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You're a Master Jedi, the leader of Havoc Squad, a Darth and member of the Dark Coucil, you're the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter and most slippery scoundrel. What else could there possibly be left to do? Make your Darth and Master Jedi more awesome, that's what! 

The Old Republic is filled with end-game content to assist with the awesome making. All those basic commendations you've acquired throughout your travels which have granted you full 186-tiered gear isn't enough, so you have to start earning elite and ultimate comms to make you powerful enough to rule the galaxy! 

We have dailies and weeklies, most of which grant you the commendations required to help you level up. We have Hard-Mode Flashpoints and Operations with different boss mechanics to keep you guessing and moving away from all those bad-coloured circles.

If you could pick a favourite and most enjoyable Flashpoint, Operation, or daily mission, which would it be? The Dread Palace? Korriban and Tython? What about Manaan and that feeling of nostalgia when the KOTOR music starts playing? Let us know in the comments section below!

psduckie My favorite would have to be Explosive Conflict. My least favorite are Lost Island, Blood Hunt, and Battle of Rishi.
Kaerex/Daiskel/Shaiso'grim Siege of Kaon! Nothing says fun like being attacked by hordes and hordes of 'zombies' all in a Left 4 Dead style manner!

The Seelund Trade Cartel is a shadowy, galaxy spanning criminal outfit under the control of the dynastic Seelund Family, headquartered on the Republic world of Corellia. From the corporate headquarters of the Seelund Trading Company in Axial Park, the Family draws income from smuggling, racketeering, narcotics, mercenary wet-work, gambling, and data brokering operations from Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa and beyond. 

“Okay, so you’re the new guy eh? Sit down, have a drink. New guys always got questions, and there ain’t no better place to answer them than over some Whyren’s whiskey. Yah, that’s right, the good stuff. The Family never skimps on alcohol, even for us street-guys.”

“You want to know about the Family? That’s easy. Starts where most stories on Corellia start - with a ship. Now the Seelunds, the blood family, they go way back. Been on Corellia since the founding. Some of their people helped map the Corellian Run hyperlane. Few of ‘em got into CEC before it went big. Anyways, they ended up with a pile of money, and decided to go into the shipbuilding business themselves. Which was fine for awhile, but it wasn’t big action, know what I’m sayin'?”

“So round about eight hundred and fifty years ago, along comes a guy, Sair Seelund. Inherits the Family business and says to himself - “I can do a hell of a lot better than this, right?” So he starts telling his people to build custom ships for special clients. You know the kind I mean; fast ships, hard to track, plenty of extra space for cargo where sensors can’t trace. Well, Sair starts selling these ships, and the credits roll in like nobody’s business. He’s suddenly rubbin’ elbows with all kinds of interesting people. Word of mouth gets around, and he’s got clients lined up from the Cartels, the Trade Houses, all kinds of independents too. Sure, he’s gotta pay off a CorSec guy here and a judge there, but after awhile, he’s got a stable of 'em in his pocket. Even made himself a friend in the Senate. Business. Is. Boomin’.”

Read the rest of this post...

One of our proudest features here on SWTOR-RP is our wiki. The SWTOR-RP wiki houses countless entries and stories of your characters, ships, guilds, other organisations, and player-created lore. The wiki features its own wiki article generator for those, like myself, who are slightly wiki code illiterate. 

We have been without a wiki editor for some time, but now, Bayel has stepped up and has taken over the wiki as our newest wiki editor! Watch out spam and poorly-formatted articles: Bayel is our newest knight and protector of peace and justice in the world of the SWTOR-RP wiki!

Bayel has been roleplaying for over fifteen years and has been gaming since his first Atari console in the 1980s. He grew up as a Star Wars fan with The Empire Strikes Back as his favourite of the saga, and he boasts much love for the under-appreciated B-Wing starfighter. 

He has been playing The Old Republic since beta, and can be found on the Republic side levelling up his soon-to-be Togruta Jedi Sage, Jatrisk

"I hope to take my love and knowledge of Star Wars and TOR lore to keep the wiki active and fresh for our members as well as free of spam. Feel free to message me in game or on site for wiki assistance any time!"

