instead of front line troops, I feel safe in declaring this an example of asymmetric warfare. The Mandalorians simply weren't a match for an army of Jedi, despite their advanced combat ability and equipment, whereas the Jedi could match anything the Mandalorians fielded short of Basalisk war droids, and even those had difficulty.

In a more recent example, I cite the breaking of the Mandalorian blockade, prior to the Sacking of Coruscant, by Hylo Visz and her smuggling fleet in BTC-7. -Holonet link: Gnost-Dural war report, BTC-7 The Mandalorian Blockade is Broken- The Mandalorians were in position to destroy any Republic effort to break the blockade of the Hydian Way trade route. However, the smugglers' light freighters were able to outmaneuver the Mandalorian ships repeatedly. Although this effort would have been a defeat if it were not for conventional reinforcements from the Republic, the initial effort was a good example of asymmetric warfare, as smuggler freighters proved a good counter to the slower Mandalorian cruisers.
Rolan Storm ((damn good article))

Darth Deceptus was born Edward Pravan on the planet of Serenno to a wealthy family which was an offshoot of one of the Six Great Houses. He had a rather spoiled childhood and everything that he had ever wanted was given to him. At around age 6, Edward's parents noticed that their male heir was demonstrating abnormal abilities and was developing a cruel streak. Edward would trick other children into taking the blame for deeds that he had done. He would also trick them into starting fights while Edward would sit back and watch.

At age 10, Edward was taken out of traditional schooling and removed from the other children. It was around this time that a Sith emissary was conducting business on Serenno and was drawn to the child. This Sith attempted to negotiate with Edward's parents to take the child away and enroll him in the Academy on Korriban. Edward's parents were strongly opposed to letting go of their only male child, and heir to the family fortune. They refused the Sith and made plans to relocate Edward to a stronghold located in the Moddell Sector until he came of age and could assume his birthright.

The Sith had other plans. The night before his parents' plan was to be set into motion, the Sith Emissary who had pleaded with Edward's parents revisited their estate. Once more the Sith asked the parents to allowed their child to be taken, and that the power he had sensed in the child was remarkable and like nothing he had seen before. The parents once again refused. Upon their second refusal, Sith military forces stormed the compound and the Emissary grabbed both parents through the force and hurled them out of a window overlooking a cliff to their brutal deaths.

With the estate guards eliminated, and the parents out of the way. The Sith Emissary took Edward and boarded their starship never to return to Serenno. What Edward hadn't told his parents, was that he had seen these series of events in a dream and that he foresaw their deaths. Instead of warning his parents, Edward remained silent as events began to unfold, leading him to his true destiny.

Characters: they start off as a storyboard, an idea, sometimes well thought out and planned, sometimes off the cuff and spontaneous. Sometimes they turn out nothing like you anticipated when you created them, taking on minds and personalities of their own, ever changing and evolving.

Sometimes they have quirks. Oddities. Habits. Mannerisms. Even a look.

Sometimes that look is influenced by a real person, maybe even yourself. My own character Niatara has a habit of playing with her hair, ruffling it, twirling it, mussing it up when she's idle or thoughtful, a habit of my own that I transferred to her. My character Talia is insanely crazily curious about all things imaginable; another habit of mine that I thought would be fun to play on. My former character Adahiana had pale skin, dark hair, and a crazy love for any and all animals.

These are things I infused to the characters because I thought they might be amusing quirks and habits for them to have that reminded me of my own faults or oddities, if you will.

So my question to you this week is: how many of you do the same? How much are your characters like you? How much of yourself do you put into your characters?
katta When I first started making characters, I found it hard to make them different from me, as I wanted to portray them with ...
Mai Cash I am a big fan of writing characters, & not living characters. I wrote a Tumblr post about it recently: http://blind ...
Redamous While bits of me may end up in the mold, for the most part my character's traits come from themselves, but at times it c ...

This week we will be featuring the musical side of artistry. And therefore, I would like to introduce to the readers of SWTOR-RP the musician Zeeda; his preferred instrument being the guitar. 

In-game, Zeeda is a musician and bar owner; co-runner of the more than simply dubious Velvet Pearl, in a good way. Is there ever really a bad kind of dubious? OK, there is. My mistake.

"I originally wanted to play a musician because I've always felt that roleplaying communities are at their most robust when they encompass a broad spectrum of character professions."

He goes on to explain what prompted him to begin creating SWTOR roleplay themed music: 

"One night at the Velvet Pearl (before I became a member) there was a "karaoke evening" where players took real-world songs and altered the lyrics to fit a Star Wars theme to comic effect, and this is what first inspired me to attempt something similar. But I wanted to go a step further and write my own original compositions, as I have a great affinity for music and have played guitar for many years."

The following piece describes the capital of devious intent, the city of broken souls and terrifying misdeeds; Dromund Kaas:
Arlan A great spotlight for a great player! Grats mate ...
Keraal/Vaelos/Aes This player seems dedicated to both his art and the community. It has certainly been a pleasure covering him ...
Arantir / Nexios Some high quality, concentrated awesome on display here.

The Old Republic's upcoming digital expansion Galactic Strongholds is upon us. Beginning August 19th, subscribers will get early access to new content which allows players to purchase and reside in their own homes. 

BioWare has released a new trailer for their expansion which debuted at GamesCom. The trailer cuts between the planets where players can purchase their new homes and highlights some of the decorations that will be made available. 

The trailer also grants players a glimpse of the upcoming guild flagships. What we see is a Valor-class capital ship making a jump to hyperspace and coming out in orbit around a planet. I've got to say: that is pretty darn cool!

You can view the trailer from GamesCom which we've embedded above for your viewing pleasure. 

You might have heard about the fighting on the homeworlds of the Malluma’sinioro and the Lumo’sinior. From my vantage point on Nar Shaddaa, I can’t tell who started the fight on those worlds. But I can tell you that it all smells like a wet slice hound -- varma pis il skrag. I am certainly not putting the blame on anyone; I am not stupid enough to make those kinds of assumptions. "Saltan valoramosa n telval mord,” as the old smugglers say.

However, I can tell you about the major players in the conflict on Korriban and Tython. And the first one I would like to talk about is the mysterious Lana Beniko. She is both a fascinating and frightening figure. She is a wicked virin without a title, yet she is still a powerful figure among the Sith and Imperials.

Let me give you a short history lesson, just in case you haven’t been paying attention to Sith politics.

An Imperial-hosted event has ended in typical Sith fashion with the murder of one of its guests, and the theft of a valuable archaeological artifact.
Our Sith-based sources have revealed that the Silver Gala event hosted by the Yalwari Insitute for Archaeology brought together the upper echelons of Sith hierarchy to view a newly discovered artifact. It is believed that the artifact may be connected with long-dead Sith Lord Tulak Hord.

Well into the event, it was discovered that the rare artifact had gone missing. The Imperial media has sugarcoated the incident, but it is clear that the artifact was in fact stolen. Furthermore, archaeologist Ayra Tomayo's deceased body was located at the conclusion of the event. The Imperials have not publicly stated as such, but it is believed from reports from our sources that Ayra was murdered. 

Investigations into both incidents are said to be ongoing. Perhaps those investigators should tread carefully. They may also fall victim to standard Sith cruelty. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
User Crit tical comment - Although being present with several dignitaries after the theatre, I cannot recall anything out of ...
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