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Recently, our SWTOR-RP Wiki underwent extreme maintenance after it was swamped by spam posts, resulting in what we thought was an irreparable crash of the server. Fortunately for us, we had a Devereux. And we said, "Help us Devereux. You're our only hope." Help us he did, because as we have announced, the wiki is back up and ready for your wiki entries! 

The wiki exists to assist your roleplay. It is there so that you can create stories for your characters, your guilds, your ships, and almost anything else you require to make your storytelling better in The Old Republic

We like to highlight entries from the wiki on our front page, and we're soon going to return to doing that. But in order for that to happen, we need completed entries. 

Today's Friday Focus asks: have you created and completed a wiki entry? If you have, post a link to your entry (or entries) in the comments section below, and the most creative write-ups will be used for profile entries on our front page. We encourage the use of many images in your entries. No one likes a wall of text. 

Happy writing folks!

It is that time of the year again: a month wherein those of us more inclined toward celebrating all-hallows eve become unusually enamoured with all things that bump in the night!

This month, we here at SWTOR-RP pay homage to spooky goings-on, thrillingly terrifying monsters, and those beasts that which abound at the very corner of your vision, hope that they stay there; the moment you see them clearly is a portent of your demise. At least that is what my mother would tell me; she had a morbid sense of humour, but moving on...

Are you ready for the first in a series of spine chillingly glorious stories about the beasts and monsters of the Star Wars universe? 

This week we look at the Wampa. Perhaps not your first choice of creature when thinking about that which might be considered terrifying to behold. But given the Wampa and their likeness to our own stories about abominable snowmen, how could it not take pride of place as the first in this series of stories?

When we think about Wampas. We think about this little YouTube treat:

Knights of the Fallen Empire is upon us, and consequently, news is rolling in fast. Early access starts on October 20th, and for those that didn't qualify, the expansion launches on October 27th. Excitement levels are increasing as the days roll past, and we're that ecstatic, we are on the verge of an ewok-hosted celebratory dance party. 

When information about the upcoming digital expansion first became available, we compiled an Everything We Know article for your perusal. Now, we have Part II, and below, we've collected and listed almost every bit of knowledge of the expansion that's available to us. If you need to catch up on what we know, tune your HoloNet screens to SWTOR-RP, and continue reading below. 

If there's anything vital that you think we missed, firstly bop us on the head with the non-sharpy end of a gaffi stick, and then send us the link and we'll update this article. 

Happy reading my fellow Outlanders!

Thanks go out to who always deliver on all things TOR.

With a recent survey revealing that two thirds of fans believe the new addition to the Star Wars franchise coming this December will be the best movie thus far, it got those of us here at SWTOR-RP thinking about what our fellow roleplayers think. We also wonder whether or not many fans within our niche community feel the same. 

A new poll states that: 

"An impressive 63% of respondents were convinced JJ Abrams’s movie would trump previous installments, which include the original trilogy from 1977 to 1983, which broke box-office records and helped usher in the modern blockbuster era. Intriguingly, 36% said “more advanced CGI” was their prime reason for going to see the movie, while 15% cited the involvement of Abrams.

A quarter of respondents said a “more interesting story” was behind their interest, with another quarter mentioning the new installment’s potential for cleaving closer to the style of the original trilogy and 14% citing a better cast than previous episodes. Polling firm Harris Interactive spoke to 2,031 US adults, of whom 801 described themselves as Star Wars fans, for supply chain analytics company FusionOps."

You can read the full story here

What do you think? Do you predict the next big Star Wars movie to be a massive hit? Do you think it will blow the other movies out of the water?

Nhildira I don't even care. Pew pews and lightsabers. <3
HalfwayComa (Tray) Honestly? I don't think anyone cares whether it's a flip or a huge hit. It's Star Wars plain and simple!!! The fact that ...

We figured it might be handy to spotlight some of the more interesting changes purported to be coming to Star Wars the Old Republic in the 4.0 game update.  This month, as of the nineteeth of September, there have been some interesting announcements about possible changes that might be implemented with the Bounty Hunter and Trooper classes. Why don't you read about those here

"Whether you prefer bullets, missiles, or just plain fire, Bounty Hunters and Troopers have something for you! In Game Update 4.0, we wanted to give all Powertechs/Vanguards a quick way to jump into the thick of combat or instantly catch back up to a fleeing target. To accomplish this, we made Jet Charge/Storm baseline for all Powertechs/Vanguards."

From new passive skills and abilities to utilities of different tiers, it seems like players will see some interesting developments with regards to the aforementioned classes. 

Some of the more interesting changes possibly hitting our PC screens in the 4.0 game update are as follows:

This week, we figured that we would diverge away from the typical theme of roleplay to remind you of the up and coming new addition to the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. 

