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BioWare have compiled and posted an impressive infographic detailing gameplay statistics from The Old Republic. Over 57 million characters have been created thus far, with 17 million of those being Jedi. The Jedi Order may have filled its quota, don't you think?

1.7 billion characters have been killed in PvP, and over 4 billion non-player characters have been slain by both Force-wielders and non-Force users. That's a lot of funerals. 

In total, players logged a whopping 635 million hours of gameplay. 

There are 8.6 million Sith Warriors, up against 9.3 million Jedi Knights; 7 million Bounty Hunters battling 6.1 million Troopers; 5.8 million Imperial Agents sniping 5.5 million Smugglers; and 8.5 Sith Inquisitors casting their lightning against 8.8 million Jedi Consulars

For today's Friday Focus, let us know where you fit into all these statistics. How many (and of what class) characters do you have? Do you know how many NPCs and players you've killed? And since launch, how many hours of gameplay have you logged so far? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to see the comparison of everyone's statistics. 

For the full infographic from BioWare, check out the image below. 
Lexicon Sometimes I feel like those numbers are just statistics about my character roster... ...
Shanks I love how they mentioned that they have more cinematic content than all star wars movies and tv shows combined lol. Its ...
Saeris Kal I have one of everything Imperial side, so 8 characters, then I have a Sentinel, Scoundrel, Sage and Vanguard on Rep. W ...

From time to time, we see people send out invitations to up and coming in-character nuptials and we figured it is about time to put up a shout out to one of these adorable joining of love-struck souls! 

Without further delay, let us announce the event being held on the 30th of this month: looking to join together are Odithek Ashmore and Luanna Auten. So if you're free and would like to pop in and toast the happy couple, come along and watch as the pair say their vows, meld together and become entirely inseparable for all eternity! (That's what happens right?... right?)

Good luck Luanna and Odithek! May you live long and proper... wait, that's not it. Force be with you!

Below we have chosen cosplayers from around the globe: from America, to Spain, and even the Ukraine! Let's start off with a player from The Progenitor server called IOn, and move onto other awesome picks to be found in the deepest reaches of Enjin, DeviantArt and elsewhere!

Ion went to this year's MCM Comic Con dressed as Darth Bestia. You can see the costume here on her DeviantArt profile. 

Fair and Balanced

This week's article is an unusual treat for any viewer who enjoys culture in the galaxy. It is a treat for those who wish to hear of things other than war; those who wish to focus not just on the present conflict, but to a time where the conflict is no more, and when—hopefully—we can see people co-exist peacefully in the galaxy.

GNN has secured an exclusive spotlight with none other than Donna Assol'eru Aéla Dasvarat, or "First Lady of the Coice” in basic. She is behind the calactic society for the protection of children; a group that GNN also sponsors, as a very worthy cause.

We were so lucky as to have our special reporter, Harren Varr, meet with miss Dasvarat on Coruscant, in the very location where the performance is to take place. Without spoiling, we can tell our viewers that anyone visiting will be in for a treat. As a note, we have not translated miss Dasvarat's charming accent, trusting instead in the intelligence of our viewers.

Shadow of Revan launches in one week for those who pre-ordered prior to November 2nd. To get our Force senses tingling, BioWare have released a new trailer for the digital expansion. The trailer features some amazing cutscenes where it appears that players will fight alongside the game's most famous heroes including Satele and Theron Shan.

What is perhaps even more exciting is seeing how Satele and Theron deal with their long-lost-and-believed-dead ancestor. In the trailer, we see Satele Shan—Grand Master of the Jedi Order—question the legitimacy of Revan's return. Is this new foe really Revan? I'm still not convinced!

In addition to the new trailer, has again proven themselves as pure awesome by posting up new Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior combat animations for new abilities we'll be seeing in Game Update 3.0. Head over to and view these new animations for yourselves. They're damn fine!
Shanks Im just excited to see Shae. I think i have a new crush.
Arantir / Nexios Loving the new animations.
Keraal/Aes (Tel) o I'm getting pretty excited about this! Hnghhh... a week is too far away D:

It's about that time again girls and boys! We have scoured different forums and websites for you in search of interesting happenings in the world of TOR, and lo and behold, we found a regular set of events held by the Galactic Fifth Column, open to anyone who thinks they could pitch in a hand!

