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It appears that our Force Vision has served us well in our speculation of what to expect from Knights of the Fallen Empire, BioWare's upcoming expansion to The Old Republic. EA held their press conference at E3, and what we saw was what we expected: a new cinematic from Blur. It delivered, and now all our Force Senses are tingling with anticipation of what's to come to the game in October this year. 

There is a lot of information to take in from the official press conference and beyond. What we've done is collated all that information into one place for you. Grab a cup of jawa juice, sit back, and let us fill you in on all this KotFE

The official site for the expansion has been released, and here is the description:

Could this be Knights of the Old Republic 3 embedded into The Old Republic? It appears that way, as BioWare describe the expansion as a focus on the player's story. It looks like the story will focus on single player gameplay, coated in all those great story-telling aspects of a BioWare RPG. 

What some of you might have missed is how we become part of the story. In a post-conference interview with IGN, General Manager Jeff Hickman and Senior Producer Bruce Maclean, both from BioWare in Austin, explained where the adventure kicks off for players. We dive into the expansion at the end of the trailer as The Outlander. We have been frozen in carbonite for some years, and when we awaken, the Republic and Empire have fallen at the hands of the third faction, and Bruce states that we're the galaxy's last remaining hope. We venture out across the universe, searching for our old companions who have scattered, picking up new companions who we get to choose from along the way. 

There will be five new companions to recruit, and to obtain them, we must go out on missions to earn their respect. These missions take us to different parts of the galaxy, and it all depends on what kind of companion they are, whether they be Mandalorian, a Hutt-hater, and so on. 

Continue below as we set out the highlights thus far, including links to other sources and videos on all things Knights of the Fallen Empire.

With the new massive power change in the galaxy in Knights of the Fallen Empire, the oft-asked question is how your character will change in the five year time-skip. Will he have gone into hiding, or joined a figurehead resistance movement against the Empire of Zakuul? Will he continue unchanged, or will the devastation of his faction—whichever one that is—leave him seeking bloody vengeance upon the drastically more powerful? But I think an important question deserves to be asked beyond that: which side will your character bestow his loyalties in the end?

With a new power trampling all who stand in its path, I can imagine that most of us are thinking about how our characters will go about opposing them, or perhaps profiting off of the chaos in the case of the more entrepreneurial denizens of the galaxy. But in any society, there will always be those who seek to align themselves with the top Manka Cats, forsaking their sinking ships and rushing to wave the flag of the eventual victor. So the question for this week's Friday Focus is: where will your loyalties lie? Are you a loyal son or daughter of the Republic, or servant of the Empire, or are you a traitor? Or you? Or how about you?

And lastly, remember: why does treason never prosper?

Because when it prospers, none dare call it treason. May the Force be with you.

Lilly Imperial to the bitter end and then some. Whiiiiiich will probably not work out too well for my characters ^^'
Fancy Owl My characters are all pretty much too stubborn to roll over and truly give up. Sure they may act like a loyalist and ble ...
Dennis It's too early yet to give a definite answer, but I am seriously considering having one character allied with or even jo ...

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Ravagen is a tall, well built man who appears to be in his 50's, though his true age is unknown. He has gray hair and beard, both of which are neatly cut. His appearance is always well maintained, much like his demeanor. Given his age, he remains in exceptional physical shape, with a sharply defined muscle structure. Ravagen's facial structure is chiseled and handsome.

Ravagen's demeanor is calm and calculating, drawing his power from some deep and hidden source of power. He is also tactically brilliant, which has served him more than any other trait, and a quality for which he is well known. Ravagen admittedly enjoys the luxury of finer things. Afterall, if you wish to experience everything life has to offer, it mind as well be the *best* of everything.

Ravagen expects due respect to be paid to him. However unlike most Sith, he also shows respect to those that have earned it, Sith or not. This mentality has come from spending most of his life commanding battlefields. He has met many individuals who while not Sith, have proven worthy of respect through strength, guile, or sheer determination. His beliefs have forged strong bonds within the 7th Fleet, and Ravagen commands true loyalty from his men.

This trait is frowned upon by many Sith. However, given Ravagen's status and the fact that the 7th Fleet remains undefeated under his command, they find any attempt of argument without bearing.

Read the rest of this post...

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Luniara Great job, guys!

We've been left wondering, and now we finally have our answer. In our recent article about Knights of the Fallen Empire, we learnt that our character, The Outlander, will be frozen in carbonite for five years whilst Valkorian, The Immortal Emperor, obliterates the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire with his own faction, the Eternal Empire. 

After five years in carbonite, we're going to wake up to a burning galaxy with all our past friends and foes either dead, or in the far reaches of space waiting for us to re-emerge. 

For roleplayers, The Old Republic is going to present a new challenge in that the story is going to be taking a somewhat linear path with a few twists and turns depending on our previous choices during our class quests. The issue will be that we're all The Outlander, and we're all going to have suffered from hibernation sickess after five years of being an ice-block. 

Now that we know what the time leap will be in the upcoming expansion, what are you planning to do with your character's story? Will you enjoy the single-player aspect of the game and keep your roleplay separate, or do you plan on incorporating the expansion's story into your own story? Let us know in the comments section below for this week's Friday Focus!

