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The path of a Jedi during their years as an Initiate and Padawan learner is difficult and demanding to say the least. In Parts I, II, and III of The Jedi Path: Teachings of the Jedi Order, we've taken you through some of the activities that an Initiate and Padawan may have to partake in to progress through the ranks. After years of endless training and tutoring by senior peers, a Jedi Padawan must pass the Jedi Trials in order to obtain the rank of Jedi Knight. However, the learning does not end there. In The Jedi Path, a Jedi lore guide written by Daniel Wallace, we learn from the perspective of Grand Master Fae Coven that there are more Knights than any other rank in the Jedi Order, and for good reason. Demands for the services of the Jedi are high, as the Order serves to protect all living beings, especially those aligned with the Galactic Republic. The galaxy is a large place, and crime fills every corner of known space. 

In Part IV of the article miniseries based on Daniel Wallace's novel aimed at students of the Jedi and the Force, we look at the different roles of a Jedi Knight. They are no different to that seen in Knights of the Old Republic, though each role within the rank of Knight is much deeper than how it is depicted in BioWare's RPG. The Jedi Guardian, Jedi Consular, and Jedi Sentinal are very much in existence in Jedi lore, and we now get to find out their true roles and duties within the Jedi Order. Before we get started though, know that the purpose of this article is to serve as a knowledge base for those who wish to take on the role of a Jedi in The Old Republic. Your roleplaying endeavours should be as seamless as a battle droid conveyor belt (when R2 and 3PO aren't getting in the way of things), and if this miniseries helps you do just that, we can yell out in our best Borat impersonation voice, "Success!" 

With Knights of the Fallen Empire coming to a close, BioWare has announced Knights of the Eternal Throne as the next expansion to SWTOR.

Before we get to this, does BioWare having a naming committee for this stuff? First off, Knights of the Fallen Empire didn’t feature the actual Knights of the Fallen Empire as anything more than occasionally significant NPCs. Now we’ve got Knights of the Eternal Throne. I feel like I’ve missed something. Those are two terms for the same group of characters, right? I’d rather they came out straight and named it Star Wars: Heroes of the Alliance. That's who we're following.

My admittedly nitpicky quibbles aside, the last set of expacs took us to some pretty cool places, narratively. BioWare has clearly stepped it up a notch from the original set of expansions.

So where do you think they’re going next? Any predictions for what we might see happening in the next set of chapters? Also, what have the events of KotFE meant to your characters, and are you worried or excited about the prospect of BioWare changing the universe even more?

Flynn Canton A better twist than the one from the recent chapter, really disappointing. As a Republic player I generally miss having ...
Lexi Lambert About as little as expected (and got) from KotFE.
Zemi I expect nothing, just as I did with the current expansion. My only hopes are that they'll consider putting back t...

So it turns out that last time I went galaxy-saving, I not only forgot where all the buttons went, I forgot to put on my adventuring gear. I’m actually glad for the Jediness for once when I pull my flashy level sixty designer Jedi Robes on. It beats wearing the twiddly purple bits BioWare seem to think Sith ought to decorate themselves with. Actually seems like practical armour.

I start off plonked in the middle of a carbonite induced acid trip with the dead Emperor of Architecture rambling at me. He’s oddly sycophantic. I wonder if he and the Republic sergeant from the last chapter have been taking the same classes on interaction with the protagonist.

To be fair, that’s actually a really good survival method.

Do you ever wonder how it is that the Jedi are so ruthless and precise with their strikes, parries, and blows whilst using the unforgiving lightsaber? Not only do the Jedi have access to the almighty Force to anticipate the attack and defence strategies of their foes, but they also have access to the knowledge contained within the forms of lightsaber combat which have been studies for centuries. In Part III of this article miniseries based on the book The Jedi Path, we take you through the lightsaber forms used by both the Jedi and the Sith, as well as touching on sense abilities. We will then conclude the Padawan chapter of the book written for students of the Jedi by taking you through the Jedi Trials – the tests that determine whether a Padawan can be deemed ready for Knighthood within the Jedi Order.

