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Want to see what the finest beautiful men and women the Hutt moon has to offer? Want to have a whirlwind of a time with great company and good booze? Feel like chilling out and just having the time of your life? Well then this is totally the event for you! 

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This will be the third annual competition, hosted by Vaanthe and co-hosted by Chryos whereby both men and women will be competing for their respective titles as Mister and Miss Nar Shaddaa, so don't miss out. It is sure to be a blast!

Take a look at last year's winners below:

Neiju- Miss Nar Shaddaa
Chryos Per- Mister Nar Shaddaa

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, there is still time boys and girls!  So put your credits where your mouth is and see what you can do to sponsor your product with the most widely anticipated event of the year!

As we go about our daily SWTOR lives, whether it be on Coruscant or Nal Hutta, we can see droids going about their mechanical ones. However, how many of you have thought about the fact that these droids seem to get steadily inferior to their predecessors over long periods of time?

The spindly, stegosaurus-minded battle droids of the Clone Wars are a far cry from the lethal assault droids of the Sith Empire and Czerka Corporation, aren't they? The same can be said for the assault droids vs the droidekas, or the famed HK series assassin droids compared to the commando droids that are so far superior to their lesser standard battle droid brethren. Comparing tech in the opposite direction, there are the Isotope 5 droids compared to the infamous Basilisk War Droids, which can probably be agreed to be superior (they can fly and are semi-intelligent, for stars' sake...). Technology hasn't changed much, but its applications in certain areas, droid tech being the most notable, seems to grow quite inferior to its preceding generations. Why aren't Stormtroopers clad in Cortosis-weave or other effective armor?

This said, various other areas like starship and fighter design seems to have improved. Blasters grow more powerful, and cybernetics seems to maintain the same, state-of-the-art position for an extended period of time (seriously...EMP Vader...). So the reflection is this: Is Star Wars tech degrading over the millenia, down to say, Earth in the stone age? What are your thoughts on the matter?
Taeghen According to the EU, as far as I can recall, the Republic has a massive dark age during the new Sith Wars, and only bare ...
User Haven't seen a traffic control droid yet, when I do I know they will have hit the apex of robot tech, because that has t ...

This planet is not a part of the Galactic Republic, as any citizen would know. However, our insiders like to tell us a little bit about what the Sith Empire gets up to from time to time. 

Unusual happenings on Dromund kaas, from massive solar flares to an widespread insect infestation of which was ultimately overthrown by the now disassembled Qorit Network.  But let us not forget rumours of a Sith Lord getting up to no good!
Some say that Lord Cerrabus' experiments are linked to the spree of disappearances on the planet Kromus, but nothing can as yet be confirmed. We know that this specific Lord is said to be associated with the order known as The Keepers of the Vaults, and we have to wonder, are they up to something, or is he just a rogue Lord performing dastardly experiments? Or... maybe this is all just a wild rumour that has gotten out of hand!

We are told by valuable sources that Darth Covenant Aridian took a little time out from attempting to dominate the wider known galaxy. The Darth is said to have been chilling out with her powerbase the Singularity at the highlighted event of the decade, the Imperial Gala, which was held right slap bang in the centre of all that is entirely wrong with the EmpireKaas City! We have not been able to follow up on what else they have been up to, but we will be sure to report when we find them. They cannot be up to any good, surely.

The next article will be covering: Coruscant.

