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Republic officials have confirmed that the mutinous rakghoul plague has once again spread, hitting the heavily populated Republic world, Corellia. 

The Hyland Organisation for Rakghoul Neutralisation, code name THORN, has reached out to mercenaries and heroes of the Galactic Republic to assist in abolishing the plague, or at the least drive it back from affecting the innocent civilians of Corellia. 

The Central Broadcasting News Service warns all citizens of the Republic to stay away from Corellia until the danger passes. For anyone stuck on Corellia, we urge that you get off-planet as soon as possible. Otherwise, stay indoors and be sure to report any adverse findings of the rakghoul plague to your nearest law enforcement agency. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Report

Last week we looked at the TOR community as a whole, focusing on video and YouTube-based content created by players across the plethora of servers; though mostly looking at media developed by roleplayers and denizens of roleplay servers alike. 

This week, however, we will be looking at 2-D art, casting the net far and wide to find interesting stuff created by different normally non-featured artists across the TOR universe! So without further delay, the first artist featured today is an 'oldie' from one of the Trask Ulgo servers before the great merge of 2012!

Meet Midine. This artist uploaded an interesting piece a fair few years ago found here. We did a little digging and found the player's deviantart account too! (Though be aware, there are a few non-PG pieces found in the link provided)

Fair and Balanced

The Galactic News Network prides itself in being a fair and balanced source of knowledge about the galaxy. They look to promote awareness of the worlds around us, as well as helping you to know about those who shake our understanding and shape our view of the galaxy.

This week we focus on a group within the Jedi Order known as The Lost Praxeum who our intrepid reporter had the pleasure of interviewing on board their fine ship, The Deliverance.

The Lost Praxeum is led by master Alen Stannic; a person who, as so many others in his position, has many things to do other than talk to reporters. Yet in the interest of helping to promote the message of peace that the order represents, he still agreed to meet with our interviewer.

Onto the interview:

HV:Good day Master Stanic, and on behalf of the Galactic News Network I would like to thank you for taking your time to meet with us. The group that you represent is a fairly solid part of the Republic. Tell us please what brought about the creation of your order.

AS: Hello, GNN! Happy to answer your questions. The original Praxeum was a retreat on Alderaan for Jedi looking to perfect particular skills, but it didn't survive the Great War, sadly. A few members survived though, and we carry on the name. I’m the third Jedi to hold the title of Grandmaster of the Praxeum Council since Alderaan fell.

Xanathe Sinan was a Sith Marauder during the reign of the Sith Empire. Born in 31 BTC (Before Treaty of Coruscant) to two slaves on the Sith capital of Dromund Kaas, Xanathe was raised as a servant to a Sith Lord. His destiny changed with a chance meeting with a Sith Lord years later set Xanathe on the path of training to become a member of the Sith. He was taken to the Sith tomb-world of Korriban, where he was to face the trials of becoming a full-fledged Sith.

Xanathe eventually completed his training, bringing full-circle the cycle of the Sith, ultimately killing his Master. In the wake of the deterioration of the Treaty of Coruscant, Xanathe took part in the Second Great Galactic War that swept across the galaxy, playing part in such conflicts like the Liberation of Balmorra and the Battle of Ilum. During this time, Xanathe took on an apprentice of his own.

During the Battle of Ilum, Xanathe engaged a trio of Jedi Knights intent on his capture or death. After killing one and crippling another, Xanathe retreated as the battle for the planet culminated in a Republic victory. After the duel, Xanathe took upon himself the rank of Sith Lord.

This is Jason Myers reporting. Last week, Nora Rift—your usual reporter for the Republic Digest—went missing while investigating a string of unexplained deaths in the Duros Sector on Nar Shaddaa. 

Reports have it that a fair number of murders have taken place, claiming victims from all levels of society, from street dwellers to kingpin gang leaders; nobody is exempt from the tyranny of this unusual crime spree! Authorities thus far have been unable to identify what exactly is killing off the inhabitants of the Hutt moon, but we do know that as of yesterday, reports have it that a freighter delivering questionable goods to the moon was found floating in space, with the entire crew found dead!

Be warned citizens of Hutt space: the deaths seem to involve sudden asphyxiation, with autopsies finding no physical reason for the unusual deaths beyond the sudden inability to breathe. Witnesses report that those who die seem to see some manner of invisible creature before the moment of the unexplained attacks. 

Is this a Sith invasion on Hutt soil? Some kind of dark-sided malady? Or maybe a new kind of spice gone wrong? 

More on this, this coming Friday! Stay safe citizens of Hutt space! Keep an eye on the daily feed for news updates!

Jason Myers | Republic Digest

Roleplay can be affected in a multitude of ways; more so than the ways in which Jar Jar can annoy and frustrate any fanboy or girl. That's a lot of ways. Just sayin...

Atmospheric settings, styles of roleplay, and story backgrounds can affect your roleplay. But perhaps it can be argued that the most significant affect on roleplay comes from the people with whom you roleplay. Their style of roleplay and knowledge of their characters and all things Star Wars could be the deciding factor on whether you become fully immersed in your online interactions in The Old Republic

Roleplay has been around longer than Yoda's lifespan. The tools we use in our roleplay are going to decide on whether good relations with roleplay (or wookiees) we have, or if, "In a dark place we find ourselves..."

In today's Friday Focus, tell us what is most essential to you for successful roleplay. Is it the geographical setting? Story? Or is it dependent on your fellow roleplayers and what they bring to the fight? Let us know in the comments section below!
Na'sira No one thing is really responsible for successful roleplay in my eyes. As a matter of course for my own style, I think v ...
D'Portgas Legacy Stable internet connection.

