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A wrecked ship floats through the astral wind in the void of space. Battles of unimagineable power rages and the war carries on. The men and women of the galaxy are murdered, and their lives lost in a pointless war waged by a corrupt Republic seeking vaingloriously to hold onto the last remnants of its corpse-like Empire with its dying grasp.

In the meantime, ranks upon ranks of brave men and women stand defiant against the corruption and anarchy of the Republic. They stand up for what they believe in: order, justice, and they have a singular purpose to create the perfect society. Will you join them?

The men and women of Singularity are dedicated to the cause of justice. They are a specially trained elite division that strikes with surgical precision against the foes of the Empire wherever and whoever they may be. These are not men and women who will be used as cannon fodder in the war. No imperial under the service of Darth Covenant Aridian has ever, or will ever, be murdered as a pointless tribute.

But Singularity does not only employ Imperial personnel. Their ranks are also filled with the brave, independent, and courageous women from the independent worlds. Men and women who will look forward to not only a fat paycheck, but also purpose in life and an understanding that their unique skills will be valued.

Ever since the fair-skinned Sith made her way onto my monitor, I've questioned her allegiance to the Sith Empire and to the dark side of the Force. Lana Beniko, one of the star characters in the Shadow of Revan plot, is apparently Sith, but she is most definitely significantly separate from the stereotype. 

Throughout Star Wars history, Sith characters have been portrayed as hateful, scheming, deceiptful, and vengeful. Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Palpatine, Darth Bane, Darth Caedus, and Darth Traya have all shared one common trait: a lust for hate and anger.

When we look at Lana and how she handled herself during Revan's story in The Old Republic, we can safely say that she was in control of her emotions, she played fair, and she was at times even caring. Not very Sith-like in my book. 

For those that know me, I've always been a supporter of the "good" side. Whenever I've played a Sith character, I've always clicked on the light side choice in the dialogue options. But ever since seeing Lana, I've begun to think that perhaps not all Sith need to fit the stereotype of a murderous and hateful people. Perhaps my Sith characters could be just like her and survive within Imperial heirarchy. 

I know there are many of you Sith-goers out there. What are your thoughts? Has Lana influenced your roleplay? Can a character like her really survive a life in the Sith Empire?

[Click here for an in-character look at Lana Beniko]

aVoid I think Lana Beniko's character is much more interesting (mainly because she isn't like the stereotype and because I als ...
Derrick/GQuinn Gonna go out on a limb here but.. I HATE the stereotypical cliche'd "I will bathe in the blood of my enemies and r ...
Captain Shanks Yes. Now my characters have red noses.

So often we lose oursleves up in the black. Each star, nebula, asteroid belt, each planetary system, and every fleet become one. We find ourselves immune to the individual beauty of the systems we travel through and between. We hit the hyperlanes and it all becomes another name, another set of laws, another stop, and set of contacts. When we spend our lives in the black, we become jaded to the very things that once awed us. 

As a child, my father taught me deep space astrogation. He believed that you can't always rely upon a navicomp, and those who truly wished to live within the black would know their way around by just looking out their cockpit windows. It seemed a truly impossible and overwhelming task as a child. As an adult, I use those lessons on an hourly basis. Even with a reliable navicomp, I'm always double checking my calculations by simply referring to a star map or looking to my experiences. 

It's a dance that we do up here. Our partners are communicative and always willing to lead the way if we're willing to make eye-contact. It's an unending soliloquy that we play out behind the consoles of our ships. Each time we hit the black, we are beginning that dance anew. It's always changing and it rarely gets old. When we can avoid becoming jaded with the beauty of the black, we can find ourselves in the pitch and yaw of the simpliest actions. 

Nahid Serovis | Columnist | HoloNet News Network

Ever wondered about the Togruta? Sure you have! They're pretty cool, right? With the imminent release of Togruta as a playable species in the TOR universe, we figured this to be the perfect time to take a look at the soon to be playable space tooting aliens and how you as a roleplayer might be able to better play Togruta. Pretty cool idea, huh?

"Togruta had rusty skin tones ranging in hue from blue to red to green, with white pigmentation on their faces, and greyish lips. While not all have this feature, white stripes also adorned various parts of their bodies, including their chests, legs, backs, arms, lekku (head-tails), and montrals. The pattern of stripes varied from individual to individual. This red and white pattern was a phenotype left over from their ancestor's camouflage that helped them to blend in with their natural surroundings."

