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Prior to The Old Republic's official launch in December 2011, BioWare placed heavy emphasis on their fourth pillar of roleplaying games: story. They certainly delivered, with eight unique class stories, and the stories that follow. 

The Republic defeated the Empire (the good guys always win!), a typically-tubby Hutt tried to destroy a planet, the infamous Dread Masters instilled fear upon the galaxy, and evil-Revan returned and tried to conquer the galaxy, only to reawaken the Emperor who tried and succeeded in destroying a planet. 

Currently, the game's story leaves us waiting to discover what the Emperor's next move is. Where he will strike, we do not know. 

For today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know what your predictions are of where The Old Republic's story will go next, from the Emperor's plans and beyond. Let us know what your Force vision shows you.

"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future."

Scarlett I just hope they include more class specific story missions and get the companions back into things. As it is, 50+ sort ...

It's that time of the week again! We're covering the various player-made guides we find on the forums and elsewhere; from cultures to smoking, to fighting techniques. And now... how to order your favourite beverages in Star Wars. Without further delay, this week we're featuring a guide made by the player Kraethas:

'The Galactic Drinks Menu!!!

The following drinks, and their descriptions, are all taken from official Star Wars RPG supplements. Most of them were implemented in the SWG game, and will help add some flavor to all those of you that like to frequent those dark, suspicious establishments. A few of these drinks can also be found in more upper class establishments too! Just as a disclaimer: I claim no copyright to the work below as it is all shared from a now out-of-print gaming material. A gentle weapon. Of a bygone age… When sourcebooks contained more fluff than rules...

[The materials presented below, come from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments of the Rim. ISBN 0874311926]

A particularly powerful beverage, favored mainly in and around Corellian space, but known throughout the galaxy. It is often used in a drinking competition known as “lumguzzling.” Lum has a peculiar effect on a body; while the imbiber often feels the effects of more standard forms of alcohol, for some reason a drinker cannot overdose on lum as he can with other types of beverages. Therefore, lumguzzling isn’t as dangerous to the participants as other drinking games are. A pitcher of lum is usually quite large (and costs 6 to 10 credits), and in smaller quantities the drink tastes sweet and slightly soapy, but not unpleasantly so.'

And that's just a taste of what's to come. Click here and read more about it!

Each week, the writers at SWTOR-RP provide the roleplaying community of The Old Republic with fresh new reading content in the form of in-character articles and codex entries, columns, our weekly Friday Focus, and the latest SWTOR news.

If you're looking for something more and want to utilise and express your creative edge, fill in an application and join the team!

As the Editor-in-chief at SWTOR-RP, I'm always looking to add to the talented group of people that currently make up the writing team. They each add their own flavour and style of writing, and your own unique and imaginative abilities could be added to that team. I simply ask that if you're a motivated individual with a sound knowledge of Star Wars lore and possess the ability to write constructively and creatively, you take the time to submit a staff application.

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The Old Republic's classes have three main roles: tank, DPS, and healer. 

The sometimes-squishy tanks are responsible for being the human/alien shield, the walking punching bag, the sacrificial bantha. Those in the DPS role are the heavy hitters, and it's their sole purpose to spank the life out of the bad guys. The healers are our guardian angels. They make sure that we don't become one with the Force. At least, they try their best, and are not always successful. 

Running solo, you can survive out in the wilderness as any of the three roles. However, add the Hard-Mode or Nightmare tag, and you need each and every role working in unison, or there will be a lot of characters becoming one with the Force. Too many Force ghosts might give the kids nightmares. 

Today's Friday Focus asks: what's your favourite role to play? You could be like me and only have DPS characters, never having dabbled in any other role. On the other cybernetic hand, you could be a jack-of-all-trades, being a master at each of the three roles. 

What's your choice? Let us know in the comments!

