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We've all seen the trends. A new flavor of the month game, MMO, sandbox, whatever you want to call it, is released and it's the next best thing. Kind of like when a new car makes its way onto a dealer lot and everyone has to have them. But the problem is, within a year, two years, you can't hardly find those cars any more, or many, like the infamous PT Cruiser, become relics before their time.

MMOs are often just like that. Promising new adventures, new genres, new focuses, raids, crafts, houses, species, specialties. But for roleplayers, sometimes that focus is dropped a little. Games take priority with things like raiding and PvE, and it can sometimes leave your most die-hard roleplayer feeling a little lackluster with all the new and shiny things. But sometimes, roleplayers are like me: they enjoy the story almost as much as the game itself, and the two come together to enhance the experience.

For whatever reason, we're all drawn to different games and different genres, and a lot of us are willing to try new things, see if they're worth playing, but a lot of us keeping coming back to one thing we've found, loved, and hang onto for when that 'new' and shiny thing isn't all we thought it was.

So what is it that keeps you here with TOR? What is it that still makes it better and more entertaining to you than the others? Or are you a multi-game playing fanatic?

Shant'al Playing SWTOR because a: it is Star Wars, b: it is one of the few decent MMOs around. Though I enjoy the PVE and a littl...
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook As much as I love my main character (Mishkalantia on Ebon Hawk Server), my friends I've made since playing this gam...
TheScythe The Thorns

A Broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good day and welcome back, loyal viewers, to our weekly broadcast.

Unfortunately, despite last week’s message, we received no productive outreaches to pursue. I am disappointed, but undeterred I shall continue my educational tour of the Core, today exploring the troubled world of Corellia. In my previous discourse with members of the Galactic Republic, this was touted as a world that was supposed to be a shining example of their success. Popular tourist destinations in mountain retreats, famous golden beaches and a sprawling capital city famed for excellence in engineering.

I was impressed by the historical records, but I was greatly disappointed – once again – when the modern reality became apparent. The implications of democracy are generally that the will of the people is the power by which the governing councils are given their right to rule; yet here we are today, with Coronet City in ruins after a greedy grasp for power, inviting the Republic’s sworn enemy into their midst with an open hand and waggling wallet, praying ineptly that their loyal constituents would allow a bloodless revolution while they profited from their craven betrayal.

SWTOR developers Alexander Freed and Charles Boyd played host for the January livestream on Twitch, and they discussed aspects of the Fallen Empire story, as well as what's yet to come in the next chapters. 

Promotion for the next installment of Fallen Empire has begun, and we've been shown images of a character known as Firebrand, now revealed as Kaliyo who is one of the Imperial Agent's companion characters. Alexander Freed describes her as manipulative and a people user, and light side users may have some trouble handling her fiery edge. She makes her way into our story in the next chapter, but when are we going to see other companions return?

The Jedi Knights out there are wondering what's happened to Kira, and Sith Warriors may be in search of Vette. In the livestream, it was mentioned that the team are looking at having companions return to us with some significance, and not just re-appearing as the same ol' characters. 

For today's Friday Focus, tell us which companions you're wanting to see most and why. 

Kiyosa Andronikos. I honestly don't care about anyone else.
Gwantchik Blizz, all the way Blizz.
Dulleesh Akaavi, Gault and Temple.

Game Update 4.0 brought upon many changes for players of The Old Republic. We have a new epic story, new characters, and a new level cap. The latter also coincides with armor and weapon rating increases which are now over the 200 mark. What we lacked was the ability to craft top-end gear, but soon, that's going to change. 

Game Update 4.1 will introduce changes to crafting which will allow players to craft new goodies for players with ratings at the top-end of the scale. New armors, weapons, and other attachments are being added, as well as a new tier in missions. Grade 9 missions are being added so that we can gather what we need to craft armor and weapons epic enough to make Arcann shake in his shiny boots. 