Feel like doing something different this week? Head over to Belsavis at 10PM BST on the 25th of November and see if you've got what it takes!

"Indie Arpeez is a non-linear series of self-contained RP scenes hosted by the GFC guild and open to the public. The idea of these scenes is simple: cut the fluff and get right to the good stuff. We start with a general setting and some guidelines, set up the scene, and jump into the RP."

This week's plot has an interesting foundation: espionage, infiltration, back stabbing and more. Read the following excerpt below:
Standing at 5' 10, in middle-age and on the underdeveloped side for a Jedi, Alen Stanic is not immediately impressive. His robes are simple and his lightsaber unadorned and basic. But there's a measured, careful pace to his movements that suggest both thought and training, and a lightsaber scar across the left side of his face speaks of battle experience.

It is face to face that one begins to notice things. The wide smile that suggests he's happy to see you. The soft tone of voice that rarely rises, even when in difficulty. The thoughtful look that tells you he's carefully considering every word you say. And in battle, the hard, blank look of concentration that tells you no matter who you are, he's taking you deadly seriously.

But those who are sensitive to the Force get the full picture. There is power in the man, though mostly kept passive and dormant. A ferocious level of self-control and a projection of calm on his surroundings, so pronounced that inexperienced users of the Dark Side might find themselves genuinely uncomfortable in his presence.

Alen It's-a me! Man, I'd actually forgotten this was up.
Vaanthe a Nice!
Keraal/Aes (Tel) o Alen! ^^

BioWare have been busy posting the latest information about the upcoming changes to class abilities in Game Update 3.0. When Shadow of Revan launches next month, we're going to be seeing a new interface with the Disciplines System, which will coincide with a revamp of class abilities. 

If you're not up to date with the Jar-Jar-crazy amount of information with everything we'll be seeing in the new digital expansion, head to our every-thing-you-need-know post here and get caught up. 

For everyone else who is all over the changes to their favourite classes, what are your thoughts? Are the changes for the better? Is the Disciplines System a forward or backward step for classes in The Old Republic? Hit our comments section and let us know your thoughts!
Glzmo In my opinion, it takes much of the freedom of customizing your character with the abilities you feel she/he should have ...
Etherot The disciplines system seem good, and should make playing some classes feel much different than before. But some of the ...
The Shako Legacy I'm not very happy about the lack of Retaliation for Marauder, but the new Force Gash ability for Annihilation seems to ...

The SWTOR community is buzzing with the news of the upcoming digital expansion, Shadow of Revan. There is an bantha-load of information pouring out about what the expansion will bring to the game, some of which includes a raised level cap from 55 to 60, two new planets consisting of Yavin IV and Rishi, a new Disciplines abilities system, and pre-order goodies. Within all that is more information that some of you may have missed. 

We've put together a list of information that may assist you with getting up to date with all the hype of the new expansion. In our list you'll find information pertaining to the Disciplines system, pre-order information, story-related news, and a Hutt's-belly more.  

If there is anything you think we've missed that is paramount, leave a comment and we'll update this article as time goes on, all the way up to the release of the digital expansion in December. Think of this article as our own little holocron of information for all things Shadow of Revan!
Glzmo Will chat bubbles also be one of the finer details? ...

Image edit credited to Dr. Odolys Bujare and the Market Sector's Trade Emporium.  Inspiration from the Dangerous Hutt Banner.

On Friday the 31st of October, The Progenitor server hosted a Halloween party that saw players come together with some of the most wicked and spooky costumes we've seen in-game thus far. 

The party, organized by the player behind Dr. Odolys Bujare, was hosted at the Market-Sector's Trade Emporium. There was a contest that had players compete for best costume. The screenshots are not disappointing. Some of them are as scary as the Dread Masters themselves! 

Head on over to the event forum post here on the SWTOR-RP Progenitor server forums, and be sure to flick through some of the finalists' images. It might just give you some ideas if you're looking to stomp around in some freaky get-up. 
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