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
[Progenitor Server]

Glasen MaKast was a Nautolan Male from Glee Anselm born during the height of The Great War. He achieved notoriety in his youth due to his exceptional skill in piloting swoop bikes. He became the swoop champion of all Hutt Space at the age of thirteen, he was one of the youngest swoop racing champions in over a hundred years. At the age of sixteen he was given The Surely, his Ancestor Fibers pirating vessel built before the the Mandalorian Wars in 3,995 BBY. Glas used the ship to begin his smuggling career working for Śluzu The Hutt, a major crimelord on the The Smuggler's Moon. During his time on the Smugglers Moon, his renown grew and grew until one day an experienced smuggler offered him a chance at becoming something more than just a Hutt's errand boy. Over the following few months, the two smugglers' friendship grew and their names were known far and wide in Hutt space. One day, the older smuggler was gravely wounded during an attack on Nar Shaddaa. He passed the Mantle of the Moon, the symbol given to the Dominus of the Y'toub System, to Glas. Glas was only seventeen, and for his heroic actions during an insurrection on the Smuggler's Moon, he was widely accepted by the smugglers of his system.

Glas was born to be an outlaw, and in his adult life he had taken to that destiny with a smile. He knows the galaxy is a dangerous place, and he thrives on working the chaos to his whim, using bar brawls and space battles to make the quickest and quietest exit possible. With his ship The Surely, Glas is always sure he can do just that; with its improved engines, it'd be hard for any Sith or sector patrol to pin him down. Glas is notorious for talking his way out of almost any situation. He has a knack for knowing just what to say to people to put them off their guard.

Naturally, the Jedi are a large part of what makes the Galactic Republic so successful.


The relief efforts are over, and with most of the Jedi attempts to rebuild having succeeded, things are getting better for the Jedi Order. Morale has been down after the Sith invasion of the Jedi home world, but things seem to be on the up and everything is back on track!
The Lost Praxeum are recovering after the loss of Master Eluon Voska during the attack, and his Padawan is said to have been doing well in the wake of the Jedi Master's demise. We intend to seek permission to head planet-side in the near future and see if we can't get the low-down on how people are faring in the wake of the invasion.

The next article will be covering: Dromund Kaas.

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
[Progenitor Server]

This week we will be covering a rather well known character on the Progenitor server. Her name is Neiju: a Twi'lek girl more accustomed to the manners of a Hutt than the intricacies of diplomacy or the harsh realities of battle.

While interviewing the glamorous Twi woman, she had this to say about the people she spends her time with, whether it be working for Terunda the Hutt or while working as a hostess in the Velvet Pearl

"I enjoy most all the lovely people I work with daily. It's the highlight of my day to chat with them and to meet new people! I love the people I'm working with! I'm a people person!"

Perhaps expectedly she declared her own greatest enemy to be boredom! She does not seem to be the kind of girl who likes to sit still. It is all go go go for this fast paced and rather glamorous woman.

"It's a good thing we live in a really colourful galaxy, with lots of entertainment available. I drive boredom away by hanging out with friends, playing hologames and chatting with people. Quite often I hang around in the galaxy-famous Velvet Pearl club on the Promenade!" 

And interestingly, even though Neiju seems to have a taste for the fast, the furious, and the glamorously obtuse, she seeks to someday settle down, have a few children. Perhaps find a little cottage on a dusky hill somewhere, huh? 
Vaanthe a Nice job, Neiju, and a lovely character too.
Neiju Astral!
Ezrab'teb Nicely done, guuuuuuuurl! *Cheers for you!* ...

We are not only looking at planets in this digest, but we also want to cover other less widely known portions of the galaxy, so sit back, relax and read about the happenings. 

We want to be fair and try to cover more than just the core planets that you read about every day, so how about a look at the Outer Rim! And boy folks, it doesn't get more exciting than this! A colonial freighter spotted a space battle of epic proportions in the Arkanis sector! A spectacular sight just over the planet Geonosis, it seems to have been a scrap between Republic vessels and those of the Sith Empire

Several ships were reported to have been destroyed with many casualties, including the once Jedi Knight Toric Ishtar who was registered as deceased within the Galactic Republic archives only this morning, along with many other souls who seem to have lost their lives in this battle.
What is it that Jedi say? Force be with you? It must be a somber mood indeed for the Vodo Baas Academy who seem to have been hit hard in this recent conflict within the Arkanis sector. But one has to wonder, why are they there? What are the Sith up to? And are the Jedi going to counter whatever the Empire seems to be planning? We intend to send out our ground team to investigate and find out. Hopefully the Jedi will be more forthcoming than they usually are.

