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Rendered holo-image of Revan

Whispers and rumours of a once Jedi-and-Galactic-Republic hero have echoed throughout the known galaxy. The Central Broadcasting News Service has caught wind of stories detailing the return Revan: a Jedi who saved the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic from destruction at the hands of the Sith Empire hundreds of years ago.

Numerous channels for information, including street level, intelligence level, and our not-to-be-named reliable sources all indicate that Revan may have returned from the dead and is seeking to reinstate his role in the galactic conflict.

It is believed that a large number of loyal followers dedicated to Revan's unknown cause have surfaced and taken to battle against heroes from both the Republic and the Empire.

Stay tuned to the Central Broadcasting News Service for more details as the story unfolds.

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
CBNS Exclusive

-Memo to Republic High Command, Carrick Station, from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri-

-Data entry beginning playback-

It has recently come to my attention that Republic behavior to its allies when they are not fighting the Empire leaves something to be desired. So far, put bluntly, any ally who is in battle against any enemy gets the question, "Is it the Empire?" And if the answer is no, they are left to fend for themselves with only economic and supply-based aid, rather then putting a battalion on the planet and smashing the resistance, that the planet's military strength might be put to the better use we need.

Take Alderaan for example. The planet is embroiled in civil war, the noble houses are trying their best to kill each other, and neither the Republic nor the Empire make any secret of their support. Yet we see neither of our soldiers on those battlefields; only a few Jedi or Sith and commanders to aid the forces of our chosen sides. 

If the Republic put a single cruiser and its associated compliments over Alderaan, and its attached ground troops on the ground, we could take down House Thul within a week, assuming no major deviations from the current tactical situation. At that point, Alderaanian forces could be equipped with better weapons and armor, and put on Corellia or Balmorra, and the process could be repeated. As of the present, we are merely trying to stop the Empire where we can, and push forward when we can. But if we ended the minor wars where we can with minimal expenditure of troops, that will free more soldiers for the major theatres of war.

You can be sure the Empire's patience with many of these minor conflicts will wear thin. My contacts have observed an increased Imperial presence on Alderaan already. Although, whether it is to stay or not is unknown. However, it is certain that when it becomes as clear to them as it has to me, Alderaan will not remain a bastion of the Republic for long. We must provide the support we can to our allies, otherwise the standard of the Republic is merely the flag of a faction, and not a banner of freedom as it is meant to be.

-End playback-
"Jetiise killed my aliit, Torn'ika. They have always been the greatest challenge for Mando'ade; that alone is enough reason for us to fight against them, but never forget what they took away from our people. Neither forget that darjetiise are the same sort of animal; they're just a different breed. They pay well, and we'll fight for them, but we will never trust them, and we will never be truly free as a people until all jetiise, Sith or Republic, are dead."
~ Bralen Jate'kara

Born Killian Antilles to a poor family on the mining world of Artus Prime, he lost his birth family at the age of four to a raider attack upon his father's company town. Surviving due to a fluke of construction in his family's hovel, he subsisted for several weeks by scavenging and by hunting small beasts. After two months had past, a relief force of Mandalorian mercenaries landed, hired by the mining corporation to ensure the settlement was clear of raiders and booby traps. A handful of Mandalorian warriors found Killian hiding in the ruins, carefully defending a small fort he had built. As is often traditional with Mandalorians, these warriors took the boy in, the eldest of them taking on the responsibility of training the boy to become a warrior.

Finding himself under the guidance of the clan chief Maran Jate'kara, Killian was introduced to a very hard life. Mandalorian boys were expected to train as soldiers, and Killian underwent the most difficult trials of his life. Eventually, he would prove himself to Maran, who adopted him as his own son and gave him his new name: Bralen Jate'kara.

We've all seen the trends. A new flavor of the month game, MMO, sandbox, whatever you want to call it, is released and it's the next best thing. Kind of like when a new car makes its way onto a dealer lot and everyone has to have them. But the problem is, within a year, two years, you can't hardly find those cars any more, or many, like the infamous PT Cruiser, become relics before their time.

MMOs are often just like that. Promising new adventures, new genres, new focuses, raids, crafts, houses, species, specialties. But for roleplayers, sometimes that focus is dropped a little. Games take priority with things like raiding and PvE, and it can sometimes leave your most die-hard roleplayer feeling a little lackluster with all the new and shiny things. But sometimes, roleplayers are like me: they enjoy the story almost as much as the game itself, and the two come together to enhance the experience.