Bayel can be contacted here on SWTOR-RP as TheNerdlyKnight. If you need help with the wiki, he's your man! Please make him feel welcome. 

Aéla Dasvarat Bayel! It's always inspiring to see someone step up to the plate, especially when it involves a daunting task. I wish yo ...
TheNerdlyKnight Glad to be here and apart of the team!

The weekend was about as crazy as The Emperor himself! Jam-packed with crazy! The Force Awakens teaser, Battlefront trailerRebels trailerRogue One information, but more specifically to us here, information on what's to come to The Old Republic

BioWare thought themselves smart by tricking us into believing the image above was just an image. The tagline reads, "Hidden away in the dark of the galaxy, remained a secret." Part of that hidden secret has been broken. The image was a zip file which revealed another concept image of a throne room in space, with an Imperial armada in the background. The image has the hashtag #FallenEmpire with the date 6.15.15. More story for us to explore in the coming months!

During the Anaheim Cantina Tour, we dissected some information about Game Update 3.2 and what's to come beyond the update. What we know is that 3.2 is called Rise of the Emperor. Ziost will be introduced as a visitable planet, we meet the militaristic Jedi called The Sixth Line, Outfit Designer makes its way to the game, and travel options become much easier. On Star Wars Day (uppercut yourself if you don't know the date), we get 12x class story XP. It's said to be around for a while with no end date. Additionally, if you're a fan of Yavin, you get to call it your new home because a Stronghold is being added for Yavin. Call the ewoks over because we're having a house party!

The developers answered some questions about what else is to come. The only other feature confirmed for a future release is Togruta as a playable species. Wookiees were asked about, and it's on their wall of crazy. If you remember, guild capital ships were once on that wall, and now we have them. Don't say it's not possible! The only deterrent to Wookiees is voice overs. Not so much fun. 

Continue below to view the concept image of #FallenEmpire. Head on over to Dulfy for the cantina tour breakdown and images from the tour flash drive

Thinking about it, economics is oddly a very big part of roleplay. Credits have to come from somewhere, right? Credits make the worlds go round: get you food, fuel for your speeder, your battleship or whatever it is you choose to zoom about in. What about those cool new threads your character walks into a bar with? Or the fancy new dungeon your Sith Lord just purchased; no questions asked naturally. Even Jedi need credits, right? 

Maybe your guild has a wine business? Or you sell less savoury products? Weapons, spice, men, women... Perhaps you're a cog in the machine. War makes money afterall. 

Who or what do you think of when you think about credits in Star Wars? One obvious group of people, peoples uh... aliens would naturally be the Cartels typically known to be run by our favourite and ill-mannered space slug friends the Huttese peoples. One such example would naturally be Jabba, of course. Who else? 

But what about something... someone a little closer to the timeframe we here at SWTOR play in? Ever heard of the Hutt Kabbura? If you have played the game then of course you have! That or you don't remember, but we are not that fussed about space slugs either, so we don't blame you (we're kidding... we're kidding. Hutts are awesome! More awesome than quasars or supernovae and so on and so on).

This interesting Hutt had the fortunate luck to run the HoloNet! Yeah you read it right. In the Network Access sector, he and a filthy human Imperial named Major Damarus maintained the 'integrity' of the HoloNet in that sector. That's a pretty big deal!

But how do you get your credits?

Aéla Dasvarat Great article, Keraal! Aéla takes a small percentage of the revenue generated from her shows and also through her empl ...
Saeris Kal A stipend from her parents. It's all hush-hush but Saeris has been getting her parents money from the time she left home ...
Alen A request made to the Order's treasurers, usually, maintained through generous donations. And sometimes, we come across ...

It's that time of the week again folks for another Community Spotlight, focusing on the comings and goings of fellow roleplayers from server to server. We figure it would be fun, if not interesting to spotlight a guide looking at portions of Star Wars lore perhaps less well known; not saber combat as with last week, but another culture featured somewhere within the depths of these forums by the player Yanara. Check it out here and see what you think. Do you want to study Nouanese culture? Or maybe you're just interested. 