A developer post by Eric Musco details all the changes. Read up on it here to see how your character's chosen field of expertise is being affected. 

A broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

A warm welcome back to our loyal viewers. Today, I have decided to alter my approach. I am not blind to the resentment many hold for the Eternal Empire – we were not gentle in our initial approach, and the victors of a three-way war were never going to be the friends of the others. Understand now, though, that such an attitude lacks longevity, it lacks logical support; this is the theme for my broadcast. I have focused on individual planets, and tried to explain in what way they presented evidence to support my claims and to denounce those of more unscrupulous parties. Indeed, some of these parties are even beginning violent opposition.

I have little to say on the topic of rebellion, only that anyone can thrash against change – but it takes strength and an open mind to lay down your weapon and embrace it for what it is; a chance to better oneself, be it an individual or a nation. Only the weak and the foolish deign to live in denial. Today, I will rise to my own expectations. I intend to open my hand and my mind to you all.

In my time I have studied many subjects. My life has been one of reason and thought. If there are any out there in this galaxy who believe – in their hearts, after thinking outside the shell of post-war chagrin – their ways, be it by governance or philosophy, have truly proven themselves a better force for the prosperity of their people than the ways of Zakuul, I offer an invitation. I want to know what it is for which you protest. Whether you are, indeed, thrashing against change for the sake of thrashing, or whether there is a glimmer of reason beneath it. Why, perhaps, you strangle your own economies with a petty war when you are already pressured by a harsh treaty of armistice.

Harbinger *Engages her lightsabers* The Sith will never yield to you! Peace is a lie...there is only passion! Through passion I ...

Stop sinking Corellian ale, holster those blasters, and get yourselves out of those cantinas! Party time is over! It's a new year and time to set your sights on making the most of 2016!

Last year, we saw some amazing things happen in the world of The Old Republic. We received Rise of the Emperor, Fallen Empire, and now we've got plenty of new gear, new combat animations and abilities. But with all the new goodies, there's still plenty to come; from BioWare and from us, the players. 

There is always something to do in MMOs, and SWTOR is no different, especially in the world of roleplay. BioWare creates content, but roleplayers create stories. The worlds we have are massive, but the stories we create can be even bigger. 

For twenty-sixteen's first Friday Focus, we'd like to know what your ambitions are for The Old Republic. What do you hope to achieve in the game this year? Let us know in the comments section below!
Emoral Heliolite I've two foremost ambitions this year with respect to RP in SW:TOR: - The first is, very simply, to RP. The Lost P...
TheScythe I want to try these Pies Granny Olsen makes that everyone seems to be talking about.
Tammy Elissa Complete destruction of Nar Shaddaa, Perma death for "Darth Valdes", Vaylin romance, Arcann receives D...

Freedom. Liberty. Safety. Peace. Justice. These were, are, and always will be the moralistic visions of the Galactic Republic. However, we now share this vision with our former adversaries, the Sith Empire. We are now the Allied Forces, and we fight a war to return liberty to our galaxy, free from the clutches of the invasive and aggressive Eternal Empire

The Eternal Empire has threatened our way of life, our way of living. They have ripped away all that we cherish in the name of justice. We say, what an absolute perverse meaning of justice. 

Our galactic economy has been drowned by the Eternal Empire, and any activity we deem normal is deemed criminal by the Eternal Empire. They monitor our activity with their orbital Star Fortresses, but not for much longer. 

The news networks of the Allied Forces have received news and images of Star Fortresses being obliterated from the skies above many of our beloved planets. Slowly but steadily, the clutches of the Eternal Empire are beginning to diminish. 

The Allied Forces have begun their push. And push we will until we see the galaxy rid of this barbaric Empire. 

Scrambled ident-code | CBNS

A Broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Greetings to all our loyal viewers – I am back from my unfortunately close brush with the very long-ignored problems I am dedicating my life to thrusting into the limelight, stronger than ever in my purpose.  Even our unpleasant experiences are lessons to learn from, nonetheless, as my colleague in our last broadcast astutely demonstrated.

