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The galactic war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire rages on. It appeared for a short time that a small contingent of Republic and Sith forces joined together to combat the Revanites, but sources indicate that it may have only been temporary with large numbers of opposing forces seen battling it out across multiple locations around the known galaxy. 

One such battle was fought at what we believe to be the Jedi homeworld. 

Though the Jedi keep their business to themselves, information has been leaked about an attack by Sith forces upon the Jedi homeworld in the Deep Core. However, Republic officials have placed an embargo on sharing any further details about the attack in order to maintain secrecy of ongoing operations. 

What we can reveal is that the Jedi and their Order are safe, and we've been told that the Republic has not been without its own victories against Sith forces. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
[Invastion of Tython]

In April, we might as well stop the presses because most of us will have our heads in Star Wars: The Old Republic experiencing many of the new and pretty cool things that will be coming our way with Update 3.2. Two of those will be expanding our roleplaying stories across the board. 

The first is the confirmation on the addition of the Togruta. This exciting new species has been an under recognized staple within the Star Wars galaxy for some time now. The Togruta are a tribal people who have learned to work together to ensure their survival. They are skilled warriors whose deeply spiritual connection tends to keep shoes off their feet. Like Twi'leks, they have lekku, but they also have the addition of montrals which are the hollow hords atop their heads. These horns are designed for echolocation, which allow Togruta to sense the physical world (or galaxy) around them. 

The second exciting addition is that of Ziost: "The Gateway to the Empire." Ziost is incredibly important to the trade that funds and supports the Empire and is an important (albiet improbable) target for the Galactic Republic. It's a progressive addition to the storyline that will impact many Imperial and military-leaning characters (maybe even a couple freelancers). The question that remains is how Ziost will open up for us. With the current timeline, we're due to see some of Theron Shan's thrilling heroics. 

Our galaxy continues to expland and the storyline of the game continues to press forward, adding interesting new situations (and characters) to our personal and guild storylines. For many, plans are already in the works for missions to Ziost, and a new host of characters that add a bit more depth to our worlds. I know that I am playing with the idea of a Togruta! 

Max n' Tyrrell! Cathar and Togruta, but still no Wookiee ...
Jedi-at-heart My RP character is a Togruta already, but in game I've had to make her a Twi'lek for now. So yay! ...

Last time, Obi-Wan and Asajj Ventress were forced into retreat by Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress. Now, we turn our view to the pirate haven of Florum, where Maul and Opress are practicing the fine art of aggressive negotiations to gain a gang of minions. Obi-Wan and a new companion, Jedi Master Adi Gallia, arrives on the scene and the fight commences! Here is my analysis of the resulting combat.

HoloNet News Network's editorial staff is regretibly standing in this week. Last week's The Quick Fix article will stand alone in that it was the last words that we recieved from our columnist, Poy'shiri. 

We have been notified that one of her bounties was claimed in the city of Vakeyya on the planet Socorro. We have learned from witnesses that the bounty hunters who claimed the bounty did not survive their hit. These witnesses inform us that a man identified as a lover, killed the bounty hunters responsible for the death of Poy'shiri. 

The credits of the bounty have been paid out to their families. 

While we will miss the spunk of Poy'shiri, please stay tuned for This Socorran Life with Nahid Serovis starting next week in this slot. 

Editorial Staff | HoloNet News Network

Max n' Tyrrell! Max clicks his teeth together as he reads over the latest news. He shakes his head and turns off the feed, "Well kr ...
Nasca Gonna miss her. :c

Often times in the development of our characters, we find that as much as we love our groups, guilds and friends, sometimes the characters that we fall in love with and create, don't play well with others. This happens for any variety of reasons that is not limited to childhood trauma, strong senses of independence, mental illness, PTSD, survivalist mentality, or just a lack of communication skills. 

There's one of these characters in every guild, and in every group. Without them, the galaxy is a sad place without much depth. But with them, even simple tasks can become difficult. Different guilds and different groups are all accepting of these lone-wolf characters to different degrees. Some stories require a cohesive unit in order for the tasks to be met. And some stories rely on that lone-wolf, depending on the reason for the difficult characteristics. 

In this Friday Feature, we're curious about lone-wolf characters. Do you play one? If so, how do you delve in to the roleplay community? If not, do you interact with them? How does your character feel about them? And why is that these characters are lone-wolves? 

Cruallassar I've roleplayed lone wolves before...including right now, but he isn't in SWTOR. It is quite difficult. Interact with th ...
Bronsons My bounty hunter character is very much a lone wolf. A total narcissist, he's in his own world where the only people tha ...
Social Satire I RP both a lone wolf-type character (Kaerex) along with someone who's a bit more social (Shaiso'grim). As for how Kaere ...

This week we wish to feature an annually recurring event known as Fight Night taking place on the hutt moon! It's always fun, and as a regular attendant of this fanfare, I can certainly attest to the delightful joy that it is since it's original conception on the Progenitor server years ago. The event is hosted mainly by the Red Rose Synidcate on the 7th of March at 20:00 GMT on The Progenitor. Be there or uh... be somewhere else... but this is sure to be a blast!

"Well hello there! Welcome, welcome! Take a load off and have a seat. You might be in for a long read! Thanks for stopping by, we hope at the end of this post you'll be super excited. You see in an effort spread Underworld RP especially on Nar Shaddaa, the Red Rose Syndicate are honored to once again host a prize-fighting Fight Club-esque Fight Night. We feel that this our chance to showcase the grittiness of the Underworld. You, the Roleplayer, will have the chance to experience the grotesqueness of it all in the savage bowels of the Smuggler's Moon. We hope by doing this we try to break away from the raving dance parties, the black markets and the bazaars.

Well ok, you sound like you've done this before. Hell, what the heck is Fight Night anyway?