We figure it's time to just hunt through the servers and pick out a number of pieces we here at SWTOR-RP like the most; focusing less on the interviews themselves but more on the artwork that you guys know and love. This week we will look at YouTube based delights: videos and music videos alike, bringing you a pool of talent from The Ebon Hawk, Jung Ma, and long lost gems produced by players of long ago devoured communities during the server merges. So get yourself something to snack on, a glass of water or your beverage of choice and feast your eyes on the videos below!

A good while ago, looking through art and videos. We found YouTube posts created by a player called Exel. Now, we have been waiting for a little while to catch the originator to interview him, but alas we have not been able to catch him! And likewise for a small number of other artists and writers. 

So without further delay, the number one pick for video content created by Exel would be a Holocast based around a guild plotline for the Eclipse over a year ago. What we really like about this video is the realism, the creativity, and the use of multiple speech actors. The graphical additions are splendid and it is very well paced: 
Dennis I think that this one deserves attention too (Ebon Hawk server-RP): Creator ...
D'Portgas Legacy - Red Rose Syndicate trailer. This deserves some love. ...

Friends, roleplayers, random people, lend me your screens! For today I show you something of monumental potential benefit to the SWTOR roleplaying community!

How many of you have wanted at some point to make your character pose with their hands clasped behind their backs, probably looking out of a giant viewport on a space station or ship (like header image)? Don't lie; I will give you a thousand credits if you haven't had this desire (if you are online on Voss on The Ebon Hawk server when I am online within 15 seconds of reading this for the first time). Well, I have recently...two days ago...made a suggestion on the SWTOR suggestions forum area that would potentially allow just that. To merely highlight it, the suggestion is called STANCES.

What this would do is provide two new categories of emotes. These emotes offer a number of purely cosmetic poses, one category for weapon drawn, the other for without. Any Jedi Counselors out there who wanted their lightsaber to be in an Ataru form pose rather than the back and behind default stance, this is for you. Actually, everyone, this is for you. Stances would allow one to have their characters strike a different pose when walking or standing still and not attacking. Like a Soresu saber form pose, or a smuggler's pistol remaining in its holster with the smuggler's hand right next to it, waiting for a quick draw.

Details are in this link right here (warning, it is a long and detailed suggestion, so read it all), and I implore you all to post on it and give it your support. I don't know how the developers pick the suggestions they will take from there, but I believe it very well could be affected by popularity and support from the player base. Which is why I request your support.

JOIN ME IN GAINING THE ABILITY TO PUT OUR HANDS BEHIND OUR BACKS! And together, we can rule the galaxy in roleplay!

- Cruallassar

JJ/Flynn/Jayfon It's about time. I love the way FFXIV allows you to change stances using /changepose, it's different for each race/sex, ...

-Opening data file JediArchive/OpenFiles/Chi'vas-Ji'haldri/Force/001-

-Beginning playback-

The nature and difference between the dark and light sides of the Force is exceedingly important to understand if one is to attempt to twist the lines between them. As the most novice padawan knows, the dark side is when a Jedi succumbs to their base emotions, disrupting the peace of mind encouraged in a Jedi. The emotions commonly thought of are hate and love, though for two very different reasons, one leading to another. This is a topic for a later record. Suffice to say that when a Jedi gives in to their negative emotions, hate ranking top among these, they are termed a Dark Jedi, having given in to the dark side.

The Sith embrace the dark side for the purpose of gaining power. When a Force-wielder uses their emotions to use the Force, not necessarily the dark side, they are significantly more powerful then when in a peaceful state of mind as the Jedi teach. In sheer Force ability alone, most Sith are in fact able to easily outdo their Jedi equals, able to overpower a Jedi by brute strength. The iconic Sith Force lightning is a classic symbol of this, a manifestation of all a Sith's purest hate and fear poured into the Force.

However, the drawback for this increase in power is that a Force-user utilizing their emotions is far less focused, as the purer the emotion and the stronger the power, the more engulfed in that emotion they become. A Sith will be lost in his hatred for his enemy and the desire to utterly destroy them, making him lose control and thus become easily exploited. Where the Jedi lack power, they gain control, and although they may not be able to compete with a Sith in brute strength, they can easily defeat him through exploiting his emotions. This is true for any emotion, not just the negative ones. Love especially allows a Jedi to be manipulated, which is a part of the reason why it is forbidden by the Jedi. Blind emotion is the enemy of the Jedi, as it discards all control afforded by our mental calm and peace of mind. Where a Sith will attempt to power through to victory, we will use our heads and allow our enemies to defeat themselves in their fury. Otherwise, we would stand no chance.

-End playback-

The SWTOR community is buzzing with the news of the upcoming digital expansion, Shadow of Revan. There is an bantha-load of information pouring out about what the expansion will bring to the game, some of which includes a raised level cap from 55 to 60, two new planets consisting of Yavin IV and Rishi, a new Disciplines abilities system, and pre-order goodies. Within all that is more information that some of you may have missed. 

We've put together a list of information that may assist you with getting up to date with all the hype of the new expansion. In our list you'll find information pertaining to the Disciplines system, pre-order information, story-related news, and a Hutt's-belly more.  

If there is anything you think we've missed that is paramount, leave a comment and we'll update this article as time goes on, all the way up to the release of the digital expansion in December. Think of this article as our own little holocron of information for all things Shadow of Revan!
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