Foxy Blake I've always been caster DPS, but when I started SWTOR back in 2011, my main was a Sith Juggernaut, Immortal spec. Was my ...
Maerel Tavus I would have to say Healer primarily and secondly DPS, never tried to tank in this game and I never hope I have to. xD I ...
Captain Swags DPS. Never been a tank or healer.. And yes, i dodge important responsabilities IRL too. Nothing beats laying back in the ...

Fair and Balanced

The Imperial Anthem plays in the background

The Empire is on the precipice of change. Many of the brave pioneers that first had a hand in helping to restore some semblance of justice to the galaxy, and to restore the righteous domain of the empire, have fallen in the war. They have fallen, to the cowardly ambushes of the Galactic Republic whose corrupt shadow festers and plagues us all even today, and they have fallen as they sacrificed their own lives, gladly, to push towards the final and inevitable victory that even now, is coming.

For each of our brave heroes that fall, the galaxy calls out for new ones to take their place. The Empire's Fist is one such place; a place where the brave heroes of the galaxy may join in the glorious effort to rid the Empire of the scourge that is the Galactic Republic. It is a place where you can find a home; a home from which to strike down corruption, strike down the false democracy where it is the greed of corporations that get to decide the agenda, with their filthy money rather, as is the case in the Empire, having the interests of the galaxy go ahead of the needs of the greedy.

The Empire's Fist houses many of the most prominent Sith Lords in the galaxy, and offers to train those hopeful, that one day they too will be included in the blessed ranks of the wise and benevolent leaders of the galaxy. Our agenda is to ensure that any future lord of the galaxy will be well versed in history, politics, law, and of course, combat. For only through the strength of arms can we keep the corrupt Galactic Republic contained in their corner of the galaxy, where their desperate citizens cry out for salvation, a salvation that is certain to come! The wise Sith, however, do not stand alone.

Dizumi Thanks for the credit regarding my artwork!
Darth Ashwalker Thank you kindly for the feature!

"Forgotten, broken beaten. Ages ago, this was the status of the Empire. We will never allow our glorious civilization to fall to such extremes again. We will crush those who have denounced the True Path.

A single blade writes more history than a single word. Remember that as we carve the Empire into this galaxy through its rotting, putrid core."

~ Darth Vertigus, Seventh Patriarch of the Faceless

Darth Vertigus is the calm, dual-faced leader of the Faceless Ones. Known on one hand as the mysterious Patriarch: the enigmatic leader of the Faceless Ones, and on the other: posing as his own apprentice, the barfly Lord Vertigus. His true personality is known to few, and his weaknesses to fewer.

Much of his life was spent in Hutt Space and the Outer Rim territories as he slowly amassed power to reclaim the Faceless Ones from the previous leader: notorious Bounty Hunter Jadath Knaar, who usurped the group shortly after the Fall of Korriban.
He is ruthless to his enemies and generous to his allies, and his passion and greed surpassed only by his ultimate loyalty to the Empire as a whole.

Little is known about his early life. Sometime after his twelfth birthday, he was collected by Grandmaster Rokuto, who oversaw a shadowy organization that worked to subjugate and oversee several territories of minor importance before the Great War. The Sith Lord say enough potential in the displaced youth to take him as his apprentice.

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One of Star Wars' most appealing aspects is its rich and diverse universe full of a multitude of alien species. Though some may appear similar, there are countless species of varying sizes, shapes, both humaoid and non-humoid, and some with bizarre and amazing abilities that humans cannot replicate. The Miraluka have the gift of Force Sight, allowing them to see through the Force as they are a naturally blinded species. The Nautolans—my favourite—are able to sense the emotional state of other beings using their head-tresses. 

The Old Republic has a large range of species in-game, but not all are playable. A fan favourite, the Togruta, is coming to SWTOR as a playable species soon. But is it enough? Do we deserve more? Is it as difficult to add a new species as the developers from BioWare state? 

For today's Friday Focus, tell us what species you'd like to see added to the current stock of playable ones. Some favourites may include Wookies, Nautolans, Mon Calamari, and Selkath. Let us know why you want to see your favourite added!

