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The bond between soul mates can be everlasting -- through sickness and through health, through life and death. The understanding, love and loyalty which forms through such bonds is said to be eternal. Only the harshest and most extreme circumstances, though rare, could ever destroy the attachment. In the world of Star Wars, we have seen bonds form and break. Some have rekindled and others were considered truly lost. The bond between the Jedi Exile and Kreia in the Knights of the Old Republic II, created through the force, came to a dark and epic end. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were separated due to Anakin's misguided thoughts and his undeniable love for Padmé. On the contrary, we have the bond between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. It was not resentment or betrayal that separated the two; it was the swift blow of death that ended the living bond between Padawan and Master. Qui-Gon Jinn's life was prematurely taken from him by Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Though Qui-Gon's life faltered, memories of what the two men shared lived on through the Force and in Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is those kind of memories that make the experiences shared between a Padawan and Master unforgettable. In The Old Republic, players will have the opportunity play either role. Padawan or Master? The choice is yours. This article will highlight the ways and experiences of a Jedi Padawan and Master, from the point of promotion from a Jedi Initiate, to the tests of the Jedi Trials.

An Announcement by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good day to all viewers, I am Dr. Zara Anoleis, bringing you an announcement.

Two weeks ago, deplorable acts of violence on the part of unscrupulous outsiders disrupted the operations of the Zakuulan treasury. As a result, alterations to the state budget have been made to ensure the long-term security of essential services. The Bureau of Social Harmony is among those shouldering the burden of these austerity measures; as such, future episodes of insider reports, galactic commentary and similar features will be outsourced to the Outreach branches. In line with this, we are pleased to welcome veteran Outreach anchor Lily Serel to the official Bureau team, acting as our new prime pair of boots on the ground.

Skagendo The Sith Empire are essentially broke now. I wonder if people who have richer than rich Darths still throw cash around a...

Swing. Block. Spin. Parry. Counterattack. Force leap over enemy. Swing. Block. Force push.

If you are of the dark side of the force, perhaps some force lightning would be more fitting at the end of that combative combination. If you were a practitioner of a lightsaber form other than the acrobatic form, Ataru, then perhaps you would rather a more defensive style, such as Soresu.

During the period of the Old Republic, the time in which The Old Republic takes place, six forms of lightsaber combat existed, adopted by both the Jedi and the Sith. Each form specialises in different aspects of movement, ranging from the fundamentals of all forms and basic attacks, to lightsaber versus lightsaber focus, tight and defensive movements, and acrobatics. The Jedi and Sith decide which form to utilise for a number of reasons, ranging from personal preference, stature, emotion, and a form which will perform well against the current enemy of either side.

Lightsaber forms are not simply a matter of choosing and practicing. Other forms of lightsaber combat were introduced over the thousands of years in which the Jedi and Sith existed. Some of these forms were merged, some were adopted by existing forms, and others became independant. Additionally, movements, or "Marks of Contact," form the basis of lightsaber combat and are utilised across the board.

The six forms of lightsaber combat which existed during The Old Republic are as follows: 

  • Form I: Shii-Cho
  • Form II: Makashi
  • Form III: Soresu
  • Form IV: Ataru
  • Form V: Shien
  • Form VI: Niman
Alen/Nayton Niman gets a bad rap, but I find it the most interesting. It's as if with Form V, lightsaber practitioners had gone...
Kathryl Oriana You mean, no source material beside Kotor II? Because Meetra Surik could learn Juyo from master Kavar and that game is a...
Othone You forgot Form VII: Juyo.


Chut-chut Gizkas. What dire plots & schemes have you cooked up in the wretched, festering mind of your Villain today? What fetid mist seeps forth over the brim of their cauldron? What tortured wails echo from the horrid depths of their dark dungeon?

It’s not all pantomime, fairy-tale & opera, though, is it? There’s more to a good Baddie than the odd crude show of malfeasance and malignant malice. 

Let’s take a look. There’s always depth to be found.

Panserbjorn I really enjoy these articles. I agree with many of the arguments, but most importantly I think they're a great sou...
Skagendo My ex republic soldier turned merc deals with his demons on the daily. It is a constant battle for him to try and deciph...
psduckie Actually, K'ora (my RP main) could be considered a morally gray character. Her goal is to find her sister K'i...


Chut-chut, Gizkas.
It’s a wide, wide galaxy out there, and there’s only one way to cross it. Dulleesh & al have asked me to stir the pot on the subject of starships, so I will. It’s a sprawling subject, so this’ll be a long’ne.

A starship is more than just a method of transport. It has to be room and board to its crew; a self-sustained bubble of life in the infinite expanse of space. It has to be sealed against the vacuum, safe enough to be thrown into hyperspace and survive the stresses of atmosphere. Every time a character launches to the stars, they take their life in their hands. It’s not like one can get out and walk to the nearest petrol station, afterall.

So let’s get diggin’. There’s depth to be found, here.

Kateness I'm going to latch on to the part of the article that adresses the economics of purchasing, owning and maintaining ...
TheScythe In the Black Thorn, we have made the decision to no longer allow player starships. In exchange, the guild now has two (t...
Vaanthe a Having just read through 40 comments... disagree all you want with reason and civility..we welcome that. Some of the p...

Some role-players prefer to have at least the main people in their character's story (whether it be their background, or their present, such as a love interest, companion, or family member) be represented by another player in The Old Republic, allowing interactions to be played out in real time by another real person. However, it is not always easy to find that special someone to play the important role that you may want filled for your character, and as a player, you find yourself just creating a 'made up,' non-player character {NPC} to fill that void, even if he or she is not represented at all physically in the game itself.

Thus, today's Force Reflection asks: Are NPCs that you create yourself important to who your character is, or do you prefer to rely on other player characters to build your story?