This unusual alien species come from the planet Shili. And it wasn't the most hospitable world by the sounds of it, with predators abound. Too bad this bi-pedal sentient species are as tough as nails, but loyal and relaiable to the end.

"They relied on each other and would band together to take a stand against the massive monsters that hunted them, such as the akul. It is said that the creatures of Shili most often attacked in groups, which was even more reason for the native Togruta to work together."

Typically, these people could be found in more natural climates, forested valleys being their habitat of choice. Interestingly, these space-faring hippies believed in being in commune with the natural world, forgoing even the use of shoes! Interesting, but as the writer of this article, I'll be honest: I can't imagine doing without.

But what about their history? Take a look at the exert below, taken from Wookieepedia:

We put a lot creativity into creating our characters; so much so, that sometimes we forget to give them any creativity of their own. There are artists, dancers, musicians, sure. Writers, of course. But few characters are defined by that. Their creativity is more of a hobby for them. And even as a hobby, you have those characters who mourn the place that their creativity was shoved in to. And sometimes, it's a dirty little secret that might come out in roleplay. 

But, creativity is not limited to the arts. It can easily be realized within a fighting or flying style, or a manner of slicing. It can even be argued that slicers and shipwrights are some of the most non-traditional creative types. For other chatacters, their creativity is a private matter that takes them back home, to a better time and a better place. 

In today's Friday Focus, we want to know how creative your characters are. How do they express their creativity? And what triggers it? Are they defined by their creativity? Or is their expression of it a hobby that remains close to the heart? Let us know! 

EleaeMN Hmm, I'd say of my characters, Zestrocia is my most creative - she's a total grease head mechanic/cybertech/tinkerer, do ...
Ganden a You mean you killed him off Scythe! Rude...
TheScythe I made a journalist once. He died.

Last week we covered Echani RP
, so we figured it would be interesting to look at other guides included on the forums! Where better to look next but at Chiss: how players think Chiss should be acted out and look with an overview of the culture itself. 

The Csillian Rose have a guide that covers just that! Take a look at it on their forums. It's also featured here on the SWTOR-RP forums too! The guide itself was written by SinclairEch'la'sera, and Sarai. Edits were done by Azteca

"The Chiss are tall, blue-skinned xenophobic humanoids with glowing red eyes, blue-black hair and soft voices. The only official (and alien!) allies of the Sith Empire, they remain shrouded in mystery, fighting in a war they want no part of. Serving as anything from agents, starship captains, and soldiers to assistants, the dutiful Chiss find themselves fighting a war with the Sith Empire against the Republic.

Many of them volunteer to go to Imperial space out of a sense of duty and patriotism for their people, knowing that they might never go home. Though the race is xenophobic, those Imperials that demonstrate the Chiss virtues of discipline and duty can gain the respect and loyalty of the blue-skinned folk."

See what you can learn about how to perhaps better roleplay Chiss! For the next edition, I am looking at the new outfit features, so check that out and Force be with you fellow TOR-goers!

Ech'la'serra We're honored to be featured on the front page of SWTOR-RP and happy we're able to help the growing community of Chiss r ...
Captain Shanks I'd like to give a shoutout to Shwerr Chishen (did i spelled it right?) guild that is trying to bring quality Chiss guil ...

The views expressed in this commissioned article does not necessarily represent the views of the Galactic News Network.


People of the galaxy, your lives have been exposed by the presence of war. Many of you have lost friends, family, and loved ones. Your lives have often been robbed purpose by this ceaseless conflict that we call the war for Imperial liberty.

Make no mistake: The Empire is here to bring order to the lives of the citizens of the galaxy, to abolish the corrupt senate, to abolish the chaos and bring structure to your life, to abolish democracy and replace it with the fair and orderly lives of citizens of the Sith Empire.

But we cannot do this alone. Fear not brave citizens of the galaxy! We of the Order of Ruin have heard your plea. We have heard your desire to serve in the armies of The Empire and we have heard your desire to make the galaxy a better place by destroying corruption. And we have good news for you! We have a place for those of you with the will and desire to make a difference.

In addition to good pay, we offer lodgings and full medical healthcare. Our medical facilities and support for our veterans are second-to-none found anywhere else, and we are led in our purpose by the wisdom of the Dark Council¹.

You have asked not what The Empire can do for you, but what you can do for The Empire, and we of the Order of Ruin have answered your question. Enlist today!