Today I have elected to choose a destination in the so-called “neutral” areas of space – notorious for considerable infestation by such organised strings of crime lords and conglomerates of pirates as to be touted as a scum-filled factions of their own. One of the most notorious destinations is the world of Nar Shaddaa – or as it is appropriately nicknamed, the “Smuggler’s Moon.” Yes, you heard right – a moon not only known to be a hive of criminal practice, but proudly named after one of said practices.

Happy new year to every human, cyborg, chiss, iridonian, wookiee, nautolan, cathar, miraluka, twi'lek, ewok and gungan out there! SWTOR-RP hopes your festive season was full of cantina crawls (without the brawls). 

The news feed here at SWTOR-RP kicks off today, Monday the 11th of January, and before we huddle down for another year of madness, we're opening up recruitment for our members to join our news team. 

Each and every day, the reporters at SWTOR-RP provide the roleplaying community of The Old Republic with fresh new reading content in the form of in-character articles and codex entries, columns, our weekly Friday Focus, and the latest SWTOR news. 

If you're looking for something more and want to utilise and express your creative edge, fill in an application and join the team!

As the Editor-in-chief at SWTOR-RP, I'm always looking to add to the talented group of people that currently make up the Reporting team. They each add their own flavour and style of writing, and your own unique and imaginative abilities could be added to that team. I simply ask that if you're a motivated individual with a sound knowledge of Star Wars lore and possess the ability to write constructively and creatively, you take the time to submit a staff application

Happy 2016!

It has become tradition here at SWTOR-RP to take a moment at the end of the calender year to peer into the Force and reflect on all things SWTOR-RP, The Old Republic, and Star WarsWe take this moment to show our appreciation for our writers here at SWTOR-RP, our appreciation for the work of the SWTOR developers, and most importantly, we applaud the genius work of Disney, Lucasfilm, J.J Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan for bringing life back to a world which we all cherish so deeply. 

The Force Awakens was something we dreamed about last year, but now, most of us have gone to our local cinemas to watch this epic next edition to our beloved saga multiple times. If you've only seen it once, Force choke yourself because you're doing yourself a disservice. I guess not everyone will be in agreeance that the film is great, but like most stories that are canon, no matter what era in the timeline of Star Wars, they all provide influence and motivation for our roleplaying endeavours in our own galaxy far, far away. 

Motivation for roleplay is something we strive for. We are, after all, the self-proclaimed roleplaying hub for The Old Republic. Our members hit our forums daily to share their ideas and stories, and our writers work each week to provide stories, guides, and news for entertainment purposes, and to assist their fellow players in achieving the most they can out of roleplay in SWTOR

Continue below as we highlight the columns and articles of 2015, and give thanks to writers of old and to the new for their thankless efforts throughout the year. 

The writing team is currently on a holiday break and will be back on the 11th of January for another year of madness. 

Alen Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you considered writing something? Write about that thing you know about, or that thing you like...
Viskan Welcome to the new writers, and thanks to all who have been filling up the front page this year. Lovely work.
Paloma Thanks to everyone who make this site possible! Have a blast to welcome the new year! xox
TOR News
BioWare and Lucasfilm today announced the release of the next chapter in the episodic expansion story, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ - Knights of the Fallen Empire.
Published Jan 7, 2016
Build your Alliance in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and share your most exciting gameplay moments for a chance to win awesome prizes from BioWare and NVIDIA!
Published Dec 21, 2015
Celebrate the Fourth Anniversary for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ with exciting new rewards, including your own HK-51 Assassin Droid Statue!
Published Dec 4, 2015
When we began development on Knights of the Fallen Empire, we really wanted to bring to the forefront what has always made STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ great -- story.
Published Oct 27, 2015
Become the Outlander at the center of an evolving story where your choices determine the fate of the galaxy
Published Oct 27, 2015
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