Many role-players do not define their character much aside from history and personality, and allow in-game actions and role-play with other people determine everything else. However, when looking for a specific plot or a direction for your story to go, sometimes it can be difficult to find another person willing to role-play that particular part of your saga with you, or with their character, and thus, you have to create a stand-in figure yourself that you may then only reference. 

Others who may be more focused on the game-play and canon story arch may allow that to shape their character instead, preferring to let their character's story be shaped almost entirely by NPCs. Which are you? Do you create many NPCs for your story or allow ones already in the game to play a significant role, or do you prefer real-time interactions with other players to shape your story instead? Or are you somewhere in the middle?
Sol'yc-ad Most of the people involved in my character's story are other players, there are some things that are NPC's, p...
Kiyosa I generally avoid using NPCs or alts for my main's development for a very simple reason: interaction, suspense, sur...
Lexi Lambert I find people to be unreliable, at best, and finding someone with both a solid knowledge of the lore and whose style is ...


Picture a scene: A young Sith on distant assignment, far from the Seat of the Empire, moonlights selling smuggled fresh fruit to unwitting tourists, on a world with no groves, where the cost of living is extortionate; where canned and bottled and dried goods are the norm.

She wears the local styles and speaks the local lingo. She grins, she haggles, she works the exchange rates. She cuts deals on specials and scams the unwitting. Doesn't she have a stereotype to live up to? 
Shouldn’t the Sith be off murdering someone? Making small change is surely below her!

Let's say the character is making cash hand-over-fist from other Player Characters, through the simple sale of fruity morsels. The murder business is pretty slow, right now. Too much peace, you see? Even after pushing into the bounty business, it's just not paying off. No-one is going to pay the bills for her, just because her favoured earner went down the pan. So, she has to improvise. Change tack. 

So there’s the question: How does your character make bank?

Skagendo Darth Libertas is the head of his family and his family deal in the slave trade. Very lucrative, indeed! Kelborn - my ex...
Na'sira With a character list as long as mine, it's hard to pick one for the sake of brevity... But we'll go with Tann...
Shant'al Shant'al is employed by the Velvet Pearl and earns a steady income from there, that more or less takes cares of the...

Hello Star Wars fans, nerds, people, cosplayers... whatever the hell.

Let’s sit down a moment and talk. We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? I mean yes, the podracing went on for far too long, and there was some sketchiness over Jacen Solo in the EU. And here, at SWTOR-RP, we’ve also had some good times. If you can’t remember at least one piece of roleplay which moved you, right down there in the heart, or which at least made you go “whooo” in a tone which is much more enthusiastic than my writing allows for, I’d be surprised. Hell, I’d offer my condolences.

So why am I here, on this hallowed day, nammering on about all of this? Because I have a very simple message for the lot of you:

Embrace all the roleplay offered to you.

"But Taeghen," I hear you cry out in despair. "There are many of us in the community who are stupid, or annoying, or have died like eighteen times, or who are so made of special snowflakes that 'Let it go' is sounding out behind them like a crude form of psychological torture." And that’s true. Likely, some of the people reading this will put me in at least one of those categories. But it’s not important. Consider the following:

Look at what we have to work with. Look at the sheer richness of Star Wars, the overwhelming diversity of it, the depth of thousands of people working together to build something glorious. We would not have the Mandalorians if people hadn’t decided that Boba Fett was that awesome. We would lack all of the tremendous detail on the Sith’s ancient ways had Palpatine not intrigued and repelled us. And then it grows even further: the Chiss are here because of Thrawn. How many bounty hunters have sprung up from this lot?

Iradox A very well writen article even if I don't agree 100% with you in regards to lore, but you already knew I would say...
Kateness Quote: so long as it doesn’t curtail others or blast into the scene demanding they be obeyed I'm probably g...
Pika Vatak Quote: '' Do you think Lucas gave a damn how many hours exactly it took to get from Tatooine to Alderaan? No, ...


Chut-chut, Gizkas. Where are you going, today? How are you going to get there? I want to take a look at personal transit. Whether you’re cruising the skies of Coruscant, the apocalyptic ruin of Taris or the vast watery expanse of Manaan, you’re going to need a vehicle.

Star Wars is really good at this stuff. BioWare fall a bit flat, compared to the rich, warm detail espoused by the films and extended materials. Who had those Incredible Cross-Sections books, as a kid? I sure did. We the Players don’t have to abide solely by the devs’ limited scope, with such vibrant resources on-tap to fire the imagination. 

Here’s my methods for dreaming up all kinds of transport guff, and a few suggestions on what to avoid, to enrich your world. Clicky.

Vaanthe a I found this an interesting read, and while my current character does not use vehicles much to require anything this in...
Alera Telanar "Performance, reliability, low-cost - Pick two." I can't stress how much I like this little part...
Taeghen I've never found it particularly useful nor compelling to focus on vehicles or ships except in a very abstract way....

A while ago, someone in the comments section said that maybe film and online RP shouldn’t be linked as closely as I often link them.

After all, one is long-form storytelling and the other is free-form. One is the (hopefully) polished work of a team of professionals and the other is a constantly evolving work in progress. Films are structured in ways that can’t easily be brought to real-time collaborative writing. The responsibility of the story falls not on one person writing all characters, but a team of people writing multiple characters. It all comes together to form a very different beast.

Despite all that, there are some crucial similarities. The dramatic question is one of them.

Cerrabus While functionally all elements discussed are correct it doesn't specifically address the question posed. The probl...
TheScythe As a veteran story-writer for one of the games longest running RP guilds, I can confirm the contents of this article. K...
Kiyosa A real shame, this. I used to enjoy these articles, but there seems to be no end to the dung-slinging. At this point, ma...
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