For those of you still getting familiar with Jedi lore, there are six forms of lightsaber combat, each with their own style. Form I, also known as the Determination Form or Way of the Sarlacc, is the first style of lightsaber combat taught to the Jedi Initiates and Padawan learners of the Jedi Order. As previously stated in Part I of The Jedi Path: Teachings of the Jedi Order, Form I aims at the major strike zones of the body, consisting of the right and left sides of the body, as well as the head and legs. Disarming or temporarily incapacitating an enemy is the main aim of Form I. It is when we move onto Form II, also known as Makashi, and the Contention Form or Way of the Ysalamiri, that we begin to move onto the more stylised forms of lightsaber combat. Makashi was predominantly used for lightsaber-on-lightsaber combat. It is the most elegant of the six forms, using light and precise strikes at its opponents. The stance of Makashi consists of having one foot in front of the other in a line, moving forward and back upon this line. Disarming strikes with spins and twirls of the lightsaber are the more natural movements of this form.

Alen/Nayton Poor Niman! At times, it feels as if even the Jedi Order's own materials only grudgingly recommend it.
Introverts and extroverts tend to work in opposite ways. Your typical introvert, locked away in their own world of shyness and independence, will tend to go about their daily business alone. They prefer it that way, as interacting with larger groups just isn't their cup of Jawa juice. Call them your ordinary loner, keeping their head down as they walk through the streets, singing away to themselves like a crazy person. On the contrary, your extrovert cannot get enough of sociality en masse. If a task consists of grouping up with one or more people, your typical extrovert will be there with cow bells on. Perhaps quite literally. And to take the idea of introverts and extroverts a step further by applying them to roleplay, the category to which a person can be assigned to may just determine their style of gameplay. 
In The Old Republic, BioWare have made it clear that the game can be played solo. If your wish is to conquer the game as a lone hero, taking on either the Empire or Galactic Republic with nothing but your trusty side-arm or lightsaber, you can very well do that. However, you'd be missing out on countless amounts of content, including Flashpoints and Operations. Oh, and roleplay. If grouping is what you prefer, you will have the option to take to the streets of Coruscant with your trustiest heroes-in-arms. So for you, what will it be? Are you a solo player? Or are you a groupie, making much use of The Old Republic's LFG (looking for group) feature? This is today's Force Reflection. Be sure to post your answers in the comments section. 
Fidd1er I play a merc on BC, and the way I play is very much solo. Even the guilds I join, I hire myself out to do conquest for...
Kinaya Jikiiti I actually have an addiction to being social. I get anxious and nervous if I am all alone for over 24 hours without any ...
psduckie When I'm not RPing, my favorite part of the game is Operations - and those are not soloable.

We’ve seen a lot of new content from BioWare in the past few months. Since the initial nine chapters were released with Knights of the Fallen Empire, we’ve seen six more chapters of content released individually. Since by now, most people who are going to play it have already played through it, and are therefore spoiler-immune, I thought it might be time for a review of where the expansion has taken us, so, here’s How Not to Save the Galaxy.

Yes, there will be spoilers. I’m going to spoil just about as much as I possibly can.

Arcanum Darth Marr is what'd happen if middle-aged Count Dooku really hit the weights and muscle powder. RIP.
Lexi Lambert Heh, I liked this, and found my experience to be pretty similar, especially regarding the nice environment we only visit...

Welcome to the second edition of The Jedi Path: Teachings of the Jedi Order. In this article mini-series, we leech onto the knowledge and lore contained with Daniel Wallace's book, The Jedi Path. In Part I, we focused briefly on the Jedi Code, but we went into detail with some of the lore surrounding the teachings and day-to-day activities of a Jedi Initiate. In Part II, we take you through the lessons and requirements of a Jedi taken as a Padawan by a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. The path is difficult, and it requires much patience. However, a successful apprenticeship will eventually take a Jedi Padawan to the Jedi Trials where the title of Jedi Knight could be granted. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Let's take a look at what being a Jedi Padawan is all about.

Most Jedi Initiates will be deemed ready for an apprenticeship at around the humanoid age of twelve to fourteen standard years. After passing the Initiate Trials which was outlined in Part I of the miniseries, Jedi Initiates can increase their chances of being chosen by a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master for an apprenticeship by participating in the Apprentice Tournament. The tournament consists of lightsaber contests which are viewed by the Knights and Masters of the Order as they scope out potential Padawan learners. At times, the tournament consists of free-for-all contests, as well as battles in a zero-g chamber.