For whatever reason, we're all drawn to different games and different genres, and a lot of us are willing to try new things, see if they're worth playing, but a lot of us keeping coming back to one thing we've found, loved, and hang onto for when that 'new' and shiny thing isn't all we thought it was.

So what is it that keeps you here with TOR? What is it that still makes it better and more entertaining to you than the others? Or are you a multi-game playing fanatic?
Sphinx I would say that the Community here is a big reason why I am apart of TOR. Even though most of the community I keep in t ...
Windwalker4u Community is most important part for me. What SWG had in early day was amazing. I really like TOR but so far I did not ...

Aéla, AKA the Snowmaiden, will be returning to perform her annual charity opera at the end of this year to mark the christmas festivities on The Progenitor server.

Last year saw a grand turn out on Voss, with two hundred british pounds raised out-of-character for Child's play: a charity that seeks to improve the lives of hospitalised children the world over.

This year, the event will be cross faction; one being held for Imperial players and one held for the Republic. And while the dates are yet to be announced, we would like to bring your attention to the over arching theme of the event: the raising of funds for charity, and well, just having fun and getting to know the community as a whole!

Presently, the organiser is looking for suggestions as to which charity will be the organisation of choice for receiving any money raised, so if you have any ideas, feel free to contact the player of Aela and make your suggestions via the event thread here or by PM!
Aéla Dasvarat Thank you Keraal <3 I will update you all with the dates for the events once they are settled!

The Rakata are an ancient species whose ancient technological marvels still stun archaeologists today and have the potential to cause untold destruction to the known galaxy. 

Many years ago during the Jedi Civil War, the Star Forge was discovered, and it was found to be capable of manufacturing an endless supply of starships. It allowed the Sith Empire to construct an unstoppable armada. Ironically, however, the Star Forge was destroyed by an attacking Republic fleet and a band of Republic heroes.

To this today, Rakatan relics are highly sought after, and without a doubt, the Strategic Information Service and Imperial Intelligence monitor all rumours surrounding Rakatan tech. It is said that one stray Rakata artifact can change the course of history. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter

-Data file accessed at: ImpIntel/Cipher31/DarthArkous/Unsent-pending-investigation/-

-File identified as report to Dark Arkous, from Cipher Agent 31-otherwise Agent Tahkus-file currently in lockdown pending unofficial investigation of Darth Arkous's recent activities-

-Beginning playback-

My Lord, as it is a part of Imperial Intelligence's duties to be always on the lookout for ways by which we can improve our war effort, and since you are in charge of the department of Imperial Military Offense, I have thought it necessary to submit to your attention this report.

As this war continues, our forces have found themselves constantly bogged down, and in some cases outmatched, by Republic forces and Special Forces on most fronts. Since the Treaty of Coruscant, their standard forces have proved a difficult challenge to confront without unacceptable lose of time or personnel, or significant advantage in resources. Their Special Forces have in fact constantly outmatched ours, and their squads are able to accomplish missions which our own forces would likely find nigh impossible. I am convinced that this deficiency lies not in our equipment, but in the training and motivation of our forces. This deficiency allows the enemy to devote higher resources, such as their vaunted Jedi, to higher priority tasks, while their Special Forces perform missions that it would take a Sith or hired mercenaries to complete.

That last is my solution to this problem. I cannot know how best to amend the training of our soldiers to improve their performance, but I can suggest an alternative. In the past, we have made use of Mandalorian and freelance mercenaries and bounty hunters to accomplish tasks that the Empire is not willing to devote its own valuable soldiers to carrying out. Under observation, these mercenaries have a demonstrated ability well beyond that of the typical Imperial or Republic soldier, and while their Special Forces would no doubt prove a challenge, it is a marked improvement to the slaughter that ensues whenever these Republic forces turn their weapons on key Imperial targets.
Kaerex/Daiskel Great. Just what I wanted. Time to show the (Imperial) children how adults do things.
Taeghen Those decrying the strength of the Empire's soldiers should remember the lesson of the Bastion. I fully support the use ...
Bloodletter Time to get back to winning the Sith's wars for them, I see.

