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"I've been searching, surviving, doing things my way; looking for my chance to earn Mother's gift, avenge my parents and the Republic. Every Imperial bears the face of their killers." 
~ Tahirah Almasi

With campfire's glow on her face, unfamiliar stars flood the cool night sky. This is Tahirah's first eve spent with traveling companions as long as she remembers. Entrenched in thoughts of her people, the Mirialan, conversations around her come into focus. Tahirah takes a sudden breath realizing all the eyes around the fire lay on her.

"I am here for many reasons," she answered, calculating. "An ethereal night 26 years ago, the stars could not outshine the onslaught of red. Lightsabers, ships, blaster fire; the Empire had finally come for Mirial. Father raced home as the sudden shock of the invasion drove Mother into early labour. He assisted the estate medical droid to bring me into our world as fast as possible; we were not safe. Not accepting herself as a liability to our survival, Mother's final act was sending Father into the frigid Mirialan night with their only child in his arms. Weak in body from the delivery but fierce in heart, Father heard her shrill battle cry on the winds, the crash of blaster fire, then only the roar of the blizzard as he sped away from our generational home. The Sith took the streets and the city's core, but it was Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters tracking civilians, scattering families and refugees, and striking fear into the hearts of Mirialan. Father told me all this dozens of times on our travels."

"He, was on a diplomatic mission in Coruscant, when... I've been searching, surviving, doing things my way; looking for my chance to earn Mother's gift, avenge my parents and the Republic. Every Imperial bears the face of their killers."

Unclenching her jaw, loosening her grip on her blaster, Tahirah realizes her companions' faces are close to her own, looking on in astonishment and reverence for her plight. "Who wants to play some Pazaak?"

One thing about Star Wars as a genre is that while there are distinct sides to the Force, there is this ever prevalent grey area when it comes to a vast majority of the characters. From Anakin Skywalker, to Han Solo, and even Mace Windu. There are characters that just cannot fit into a certain box or side. The dastardly rogues. Dare devils. Bad boys.

Star Wars is full of characters that walk the line between being truly heroic, and what's considered an anti-villain. Characters that are not good by any stretch of imagination, but through the course of a story or through their deeds, end up inadvertently, or sometimes willingly, doing the right thing. There are even more characters that skirt that line and outright fall to the dark side, but manage to maintain something that still resembles humanity, or eventually relearn a little of their humanity as the story progresses.

These are the bad boys of Star Wars; characters that are so evil, but not because they're dark-sided, but because they manage to capture your heart and your attention by being the devilish rogues or unwitting villains that you just cannot help but love (or love to hate).

So which character is it that stole your heart? Which bad boy is your favorite? The roguish smuggler, Han Solo? The questionably grey Jedi that Luke Skywalker becomes? Or Maybe a certain Mandalorian that gets sucked into the belly of a Sarlacc? Which bad boy do you love?
Mai Cash Cad Bane. That voice is to drool over.
aVoid General Grievous. That heap of glorious scrap cyborg metal needs no further explanations.
Iradox/Tyûk Darth Caedus. Being a Star Wars fan who've consumed almost all the sith related content the universe far far away has to ...

Howdy, I’m back. And I wish I had some good news to report today, but unfortunately, it seems all I ever bring are the why and woes of this world. Today isn’t any different. I just learned that the person of interest I am covering today has disappeared.

His name is Rian Darok. He’s a high-ranking human in the Republic Army. His disappearance comes as a shock to all of us, and especially those close to him. I have contacted my sources, but unfortunately, they do not know where he is exactly. He was last seen on Manaan. However, part of a research facility the Colonel was last seen headed to is now destroyed.

I am getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you who Reb Darok is so that you know why he is important.

Bloodletter "I always did respect the Republic's chain of command more than the vain donkey officers of the Empire suffering fr ...
Dennis <Ayril'ler'agib> : Catching up on your recent "who the k**k is..."-articles, I'd like to compliment the ...

This week we will be looking at pirate and leader of the Pirate Consortium, Shankz. We have had our fair share of straight-laced Force tooting Jedi and dark side using totalitarian Sith. But what about the seedy underworld? The Pirates, the lone bounty hunters, the spice dealers? 

When interviewing the dastardly pirate, one quote really stood out: 

"As long as there are ships and wars - piracy will flourish."

Well, if the Republic and the Jedi get their way, Shankz might soon be out of business! Who am I kidding? That'll never happen. 

And it seems, not unlike his Sith counterparts, Shankz has in his own way an eye on the goal for galaxy wide domination; describing his idea of the perfect galaxy to be one where he sits at the very throne of the underworld. So... anyone else wonder if he's a runner up for the title of Black Prince? What happened to that guy anyways? 

We asked Shankz about his motivators, what it is that gets him out of his piratey bed in the morning and he had this to say: 
Henerkin nice to see other pirates out there
Bloodletter Desert the miserable life of Imperial military and flock to this man.
Vexter Varkus(Braugerr) Real nice to see someone familiar on the front page! Keep on keepin' it on man!

-Memo to Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan, from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri-

-Data entry beginning playback-

Grand Master Satele, in my attempts to research possible improvements of the quality of the Republic fighting forces against the Empire, I may have found a rather problematic deficiency. Specifically, in our respective intelligence-gathering agencies.

While our standard ground troops are more than a match for the Empire—even completely outclassing them in the case of some of our special operations divisions—the Imperial Intelligence Service is quite another matter entirely. In the points of data collection and analysis, our SIS is quite their equal. However, their advantage lies primarily in their operatives known as Cipher Agents.