"Nouane was a planet located in the Nouane system of the Inner Rim. It served as the capital world of the eponymous Allied Region Nouane, a semi-independent government of 212 star systems that was one of countless mini-empires during the early days of the Galactic Republic. Though isolated, Nouane had a strong presence in the early Republic—Nouanese ministers could be found on worlds throughout the galactic government, and Nouane's libraries attracted many philosophers and artists from the Core Worlds."

During the beginning stages of the Republic's Rimward expansions, as early as c. 25,000 to 22,000 BBY, Nouane was an isolated—yet known—world surrounded by unexplored space. Despite its remoteness, the planet Nouane was home to an elegant civilization that maintained libraries which drew philosophers and artists from the Core Worlds. The planet was renowned for its statecraft, and its ministers held considerable power on various worlds throughout the Republic. During the Alsakan Conflicts between Coruscant and Alsakan, Nouane was located on a hyperlane under Alsakan control."

 Read on, you can find the original post here. Comment below if you have any interesting insights to add. 

Aéla Dasvarat This is an excellent guide and very well presented! Yana has done a cracking job. She was also kind enough to liase wit ...

Fair and Balanced

The Empire is flawed. The Empire has many weaknesses that it keeps repeating. It has lost many of its true ways through a thousand years of mistakes. The Bureau of Research is here for the purpose of finding those miniscule mistakes; to break the pattern, to correct the errors that may be found in the just and righteous Empire. Our researchers, scientists, and ritualists look and find true power. They break all limits in the field of knowledge. Every technology will be mastered, every ritual will serve the Empire, every research will contribute to our brave men and women in the forces and will lead us towards a brighter future.

The Bureau of Research was born from this simple concept: repeating past mistakes will destroy the future. The founders of our organisation have been a part of much of the Empire's work and the mistakes that have been in the past. They have seen pointless fights, they have seen those few Sith that fought amongst themselves rather than the enemies of the Empire and seen the damage they have done towards the just cause of the civilized Empire.

The Bureau of Research founders sought for this reason the blessing of the Dark Council and was instructed by the Council's wisdom to create a place for order and knowledge, a bastion where the traditions of the Empire are revered, sought out, and rediscovered where they might otherwise have been lost.
The goal for the Bureau is not merely research. It is to give the empire the means to success, for only through this can the galaxy ever hope to achieve any form of lasting peace.

Should you be amongst the brave souls wishing to find a home amongst the best in the Empire, should you be amongst those desiring to better the galaxy, then the Bureau is the home for you. We have room for all those who have talent and a drive.

Join The Future. Join the Bureau of Research.

The opinions expressed in this article does not reflect the opinions of the Galactic News Network.


The Bureau of Research is a relatively large guild with a friendly atmosphere. You can learn more about the guild here. Should you desire an IC article with a spotlight for your guild, you can drop the author of the article a PM here.

Confirmed as part of Game Update 3.2, coming to our HoloMonitors on April 28th, is the Imperial-aligned world of Ziost. Why Ziost, you ask? Because that's where the game's story takes us. If you have not played Shadow of Revan and do not want the game's story spoiled, look away! But I would suggest you keep reading, because this a Hutt's gutful of awesome. That's a lot of awesome. 

The class story of the Jedi Knight in The Old Republic is by far my favourite. In my Force Vision-filled opinion, it is the Knight's story that would make up the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, if it were to have happened. Sad face that it didn't. But I digress. In the class's story, you face the immortal Emperor, who apparently you kill, but not really. We learn this during Shadow of Revan where we discover that the Emperor has returned and has taken an ethereal state. Our actions in the game have caused naughty Revan (that's what we're calling him, because he did naughty things) to bring about his return, and what better place to take up residency than Ziost? That's rhetorical. I don't really have an answer. I personally would have gone to Naboo. Better scenery. 