"Most of the time, Thanaton just sends people who get under his skin into the tomb of Darth Andru, to find the old Sith Lord's writings. No one has ever come back. Fortunately for you, I have a means for you to avoid that fate...a clean death."
- Lord Malagant to Darth Defileris, as their duel begins

Darth Malagant, born Masac Undjo, is a Sith Lord trained in the evil sorcery of the dark side. Tutored by the Pureblood Inquisitor Jaeden'laek, the same Sith Lord who trained Darth Defileris, he would eventually forsake his old name per Sith tradition and take the Sith name of Malagant; after slaying Defileris in single combat, he was given his rank - and his apprentice - by the Dark Council.

Masac Undjo was born on Dromund Kaas, the son of Eddal Undjo, a sergeant in the Imperial Army who was killed on Alderaan towards the end of the war. He was raised along with his younger brother, Andav, by an abusive housesitter who looked over Eddal's home while he was away at the front. Around age seven, his Force sensitivity was discovered after he killed the housesitter in a fit of rage, and Eddal - allowed to return home to deal with the matter - recommended him to Lord Inquisitor Jaeden'laek, who began Masac's Sith training first in Kaas City, then at the rebuilt Academy on Korriban. Jaeden'laek, a member of the Gorak'nar sect that believed it was the destiny of the dark side to rule the stars, foresaw that Masac would one day overpower his elder apprentice, Artimus Devaneaux. While Artimus had favored the saberstaff, Masac used a curved-hilt duelling saber in close combat. However, his preferred weapon of choice, much like Jaeden'laek's, was the Force itself - the dark powers available to those who hear the calling of the Sith sorcerer.

Despite his physical limitations, made somewhat worse by overindulgence, Masac survived the trials on Dromund Kaas and on Korriban, and was apprenticed to Jaeden'laek at the age of fifteen.

Most of the people that read these articles have one thing in common with me, the writer: we're all roleplayers, that for whatever reason, love or hate, a mixture of both, find enjoyment enough in The Old Republic to continue on, creating plots, writing stories, interacting, and diving head first into the community, whether on a broader scale, or with a few close knit individuals.

For whatever reason, we all fell in love with Star Wars. You may not like BioWare, may not like George Lucas, Disney, may not even like SWTOR as a whole, but there is one thing that each of us have in common and that is our love, fascination, or even idle curiosity over the environment that those have come to create, and that is the genre of Star Wars.

Some, like me, delve further into the Expanded Universe and fanon, taking the time to create guides, models, ideas, to expand on existing content and flesh it out to create an entire idea or concept behind a species, like my own Iridonian Fanon guide, started by roleplayers in Star Wars Galaxies on Bria and Starsider, and then brought to TOR and expanded by myself, Vaanthe, and a few other roleplayers. Guides like the Cathar roleplay guide fleshed out and written by Foxberry, and guides like the Sith roleplay guide that was fleshed out and expanded for TOR by Vexos.

For whatever reason, people like us, people like you, Mandalorian fanboys and girls, Iridonian lovers, or even die hard Chiss fanatics, came together to create and play this game, to roleplay in this genre.

So my focus this week is: what is it about Star Wars that drew you in? Why Star Wars? What is it about TOR or Star Wars in general that keeps you coming back for more despite the hundreds of other RPGs, MMOs, or various dramas you could be in?

Why do you love Star Wars?
User x I'll try again, I think the first film so closely aligned with a generation of kids (maybe the later films do the same f ...
Taeghen Because it remains, despite everything else, one of the most compelling and expansive universes created, perhaps because ...
D'Portgas Legacy Because it has everything thing. From dark order of morbid villains, righteous monks, corporation-controlled worlds, fri ...

This week we are looking again to the Progenitor server and the pool of amazing talent that exists within the roleplay community there. And so it is our delight to present to you Tharynien: 3D artist and mother of two. 

We asked her about what inspires her to create her SWTOR-themed artwork and she had the following to say: 

"Star Wars has always inspired me with its rich lore and general sci-fi setting; it has an amazing vibrance of a certain kind of fantasy to it. In general, RP itself inspires me to do the work I do. It is the stories that become flesh and blood and allow me to become a part of them. The people I'm honoured to know well and RP with inspire me just as much."

We felt that that following piece stands out when looking at the artist's deviant art profile

(readers be advised that some of her artwork is of an adult nature)
Dennis I am using, and have been using (with permission), one of her artwork images as my profile image for almost a year now. ...
Cruallassar It is art like this that makes me think A: I need to get a whole lot better at my art, and B: I absolutely must see if I ...
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