The next article will be covering: Tython

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
[Progenitor Server]

I don't know if anyone is like me, but sometimes when I'm reading a book, my imagination gets away from me and I sometimes play in my head what will happen next, or my mind wanders around and starts creating different stories. 

That's one thing about roleplay that always attracted me: your ability to create something unique and new while playing off of other people's characters and stories. To go wild with things and think outside of a box, be it Star Wars, horror, fantasy, sci-fi... it's a world unlike our reality, outside of it, a place living, breathing, waiting for us to dive into.

To me that's my favorite part of roleplay. What's yours?

Ray/Davies/Tharin I love learning about other people's characters through RP. Getting to know the little bits about each one, the more tin ...
TheScythe Mystery, symbolism, and friendship.
D'Portgas Legacy Defeat of my character, when he fights his own demons inside of him. Or facing his weakness. Atm he is depressed his fac ...

Previously we took a look at Alderaan. The next planet in this focus will be looking at Nar Shaddaa, from the downright criminal and dastardly to the bright-lights and the glitzy women!

We have word that some heavy duty arms dealing has been occurring within the seedy underbelly of the Hutt moon. We can't confirm anything, but everything points to the Marlov Syndicate being the go-to guys for these sorts of things. Again, this is all just rumour, but with Nar Shaddaa, who knows? It's all drugs, girls and money in what some might call the public toilet of the galaxy!
And in other news, there has been a bombing in the Cartel Central Exchange Bank with five dead, including the Hutt Dukudda. There seem to be no suspects as of yet, but we wonder if those dastardly pirates from the Pirate Consortium might be behind it! I wouldn't put it past them. 
Has anyone seen our own personal caped crusader, Spectre of late? I don't know about you, but I'd love to get my hands on some juicy gossip about that one!
In lighter news, Terunda the Hutt of the Hutt Cartel is going to be judging this year's Mister and Miss Nar Shaddaa pageant, and alongside him in the voting will be last year's winner Neiju; a front woman for the aforementioned if infamous Hutt who runs the organisation known as Terunda Hutta. This beautiful Twi'lek is said to currently work as a Hostess in the Velvet Pearl; a high class gentlemen's club on the upper promenade, and she is also said to own her own dance studio! This Twi'lek has it all! No? But as you know boys and girls, we don't buy the sweet and innocent façade many like to employ. We will be watching this one and closely! Watch out Neiju, we have our eye on you.

Next up: The Outer Rim!

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
[Progenitor Server]
TheScythe "The Underworld is rising"
D'Portgas Legacy Ahhh, mentioning the dastardly pirates put a wide grin on my face.
The galaxy around you will be taking a look at events throughout the known planets, from Alderaan to the Outer Rim. Starting with:

House Lessia has taken to space! We don't know where they are going or what they are up to, but we have our reporters hot on the trail. The question is, have they taken to the Tion Cluster in hopes of soothing relations between the Galactic Republic diplomats and those of the Sith Empire, or are they elsewhere? 
We hear that tensions are still high in the Lessia household. And we intend to report on that on a week by week basis!
And in Jedi news, Doctor Nariis and Master Devlo'nir Per were seen visiting Arda-3 a number of weeks ago. Following that the rest of the order of the Light of Alderaan soon redeployed to the same location. We don't have many details about what was going on, but we do know that the Light of Alderaan returned to their headquarters two weeks later looking pretty bruised and battered!
And to contrast all of the bad news, the Praetorians, a trooper division within the Light of Alderaan, welcomed the birth of Samuel Vulpes to a Captain Kal-dur Vulpes last week! Well done. It is good to be able to report on something pleasant for a change. 

Next up in this series: Nar Shaddaa!

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
[Progenitor Server]
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