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The last operatic event held by the glamorously beautiful Snowmaiden herself was a smash hit! Held in the headquarters of The Shroud and hosted by Darth Kristalli, an army of Imperial denizens descended upon the large beautifully decorated music hall in which the event had been held. 

Aela had this to say about the event held on Tuesday 16th december: 

"An absolutely bliss night! And a whopping £105 raised! A very, VERY warm thank you to Kristalli for her wonderful help with hosting, designing the stage and getting people on board, and to everyone who helped manage the HUGE number of folk who came along. Thank you so, so much!

With an original target of £300 over the 3 nights, this community has smashed that out the park at £462! So well done to everyone, I'm sure we'll make a great Christmas for some sick kids who'll be stuck in hospital over the holiday season."

That is amazing news! Great work people of TOR! nearly five hundred pounds has been raised for the sick and needy children of Britain

Well... we've probably all seen this but here it is again! (Some of the content in this video could be considered pg-13.)
Aéla Dasvarat Just a little update, there was a late donation to the opeta that brought the total up to £500. I'm really touched at ...
D'aax I love this graphic.

This week we have a few treats for all of you, and in an effort to pick a number of upcoming events we see happening across the servers, we found the following event to be held on the darker side of the roleplaying community on The Ebon Hawk server

Click on the link here to get more info on the award ceremonies to be held by the Sixth Expeditionary Fleet (AKA Volition), or read the extract below to get a feel for what will be happening on the 18th, in just a few days time. 

"Voltion (IC, the Sixth Expeditionary Fleet), will have just wrapped up a month and a half long story arc in which we were instrumental in removing the Republic from a planet at the edge of Republic space, near the Unknown Regions. We will be using this event to recognize the characters that are deserving of promotions and awards, and in the attempt to create a celebration for our forces, have invited loyal Imperials to join us for the fun. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the people on the front lines of the war, share your knowledge and expertise, and have drinks with Imperial heroes!

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to whisper Sirenis, Verendus, or Sephe in-game or on enjin, and we'll be more than happy to help you. Once again, this event will take place in the Imperial Diplomatic Service Estate, on December 18th, at 9pm EST.

We hope to see you there!"

It sounds like it could be an opportunity to catch these guys for a little rest and relaxation; maybe see what they have been up to!

That's it for the now girls and boys. Force be with you!

-Disclaimer: The following is OOC.-

Alright: so I have been making the Combat Analysis thread for a little while now. However, recently I have been wondering what I might be able to do with it to make it more appealing, easier to come up with, and just cater to the readers in general, especially as I personally think it has been degrading lately. So for the last Combat Analysis before going on break for the holidays, I want to ask a question of the readers. What would you like to see in later editions of Combat Analysis?

First, I am looking for ideas on in-world issues, events, historical battles, current roleplay, guild roleplay stories, anything and everything that one of my characters might make some kind of in-character report on. Second, I am looking for anything else that would fit with the general theme of the Combat Analysis articles. Something to change? Something you would like to see? Something I did right, and you want to see more of? Specific ideas? This is your chance to influence the content of a SWTOR-RP article series. Anything goes! I look forward to seeing your comments below, and giving you more awesome SWTOR-RP reading material in the future. And as always, may the Force be with you!

-End transmission-

This year has seen some amazing performances held by the Snowmaiden and her helpers. It has been a brilliant turnout, and both previous events have now raised nearly four hundred pounds for the charitable trust, Child's Play

But we have one more show to go guys! And this one is certain to be a brilliant showing. The event will be held Imperial side and gives us another final chance to dig into our pockets and give in to the spirit of Christmas, sending funds to the children supported by the chosen charity. Click on the link here and see what you can give before and during the event being held this coming Tuesday. 

"Doors open each night at 7:30pm GMT. Performance will be in two parts, with a break for drinks in the middle, and will finish no later than 10pm GMT. After which, venues will remain open until 11:30 - midnight, for mingling and a chance to meet the Donna herself!

To book your attendance, please find the events on The Progenitor calendar to sign up.

Hope to see you all there!"

The Old Republic has reached its third birthday. We've seen countless Game Updates introducing new content, along with the digital expansions Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Galactic Starfighter, Galactic Strongholds, and the recent Shadow of Revan. To celebrate the three year anniversary, BioWare will release a number of Stronghold decorations, and they have reduced Stronghold costs for Coruscant and Dromund Kaas from 5,000 credits to 3 credits! If only real life real estate was as cheap. And looked as awesome. <ewok sigh>

We've experienced two level cap increases, free-from-rails player-vs-player space combat, class changes, new story, and the return of Revan who has kicked on through the ages and made his way into SWTOR

Three years may not seem like much age-wise, but it is a lot of online play time. For today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know what your highlight is from the three years of playing The Old Republic. Is there a certain achievement you're proud of, like level capping all eight playable classes? Perhaps a certain storyline you've immensely enjoyed? What ever it is, hit our comments section and let us know!
Alera Telanar Honestly, I couldn't pick out a single thing as a highlight without feeling I'm doing something else an injustice. Almos ...
D'aax My highlight had nothing to do with gameplay, and everything to do with character development. I was a reporter for SWTO ...