As you doubtless know, the Cipher Agents are highly trained individuals with skills in data collection, which any SIS agent has, and in combat and assassination, which our SIS agents do not. Our agents are trained specifically to accomplish their missions while avoiding confrontation, and to not reveal their secrets if caught. Combat training is rudimentary at best, and inept to nonexistent at worst. Imperial Ciphers are trained to be able to kill any target, from a heavily defended politician to Jedi, both up close and at extreme range, often without anyone alive knowing anything about it. Exposed, they are easy prey with sharp teeth. Otherwise, they can be as feared as a Sith, and for good reason.

Obviously, I would not bring up this information that you are already aware of, without a solution to the problem, and one that the Jedi could implement.
Dennis ((another good entry ^^))

"Don't take it so personally, I lie to everybody." 
~ Caspira

Agent Caspira (designation: Cipher Twelve) was an Imperial Cipher Agent who served the Empire during the Cold War between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

Of a rather average height and trim build, Caspira is a master at blending into the environment when it calls for it and can easily disappear into a crowd when prepared. Despite her ability to blend in, she's chosen a remarkably striking appearance as her default persona; pale skin augmented by dark markings around her eyes and dark brown hair shaved on the sides to leave a crest of hair she usually keeps slicked back and in line. A large scar slashes diagonally across her face, mercifully missing either eye but making her even more easily identifiable should one know what to look for. As well as standard Imperial Intelligence auditory implants, her left eye has been replaced with a remarkably advanced cybernetic eye with a wide array of features that is certainly not of Intel stock.

The earliest records available of 'Caspira' are from the Kaas City Hospital and are all medical in nature. As well as information regarding the fresh scarring across her face, they also outline a rather serious head injury. Whatever records of Caspira existed prior to her entry into the Imperial Intelligence Agent program have either been purged, or never existed in the first place. In fact, the name 'Caspira' can be traced back to a character in an old and long-running holo noir series called The Guiltless.

Luniara OMG OMG OMG! You have to promote this person's art too! Caspira is amazing!!!!

In a previous Friday Focus, we discussed immersion, the state of becoming engrossed into a setting, characters, or scene in roleplay; primarily, what ruined immersion for you.

The responses to that article were overwhelming, and spawned the idea that immersion is not only a facet of roleplay, but a necessary part of it; without immersion, and that ability to dive into a specific setting or scene with one's characters, roleplay is in fact impossible.

We've discussed in length what immersion is, and we've even discussed in length how immersion is broken and ruined for multiple people; those things that drive them away from a scene, character, or even genre, that make it impossible to become emerged.

The question I have this week is: what is immersion to you? What makes you feel engrossed in a scene? What do you absolutely have to have in order to feel part of a story?
Mai Cash Immersion isn't as important to me in roleplay as it is to me when I am working on a writing project, be it my novel, or ...

Achuta, galaxy travelers. It's me again, and this time we have a doozy of a person to talk about today. His name is Darth Arkous. His isn't the most friendly of people either. In fact, I could be risking my life just talking about him. But I've never been the kind of girl to turn down a good fight unless you want to count that time in primary school where Sillara Jinks pulled on my tchin really hard. I will get her back some day. Anyway, let’s talk about Darth Arkous.

Right now, this pureblood Sith sits on the Dark Council as the head of Imperial Military Offense. That’s right folks, if you’re one of them Pubbies, he’s the one in charge of attacking you. Of course, he’s not the one who sat in that seat when this war began. That was Darth Vengean, who was replaced by Darth Baras, who was replaced by Darth Arho, who was replaced by Darth Arkous. Pro tip: If someone says that you’d be perfect for the job of Head of Military Offense, run the other way. That position is riddled corpses. This ain’t a threat against Reb Arkous, but if history serves, he's probably going to die an untimely death by the hand of another Imp.

At any rate, we should probably answer the all important question this week: Who the kark is Darth Arkous?

This week we are featuring the artist Mojo Jojo, known in-game by the alias Xei or N'alaa, presently residing on The Ebon Hawk server.

What we really like about this artist is her distinctive use of colour and shape and like many of those artists we all love and adore. There is something animated and almost alive about her artwork. We asked her about her motivations when it comes to her SWTOR fan art, and she had this to say about Star Wars:

"The first movie I actually remember sitting down and watching with my parents was Return of the Jedi. Since that day, Star Wars opened my mind to a world of mysticism, technology and wonder. A place where heroes live and breathe and there is a war between good and evil that we can't always discern in black and white terms."

And when looking at her artwork, we think the following piece stands out:
JadeEclypse Considering three of these are commissions of mine I'm notably biased... however... Jo is an absolutely *fantastic* arti ...

Want to see what the finest beautiful men and women the Hutt Moon has to offer? Want to have a whirlwind of a time with great company and good booze? Feel like chilling out and just having the time of your life? Well then this is totally the event for you! 

Read more here.

This will be the third annual competition, hosted by Vaanthe whereby both men and women will be competing for their respective titles as Mister and Miss Nar Shaddaa, so don't miss out. It is sure to be a blast!

Take a look at last year's winners below:

Truly Cosmo - Miss Nar Shaddaa
Matthyas- Mister Nar Shaddaa

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, there is still time boys and girls! So put your credits where your mouth is and see what you can do to sponsor your product with the most widely anticipated event of the year!
User Story of my bloody life, missing out on the glamour life. I will take refuge in wisdom (old age with nothing better to l ...
Vaanthe a ((Thank you for the article!))
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