As with all our editions of Roleplayer's Guide to the Galaxy, we're going to give you the 101 on Ziost. The planet was utilised by the Sith way back in the days prior to the Great Hyperspace War. We're talking about 2,500 years prior to the events that take place in TOR. Following the Empire's defeat during the Great Hyperspace War, the planet was abandoned where the Sith took up residency on their new homeworld on Dromund Kaas

Ziost was not forgotten. The Empire's Ministry of Logistics made Ziost its base of operations, and once again, Sith life returned to the planet. The planet was dubbed "Gateway to the Empire." 

We hear about Ziost in the novel Annihilation, where Theron Shan visited the planet as part of an operation. And it looks like he's going to have to go back again to help us battle the return of the Emperor. We may find ourselves working alongside our opposing mega-faction as both Republic and Sith forces agree that the Emperor's wish of absorbing all life in the universe is bad for everyone. 

Ziost is a barren yet icy world with ice-covered mountains. It is found in the Outer Rim Territories which also houses planets Hoth, Belsavis, Voss, Korriban, Tatooine, and Malachor V. 

We look forward to seeing more of Ziost on April 28th when Game Update 3.2 hits the live servers. 

While trawling the forums for inspiration and interesting topics to write about, a post made by another roleplayer called Veloxa really got our attention. It made us think about the days when roleplaying Flashpoints a seemed pretty common place and maybe it still is! So here's a run down of what Veloxa is proposing. Maybe you'd be interested in joining in? The events will be held on The Ebon Hawk, so maybe get in touch and see whether you'd like to get involved: 

"Each week (going to try for Mondays), I'll open a poll with the choice of Flashpoints, one from each level range (low, mid and high). You guys will vote on which one you want to participate in the most (and of course, you're always encouraged to do other FP's as well on your own).

Once the voting has been closed and the FP decided on, we'll gather on the Gav Doragon or Ziost Shadow respectively on the mission deck at a specified time (which I'll set shortly). From there, we'll choose who we want to group with and off we go!"

With the new content in recent months, there seems to be a lot of new and fun-worthy inspiration out there to get the roleplay genious flowing! One such flashpoint is called the False Emperor. A plot featuring the infamous Darth of the name Malgus. Heard about him? If you're new to the game and the lore then maybe not, so let's do a bit of a run-down on what this scary guy is all about. 

A human male, born during the period of the Great Galactic War, was found to be Force sensitive while living within the confides of his adoptive father's estates. During his time as Sith, he partnered and fell in love with his Twi'lek slave Eleena Daru. But most notably, Malgus and his masterMaster Vindican, helped to enact the recapture of the Sith world Korriban. Even leading a successful assault on the Core World of Alderaan.

We won't spoil the plot too much for you, so if you would like to read more, then we fully recommend you take a look at his Wookieepedia page found here

But really, the question this week is: do you still roleplay out the game content? Flashpoints especially. We'd be interested to know!

This week we figured it would be a great idea to follow up our non-forcey guide to smoking in-game with something a little more high sci-fi. Ever wanted to brush up on your knowledge of lightsaber combat? Well, we found the perfect guide for this on the forums. So why don't you check it out here and see what you think? 

The guide itself is written by Iradox, and while we're at it, we really liked the commission Ion did for him. You might as well check out that artistic goodness here, right? Anyways, moving back to the topic at hand: 

"Having found... videos on the various ligthsaber forms, I thought I would take this chance to elaborate a bit on how lightsaber combat works, as displayed in the Star Wars novels.

Firstly, let me address the misconception that many new people seem to have, that there is a separation between at one-hand Force powers and on the other side lightsaber combat, as if one can occur without the other. This is not the case, for whilst the Force can naturally be utilized without a lightsaber, lightsaber combat cannot be properly executed without the Force."

This is just a taster. Visit the post itself to see what you think.

You might see that I felt it prudent to add a little to this myself. Also another roleplayer—Cerberus—mentions an interesting resource that can be found here

Do you have anything else that you think you can add? Why not give the author a shout and let him know. Or, add your comments below! I know a certain Jedi (you know who you are) who might be releasing a very brilliantly in-depth guide in the future and it will certainly make for an interestingly informative read. 

Emoral Heliolite *continues scribbling*
Keraal/Aes (Tel) I should have mentioned, this set of articles posted a few years ago. Have a look if you're interested: http://swtor-rp. ...
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