¹ Imperial edict 2445B: The Dark Council may guide others through proxies at times, who may in turn appoint other proxies.

Recent events have led us believe that the galaxy is constantly plagued with rumours pertaining to the return of evil figureheads. First, the galaxy was left with more questions than answers as to whether or not Revan had returned from the dead. Some stories tell the tale of Revan returning to once again save the Republic from doom, whereas other tales have tagged him as an evil mastermind who attempted to crush both the Republic and the Empire to give way to a new order. 

New rumours are afloat of the possible resurrection of the Emperor. The Republic believed it to be free of the Emperor's madness, but our sources have learnt that the events which unfolded during the battle between Republic, Sith and Revanite forces caused the Emperor to return to strength from an ethereal state. 

We have been advised that the Emperor has no wish to return to rule over the Sith Empire, but aims to consume all life, no matter its allegiance. If this is true, citizens all over the galaxy, regardless of their affiliation, are at a serious risk. 

We have asked for Republic officials to comment on the matter, but we are yet to receive a reply. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
[The Emperor's Return?]

The Sadiyh was my grandfather's ship. She's an antique Corellian Engineer Corporation Stock Light Frieghter, which are a credit a dozen in this galaxy, I know. Like most ships, she has her history. My father was concieved aboard her, both my brother and I were concieved aboard her. Chances are, my children will be concieved aboard her and she'll be passed down to them. Ships become more than a hunk of junk that carries us from point A to point B. They become a member of our family, and more importantly, they become part of us. Each time I fly, I fly alongside my father and my grandfather. And even though both men still live, their spirits are part of me. 

Before I made The Sadiyh my home, she had been theirs. There are parts of her untouched so that their legacy will remain for as long as she flies. On the walls of the captains quarters, there is a painting that I did directly on the bulkhead with an old childhood friend. You can still see the imprints of our fat little fingers pressed against the paint. In the gally, there is a burn on the veshok wood cutting board from when my grandmother, just learning how to cook Socorran cuisine, used her flame-thrower to sear a piece of nerf. 

I've been the owner of The Sadiyh since my eighteenth year, when I left to join the Republic Navy. I've been flying her since I was a child, and she is my home. She's part of me. She was part of my father. And she'll be part of my child. Our ships are the storytelling legacy that we leave for the future generations. They begin to define us, if only because we defined them. 

Nahid Serovis | HoloNet News Network | Columnist

Be warned: there are spoilers contained in this article pertaining to the game's story following and including the events from Shadow of Revan.

With the spoiler warning out of the way, let's discuss the latest reveals from the developer patch 3.2 livestream. 

We've all wondered how The Emperor was going to make his triumphant (or maybe not so triumphant) return. According to Revan's darker self, The Emperor is alive, and we heard and saw an ethereal come-back from the soon-to-be consumer of all life. 

Game Update 3.2 is bringing about new goodies to the game, but its main purpose is to continue the story after Shadow of Revan. Hence the patch's name: Rise of the Emperor.

Dulfy have once again delivered the goods. Through their strong connection to the almighty BioWarian Force, we've learnt that Ziost is coming to The Old Republic. It was said during the livestream that the Sith expanded to Ziost after their defeat on Korriban. The Emperor is well and truly alive, and his new place of abode is Ziost. But also living on Ziost is a new group of militaristic Jedi called the Sixth Line. Apparently their code goes something along the lines of: "There is no contemplation. Only duty."

There are two other major new additions to SWTOR: an improved planetary travel system, and Outfit Designer. 

The new travel system will allow us to automatically unlock quick travel points when you go in close proximity to one. There is no longer a requirement to click and unlock them. Travel points on the map will be made available to you upon arrival on each planet, so you are no longer required to find the travel droids on the map. Additionally, Quick Travel's cooldown is now 6 minutes. With all the Legacy perks, you can make it 0 minutes. Utinnii!

The new Outfit Designer allows you to add additional armor for appearance purposes only. You can now change appearances without having to swap out your mods. There is a cost, however. Dulfy breaks it all down for you in this awesome guide

We are excitedly awaiting Game Update 3.2. To keep your excitement alive, continue below and watch the opening cinematic for Rise of the Emperor for both factions. Enjoy!

JJ/Flynn/Jayfon I've tested the outfit designer on the PTS. As much as I love it, making people pay for each piece to slot into place is ...
Glzmo With all these wonderful quality of life improvements coming, one would think that the chances for the addition of chat ...
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