I'm glad you asked! Some of you may remember once upon a time when we hosted Fight Night for the server. Back in those days, Fight Night was our vehicle for the Progenitor to experience RP in the lower levels. The concept wasn't that foreign to anyone. Most of us who had seen the movie Fight Club, could almost call the concept of this event a parody of the movie. The only thing absent was the effort to try and blow up buildings, create an underground society, and call it project Mayhem. (Audience: Awwww!) Anyone of any nature was and is open to participate so long as they are willing to follow the IC/OOC rules. This allows for smooth RP and does not hamper upon the RP of others. After all folks, at the end of the day we're all looking to have fun right?"

The winner of the night will also get a free portrait created by the talented artist, Ion! So... the question is are you tough enough to do what it takes to win? Well? Are you?

Interested? Read more here to see how you could take part!

Bronsons Sounds delightful. I might just pop in.
Dária Terrik Like in previous editions, Clan Terrik will be playing Security in the event, cheering the brave fighters and helping en ...
Vereorcus I think some rules are being broken here.

The fanatical secret organisation known as the Revanites, or the Order of Revan, once kept to themselves. Only members of the cult and very few outsiders knew of their existence and inner-workings. Separating themselves from Imperial hierarchy, the Revanites submitted themselves to their own teachings, devoting themselves to the ways of once Galactic Republic hero Revan. 

Over time, their numbers and strength grew, making themselves formidable opponents, even to the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. This truly came to fruition when news first began circulating that Revan had returned from the dead. 

The Republic and the Empire faced this new enemy. The Revanites not only had their own army, but also a fleet large enough to take on Republic and Sith forces. War broke out, and fear overwhelmed friendly forces with the belief that Revan had returned to his dark ways, wishing to rule the galaxy. 

It now appears that the battle against the Revanites is slowly subsiding. Sources have indicated that Republic and Sith forces came together with a common goal to push back the Revanite raiders to restore a sense of peace. 

Whether or not Revan truly returned from the dead remains a mystery. Only the highest echelons of Republic and Sith hierachy would know the true story behind the rise of the Order of Revan. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS DiscoveryNet

In each and every society there are those whom go the extra parsec to obtain material wealth and financial stability. There are even those that use the reproductive system to exploit their offspring when they reach an appropriate age. This can manifest in many ways most commonly begging, slave labor or even prostitution. Viven, a merchant artist from the lower levels of Terrarium City found a continued use for his wives when it came to their children. His son Ardex, once an apprentice to Darth Kilgoras on Dromund Kaas, brought worth and profit to the family name. “My sons a Sith!”, he’d hark to get out of the sticky situations he pushed himself into; and in 15 BTC his statement was void of meaning as news arrived of his son's death. With the removal of this esteemed honor, Viven was eager to replicate his lost lineage and gain another child; this time stronger than before.

By 10 BTC Viven amassed five children; two of which died not long after he started his Sith grooming. The remaining three managed to endure his sick training sometimes lasting several hours a day. The mothers would not dare intervene when he was around, but when he was absent they’d bring food and water to the children, tending to their wounds. At night Viven would often lock himself in his room atop a dusty spiral staircase, seeing to his art. The harsh yet malleable structural material provided procrastination from sleep and in the many years he had lived there he managed to fashion a monastery of art with the master bedroom acting as a shrine of brutal teachings, documenting something new, and frequently more cruel, each day.

Cordele, twin to Chord and half-sister to Lucidus was the quieter of the remaining siblings. Chord was obedient and often just stood still when his father repeatedly beat on him, whilst Lucidus was outspoken and encouraged Viven to hit harder. He could never punish Cordele as much as the other two, even when he did the sorrow in her eyes brought undesirable remorse. Infuriated by the twins lack of progress in comparison to their younger brother Viven became more violent to encourage their hate.

Read the rest of this post...

There's few planets in this galaxy that offer up truly free trade. No laws, no restrictions, no provisions. If you have something to sell, whether or not it's a totally legitimate hyperspace drive, a bobble-head senator, or less-than-legal acquisitions such as exotic creatures or that forbidden luxury known as spice, you can sell it in some markets. These markets are exciting glimpses into true capitalism that allows credits to flow as freely as the blood on the streets after a bad deal. 

Past few weeks, I've been making it a point to remain in free markets. It's a bit more expensive to get there, but I like the insurance of not getting my cargo jacked the moment I bust my 'lekks into the system I'm choosing to ply my wares in. Barves know they'll be paying just a little bit more in these markets. They don't seem to mind. There's a little more conversation, a little more dealing, and in the cases of Rishi and Socorro, there's always more excitement.  

Not only are the free markets on these worlds a better way of doing business, but they have much more to offer the likes of me and my kind: the rakes of this galaxy. Not only can we get you what you need, but we can always find what we need as well. 

The SWTOR-RP Wiki has been plagued for some time now with issues. We've encountered problems just about as annoying as Jar Jar Binks himself! 

New registrations have been a problem, as has our CAPTCHA system and an influx of bots. Our team has been working to get the wiki back up and running. We know that some of you rely on it for your awesome stories.

Thanks to Tziena, the SWTOR-RP Wiki has been revived and can be used once again! We're still working on getting it completely Jar-Jar-annoyance free, so we appreciate your patience in this trying time. 

You should now be able to go into your wiki articles and work on them. However, we're still working on fixing new registrations. For any registration-related questions, please direct your questions to Tziena. I know Tzi loves an inbox bombardment. It's a fact. 

Foxy Not sure if you seen it but the Wiki has been hit with spam from an injury attorney out of Modesto California. Example o ...
Bronsons There's an RP wiki? Could the internet get any better?
Aéla Dasvarat Yaaaay! I shall abuse my keyboard with new entries! Well done guys!
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