Jedi Recruiter Morrit Ch-Gally informs the students of the Jedi – the targeted audience for the book – that the most significant aspect of a Jedi Padawan's newly acquired status is the Padawan braid. The braid consists of a strand of hair behind either the left or right ear, which may one day be removed once a Jedi reaches Knighthood. Not all species have hair, however, much like the Togruta. Other options are available to Padawans, such as woven beads or braids behind the ears, wrist, neck, or horn.

Nikodema Ayyin I do hope that people bear in mind that this book is supposed to have been made after the Ruusan Reformation, and conseq...
Wyrmsfire I have this book, and let me tell you, I really like it. I will be RPing my Jedi Knight according to many of the aspects...
JaminH After a few years, thats when your expected to alter your initial lightsaber? Are you guys gonna RP that a lengthy time ...

As roleplayers, we all like to be unique. We want our characters to be different form every other character out there. A good roleplayer knows, however, that taking inspiration from existing tropes and archetypes is not necessarily a bad thing when designing a character. Even the original Star Wars was heavily influenced by the Hero's Journey, and Luke Skywalker wasn't the first farm boy with dreams of a greater destiny. In fact, sometimes using archetypes can help connect the potential audience to the character. Don't be afraid to borrow bits and pieces of existing Star Wars characters for your character in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Today, we want to know which character from the Star Wars universe has the most influence on your character. Is your toon a smuggler who picked suave tips from Lando Calrissian? Maybe he is an angsty youth taking influence from Anakin Skywalker. Or you could be like me and take a bit of influence from Princess Leia -- a stubborn, driven woman with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Which character most influences your character? How is he or she the same and how is he or she different from the source?
[header art by Ryan Dunlavey]
Serithis I do have some slight influence from Darth Maul, a bit from Darth Sidious and Darth Bane, as well as Darth Jadus. But th...
Sendra I agree that a good archetype can help inspire more depth to a character and suggest themes, directions, even idiosyncra...
Slaith My smuggler resembles, go figure, Solo. However, I'm extremely infatuated with the Firefly characters, particu...
The Dark Side
Come closer, young one. Let me have a look at you. Yes! I can see it in your eyes; a glint of strength, of determination and willpower. This strength of spirit, this drive, will be a great asset to your order. And yet think on what you might become. Your masters hold you back, too cautious, too…afraid. A noble sentiment, but misguided. All it takes is for you to learn a little more – and listen closely. Please, sit.
Who I am is of little importance. My time has passed. All I now seek to do is enlighten the young, to instruct them in a few simple things. No doubt your teachers have told you of the allure of the Dark Side, and of its weakness, and of a hundred other things that are useless in serving the galaxy. The Dark Side should be feared – feared for its power! And with that power, you could remake worlds, bring justice across a thousand systems, and more.
I see that I have your attention. The Dark Side of the Force has been eternal. Some have called it Bogan, others Will, still others have spoken of dark gods or ancient slumbering entities. It all derives from the same source. The Force is, according to Jedi orthodoxy, an energy field created by all living things and simultaneously the will of galaxy, the underlying cosmic force. This is the Living Force and Unifying Force. This narrow-minded schema has no place for the Dark Side, save to dismiss it as a corruption.

You’re watching the Spire Network

This is Starwire News and I’m your host, Lily Serel, with the latest headlines from Hutt Space this afternoon.

In sports ... are the up-and-coming Huttball team Mynlizards already set for disaster? Representatives from the reigning Frog-Dogs and Rotworms are claiming damages after multiple Mynlizard players were apprehended by Cartel Security in a shootout in the upper Corellian sector over, quote, “a dispute regarding team colour similarities”. We attempted to approach the Mynlizard manager for his comments, but discovered he had been found dead, tragically killed in an unrelated traffic incident. Cartel Security has yet to comment.

Next up in business news, I hope you’ll join me after the break as we welcome Dr. Zara Anoleis of the Zakuulan Bureau of Social Harmony to the sofa to talk about financial uncertainty in the wake of recent events as many stock markets grow nervous about assets based on Zakuulan stability.

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