This week, we have been trawling the web to find interesting shenanigans the fans of TOR and Star Wars have been up to. And as usual, we were not disappointed. We found costumers, cosplayers, artists and 3D modellers spread across the wider web. 

Before we move on to take a look at these industrious Star Wars lovers,  we want to quickly highlight the Christmas events being held by player and TOR-goer Aéla Dasvarat. Thus far she has raised 367 pounds sterling. And we think that is just fantastic! Take a look at a video of the recent Nar Shaddaa event here. Below is a quote from the Snowmaiden's Enjin page, speaking about the recently held operatic tribute on Sunday 7th on The Progenitor server

"£167 raised tonight! What a great contribution from the community. That brings us up to a total at £367 raised for Child's play charity!

I'd like to give a very big thank you to Maeriel for designing and hosting the venue, Shahla, Mihko, Trickster, J'ede and Stieth for taking care of all the guests and invites!

And of course to everyone who came and donated; what a swell bunch of people the Prog has! Well done everyone, I hope you had a great night!"

We have one more event to go guys, but we will put out a final call-out closer to the time. Let's see if we can't get a great turnout and enjoy the festivities together! 

It has been confirmed by both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire that followers of Revan, the once-Republic hero, have emerged and are preparing to reign chaos. These followers call themselves the Revanites and are considered extremists, believing that Revan has returned from the dead and has the power to cleanse the universe to restore peace. 

Revan has not been officially sighted, but suspicions have risen across the known galaxy and there are talks that he has returned from the dead, after centuries of being what everyone believed deceased. 

Republic and Sith forces have been seen to gather on the Outer Rim worlds of Rishi and Yavin IV. Their agenda on those worlds is unknown on an official capacity. However, sources indicate that the two galaxy mega-factions have made their move to quash the Revanites. 

Citizens of the Galactic Republic have expressed their dismay of the news of Revan's return, and they hope that these rumours are put to rest soon so that the memory of the Republic hero can be preserved. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter

-Accessing datafile: ReportCA31-207/Blackstar01-

-Beginning playback-

Cipher 31 to Keeper. I have reported to the Blackstar splinter intelligence group as ordered. They are aware of my role and I am confident that they will prove useful as required. If not, my countermeasures are also in place. I will not likely have any more significant reports for a week at least, but you will always be the first to know when I do.

I intend to begin operations here with putting them in contact with some of our other sources more likely to not question their identity or political position. As I'm sure you know, their position against the Sith as a culture is less than favorable, and I will have to be careful not to put them in contact with any Sith who would decide to incriminate them. I have some ideas there already. I must admit that their refusal to work with the Sith who tend more toward political intrigue, power plays, in-fighting and scheming is actually rather refreshing. It makes matters a bit more difficult, but not in any way that might result in my electrocution, which means it can be easily handled.

Surprisingly enough, I will not be making any requests for resupply most likely; Blackstar is unexpectedly well equipped.

In the meantime, I hope you continue sending me any reports on this Revanite group that has surfaced. I may not be able to assist at the moment, but that very much might change, and this mission doesn't change my need to be informed.

-Ending playback-

From space hopping janitors to a modern day trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, we've got an even better selection of videos for you guys to choose from this time around! Sitting comfortably? Great! Click on each of the individual images above to see what we've picked out from the wider web for your viewing. 

Or, why don't you take a look at player-based selection taken from the wall of Zyr'a (AKA Rain.) It's sure to make you laugh, so click here. The last player selection was made by IOn and you can find the video here if you'd like to see the awesomeness that went on during the MCM Comic Con held this October in London!

Peace out SWTOR goers and see you next time!

It's been all about Game Update 3.0 and Shadow of Revan this week. The new digital expansion is now in early access, and already, players are blasting and saber-swinging through the new content. Rishi and Yavin IV, the two new planets, are as busy as a sales day in the Mos Eisley markets. And already, the wait in the group finder queue for the new Flashpoints is next to nothing. 

For today's Friday Focus, we want your synopsis on all things Game Update 3.0 and Shadow of Revan. We'd like to know if you've reached level 60 and how you found the grind. Tell us about the new Disciplines System, the new abilities and how they work for your class. How about the two new planets, Rishi and Yavin IV? But most importantly, have you come across Revan (or as most of us suspect, the Revan wannabe)? 

Hit our comments section and fill us in with your experience thus far! But be sure to add a spoiler tag if you're going to spoil the story.
D'aax I came back too late to horn in on the new content for early-access, but I did get to play with the discipline system. I ...
Saeris Kal I levelled a new toon during the 12x XP so had a fresh 55 Powertech waiting. Having not done Tython/DK and Manaan on tha ...
Stache Well in my own experience, I've done every mission on Rishi available save 1, and was level 56 when I got to Yavin. Made ...
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