Ganden a Love all the responses. And love that so many want Nautolans!
Vaz Nautolan.

Touted to be one of this year’s biggest parties, the organization of Penumbral is turning the party life on Nar Shaddaa into one big extravaganza with delicious drinks, decadent cuisine, spectacular live auctions, sets by DJ D-Fader, and incredible party favors as they celebrate the anniversary of their establishment. Dress to impress and celebrate with some of the Empire’s most well known, powerful and trendy. Penumbral will be opening the doors of its capital ship, the Ascendant, for all to partake in this fun-filled event! The Ascendant will be docked over Nar Shaddaa, and invitations will be sent, running a shuttle service from the surface of the moon to the ship itself. Expect a tour from the very personnel serving Penumbral, offering a rare glimpse at the ship’s unique features and high-tech upgrades along with prizes, gifts, and all around fun!

The night will be filled will the following:

  • Art Auction: View some of the most talented artists in the Galaxy and gain a chance to bring home a piece of art!
  • Gambling: What's Nar Shaddaa without Pazaak? With a 0 credit buy in, you can bring home the 1 million credit pot!
  • Guest Raffle: Sign the guest book for a chance to win 2400 Cartel Points. Tickets are FREE!
  • Open Mic Improv: Whether you are a poet, singer or comedian, take the stage and show off your talent.
  • Ship Tour: Catch a glimpse of the state of the art Harrower class and all its amenities, ranging from the primary Reactor, our massive turbolasers to our comfortable and clean conditions.
  • Live Music: DJ D-Fader will blast out tunes. Don’t let him find your lack of bass disturbing.

Formal attire required.

Weapons are prohibited to all guests on board for safety concerns. Guests are not authorized to venture off on board the ship without a guide or prior permission. Security will be present for guest safety and any and all queries.

Should you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact Darth Umbra ((Luniara)).

It has been suspected for some time through reports from all over the known galaxy that the once believed-dead Emperor had returned to the living with one main goal: the utter and complete destruction of all life. 

Republic officials have not publicly confirmed any of the recent major events that have taken place throughout the galaxy. However, public eyewitnesses have reported that Republic and Sith forces were recently seen working in unison to combat a common enemy. Following Republic and Sith movements around the system of Yavin IV, we received further reports that the former Emperor of the Sith Empire had returned from the dead, and he wished to absorb all life in the galaxy. 

A large Republic fleet has been seen in the Esstran Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It is believed that Republic forces engaged the former Emperor's forces, with some of the most elite units being used to combat this new enemy. 

With the deepest sadness and regret, we report that Ziost, a former Imperial world, has been completely obliterated with very little remaining on the now dust-covered world. We can confirm that countless lives have been lost in this murderous and savage attack. It is unclear how the world was destroyed, nor what weapon was used. 

The Galactic Republic has asked that all citizens avoid the Ziost System. The Central Broadcasting News Service asks that all fellow citizens of the Republic avoid the Esstran Sector completely. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter

Dreg enjoys drinking and gambling. He claims he is a better shot while entirely intoxicated, though lately that has begun to suffer. He’s begun to dabble in stims and chemistry and enjoys working on his beskar kit. He prides himself on his equipment.

Dreg is physically fit, but not overtly so. He has a stamina and endurance that belies his physical abilities and marries well with his stubborn nature. He has a massive scar that runs down his right eye; it was a scar that earned him a place within the Mandalorians, while also marking his first Jedi kill.

Dreg is a man with an odd moral compass. He puts family and friends above everything, even his own safety, unless they betray him or those he loves. He is sarcastic and stubborn, and will stop at nothing to provide for those he cares for. He is not open about his loyalties or affections, but if someone is not on his bad side, they’ll never end up on the wrong side of his blaster. While Dreg doesn’t mind bending or breaking the law, he avoids unnecessary bloodshed; though that does not mean he is afraid to kill to protect what is his, or remove people too idiotic to recognize that they shouldn’t stand in his way.

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