Darth Nova heh i left TOR some time ago, but I did RP my exit with my guild.. my main character is somewhere in the outer rim not l ...
Lilly Will do the jump. This story came out of nowhere and raised a lot of questions, many of which remain unanswered. It's no ...
Viskan I'll be making the time jump on all of my characters. Like what Max n' Tyrrell! said, once we know a little more about w ...

Today, we interrupt the typical Community Spotlight portion of the week to bring you breaking news about the game and the new expansion. An interesting article came to light and it quite simply needed writing about!

With the new expansion, pretty much everything is about to change; from the expansion content to the mainstream game! Not to mention those who have subscribed or purchased the expansion will be able to play an instant level 60 toon so that you the player can enjoy all of the juicy content that is to come.

On top of this all, it's out with the old and in with the new. New companions that is. Don't worry too much about your old ones. While you were frozen in carbonite for five years, they were chilling out somewhere in the wider galaxy getting on with their lives:

"While you were frozen in carbonite for five years, your companions still had to live through the passage of time. In your absence, their lives went on — but the choices you made involving them might have something to do with where their lives headed after you disappeared."

With the new expansion, the guys who brought us the game we all know and love focused on improving the game experience, giving you more content overall and importantly for some of us, if not most, our in-game decisions will have more impact on our companions and the decisions they make, thus impacting us! Not only this but to explain what some may consider an inconsistency:

As with any major reveal in gaming, there are always more questions than answers until we edge closer to launch. This is very much the case for Knights of the Fallen Empire. There are a whole bunch of changes coming, and for roleplayers, it's left us wondering what's going to happen to our characters and our stories. The biggest question on roleplayer's lips and fingertips is how far of a time leap will there be. That, we cannot answer for you. However, we've done some scouring to try and figure it out for ourselves. 

The most stand-out hint about the time leap surrounds some of the main characters from the game. Currently, there is no hint as to the whereabouts and fate of Satele Shan. Already, she's aged a little, and the galactic war will have added a few more stress lines to her facade. But we are almost certain she will play a pivotal role in the battle ahead in KotFE, and therefore, a big time leap will make her too old to have any major impact in a fight. The same goes for other Republic-aligned characters like Theron, and the Imperial characters. 

That's the best we've got at this stage about the time leap. BioWare has answered other questions by clarifying a few points which can be found via the site's developer tracker

The Outlander, which will be our character, is going to be identified by the choices we've previously made in the game. These choices include romanceable companions and the way we played our class. 

One of the other major questions being asked is about the third faction. Are they playable? Are the Empire and Republic now joined together to fight the greater threat? The short answers are no and no. The third faction is not playable, and the Empire and Republic are still separate. Just like how it is now, we cannot group together for group content. The Republic and Empire are still separate factions. 

We're going to keep our eyes on all things Knights of the Fallen Empire. Stay tuned to SWTOR-RP for all news roleplay and The Old Republic

Burgundian No grouping together actually significantly decreases my interest, why destroy Republic and Empire then? I was hoping it ...
Captain Kaltin Farstar Well this will be a shame - especially if none of the companions you are permitted to romance happen to be of any intere ...
Dennis "The Outlander, which will be our character, is going to be identified by the choices we've previously made in the ...

With my last article taking a look at recent community musings with regards to the upcoming changes, it seemed appropriate to ask the question here in today’s Friday Focus. It is a pretty hot topic, and everywhere people are talking about what it is that they intend to do with their storylines and how.

One poster, Green Tiny and Long-eared, commented in the last Community Spotlight that they would intend to age up their character but only by a certain amount of time:

“I think I'd leave the "eternal fountain of youth" behind and build a story around my character aging to that point of the story. Up to a point, because I'd probably struggle to push my character more than 10 years into the future.”

This seems to be the more popular of the choices.

Flynn also commented:

“Will there be a third fleet as a main hub for both factions? How will RP interaction be for revisiting old content and coming across characters who haven't gone forward?

It's too early to tell, but again I'm looking forward to a big change. ”

And as roleplayers this is probably one of the more apt questions with regards to the jump in time-line. Just how will they do it? So… how do you intend to play this? Stick with the past? Start fresh? Or age-up?

Captain Kaltin Farstar The whole timeline issue concerns me. With the events our characters have been involved in during the personal story sev ...
Alen Sure. Jedi age pretty well!
Aeron I'd most likely age the characters I enjoy the most though I might retire some depending on what actually happens. As fo ...

If you have seen all of the advertising, the videos from this week's conference and the various forum posts here and there in the land of TOR, then you will know that in the next expansion, we are going to be taking a big leap... in time! 

As roleplayers, this is not just about a new storyline or new gameplay. Our characters will age, they will be more experienced, have family, be... less alive? And surely a time leap means a lot for our guilds and the game world around our character; surely there will be a lot of planning ahead. Or maybe you will be one of the many who happened to get frozen in carbonite? Or will you simply decide to ignore the temporal leap and go on business as usual? 

On the Progenitor forums, roleplayers have ideas and opinions with regards to how to handle the upcoming changes in a thread found here. Iradox puts forward the following ideas: 

Max n' Tyrrell! Big time leaps are tricky. I will wait and see. If it's ten years or less, I will age my character. If ten years or more ...
Green, tiny & long-eared I think I'd leave the "eternal fountain of youth" behind and build a story around my character aging to that p ...
JJ/Flynn/Jayfon Still not a lot of information to go by, but I'm looking forward to it. I've desired some kind of change or time leap fo ...
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