This video, linked elsewhere by another player, really sparked our imagination: 

The release date for this new adventure will be around the eighteenth of December of this year. You can check release dates surrounding this movie here on IMDB. Will you be as avidly watching the booking screens of your local cinema as we are sure to be?

What are your thoughts on the new movie? Are you interested in how Disney's acquisition of the franchise will pan out? Do you intend to pull ideas for your roleplay from the movie? Let us know below!

Nhildira HOW haven't I seen this?! Hnnnngh, so excited!!!
Bloodletter It's the number-one movie I've been anticipating all year. And the secrecy surrounding the film still when we're this cl ...
Alen More excited than is rational. Wheee!

It doesn't always come down to whoever has the high ground.

Emote-fighting has been part of online roleplaying for over fifteen years, and it's not going away any time soon. Rather than rely on game mechanics to decide who stands and who falls in combat, roleplayers often use roleplaying instead (fancy that!), which allows combatants to take turns describing the approaches they take and the moves they make.  Both fighters work together to write a dynamic battle scene. It's a facet of RP especially pertinent to SWTOR, whose designers wisely allowed both factions - Republic and Empire - to communicate with one another, allowing us to roleplay our Star Wars without too much difficulty. Many guilds have already used this potential in surprising ways, with mass combat events and week-long battles.

However, roleplaying styles are always personal things, with players forming their own with time and from observing the roleplaying of others around them. When you come into contact with someone new, it can take time for both of you to get used to one another. Time is not something that you always have in a battle event, or when the necessity of combat is bearing down on you. How do you make an emote-fight work in a way that avoids unexpected limb loss for anyone? How do you decide who actually wins?

I put this question to some, and got a wide variety of answers.

Nhildira Until recently, I'd only ever really done strictly emotes. Level and whatnot didn't typically matter, so long as they co ...
Kirbus I follow much along the lines that have been mentioned. I've had wonderful emote battles that have involved rolling and ...
Na'sira Despite the setting, emote fights are one of the reasons I try to steer away from combat in MMO roleplay (exceptions bei ...

The expanded universe and recent canonical changes are something of a hot topic of late and some people are perhaps still surprised to hear about Disney's much anticipated change to the lore that exists as an extended foundation to the movies that we all know and love.

So, as many Star Wars fans know, not all that long ago in a galaxy not so far away (in fact, it's this one -the Milky-way- but I am trying to sound cool and uh. OK let's get to the point... ), Lucasfilm made a decision that would send many a Star Wars fan into bouts of uncertainty, questioning, and debate about the way in which lore in the newly established 'Legends' classification was to be treated. You can read more about that here.

"Legends are a new classification of Star Wars material invented by Lucasfilm following the Disney acquisition. The new Star Wars films will significantly alter the story told in the Expanded Universe."

That all sounds rather interesting, and to some, perhaps concerning. But what does that mean for us?

"Previous post-Episode 6 story materials (including the Thrawn Cycle), are now regarded as Legends, still official Star Wars lore, but non-canonical."

Wait. What!? Non-canonical you say?

Cruallassar is an intriguing stretch of the imagination... In the Clone Wars, Yoda confronts the spirit of Darth Bane, fou ...
ryger Is it okay to claim your character is from Jakku, even if we're not really sure if the planet was colonized by then or w ...
KYLEtheHUTT Meh... Disney and Lucas Story Group did the right thing. The EU was too diluted and a lot of the stories were total cra ...

The team at SWTOR-RP is happy to announce that our wiki is back up and running!

From what we have learned, the table (or the location in which text is stored for the wiki) crashed and could not repair due to a lacking of space. After the hard work from Devereux of JungMa, a large amount of sizable entries has been cleared and the wiki is now clean of spam! We would like to thank Devereux for his diligence on restoring our wiki. The wiki has now been updated to a new version which will reallow the CAPTCHA plug in for user registrations. So, if you have not yet registered your wiki account and would like to contribute - now is your chance!

We appriciate all of your patience. If you come across any errors, downtime or have any questions at all, please contact Devereux and Tziena

Stache Thanks for all the hard work broh! Love what the wiki has to offer to the SWTOR RP scene! Have hopped on there way too o ...
Vaanthe a I want to just thank Devereux for his hard work and help at restoring the wiki after it was down for a while. Thank you ...

Each week, the writers at SWTOR-RP provide the roleplaying community of The Old Republic with fresh new reading content in the form of in-character articles and codex entries, columns, our weekly Friday Focus, and the latest SWTOR news.

If you're looking for something more and want to utilise and express your creative edge, fill in an application and join the team!

As the Editor-in-chief at SWTOR-RP, I'm always looking to add to the talented group of people that currently make up the writing team. They each add their own flavour and style of writing, and your own unique and imaginative abilities could be added to that team. I simply ask that if you're a motivated individual with a sound knowledge of Star Wars lore and possess the ability to write constructively and creatively, you take the time to submit a staff application.

SWTOR-RP cannot operate without its writers. We want you!

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