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What is the most important part about creating a character for RP? 

Is it picking out the exact look? The person’s talents? Their aspirations and goals? Crafting that perfect background?

I would hypothesize that at least one of the factors that we each, consciously or subconsciously, plan out is whether or not the character is going to be fun to play. After all, after spending over ten years in MMO RP, I’ve come to acknowledge that, as a collective, we are really a very creative bunch. We spend time putting our characters through all kinds of events. I struggle to think of anyone that I know closely that doesn’t have at least one character who’s had to deal with something pretty incredible in their background that then has a profound impact on who that character is when they are played.

However, that is not what I want to discuss today. Today, I want to come at this from completely the opposite direction.

Is your character fun for others?

Personally, I believe that this is just as important as asking ourselves if the character is fun for us. After all, Darth Assholious might be hilarious for his staunch and unwavering adherence to old Sith teachings, but is apprentice Timmy really going to find it much fun tied to a bench for four hours being made to recite the Sith code and express all the nuances of it? I don’t think it’s a spoiler to guess that he probably won’t.
Na'sira Mostly agreed with Alen here. Contentious characters are fine for the occasional engaging conflict, but when it's consta ...
Alen I can't say this better than Rich Burlew, of Order of the Stick fame: "Decide to React Differently: Have you ever ...
Az'jari Tal Little apprentice Timmy needs to grow a pair. And, lol @ dome piece. Yeah; this is a good bit of advice to follow. Yea ...

Today we bring you news of the down right criminal on the Hutt Moon Nar Shaddaa! That’s right folks; this story reveals the seedy underbelly of the neutral moon in details you have rarely seen published on this feed before!

We here at the Digest got wind of a deal going in the Red Light Sector—where else? And boy did things get heated. It seemed to be a pretty straight forward night. The streets flushed with crimson light, windows always shuttered, doors only opening for a woman of ill-repute to stumble drunkenly down steep stairways; heels causing a rebounding clamouring of cheap plastic impacting with dull, rarely cleaned steel flooring.

But my interest was not in the women, not in the alcohol, and certainly not in anything of an untoward nature. Well, at least where stims and spice are not concerned. 

Here at the digest we got wind that a big deal was going down and that it would be in our interests to go, watch, sit pretty and see what would be a spectacular show going down. 

We were not disappointed. We decided to go in and see it all upfront, close and personal, sticking our necks into maw of a hungry Akk dog and just about getting out without having our head chewed off and spat back out.
Keraal Let the games begin. Hmmm? ;)
D'Portgas Legacy "Tell the people what happened here today, let them know that the criminals on this planet now know that no-one wil ...

Roleplaying is something that even children do with dolls and friends. Playing mommy with Barbie dolls, soldier with GI Joes, or maybe if you were like me, you just had a habit of leaving a bunch of hairless, naked dolls half buried in mud lying around while you played 'war'.

Cops and Robbers, chef, dress up, whatever you want to call it, children were the first roleplayers, and for some of us, roleplay is not something easily grown out of. In fact, for some of us, the older we get, the more we've seemed to develop a taste and enjoyment for the games, table tops, and LARP activities. For some of us, diving into that unknown realm is a way to escape from the monotony of real life. For others, it's a way to tell stories and write with a group of like-minded people, to create epic tales and plotlines for a genre we love.

Roleplay is a varying creature, with varied styles and skill levels. There are people like me that have been doing it for sixteen years now; long enough that I feel old. But there are also people that have been doing it for twice as long as I have, and people that are just stepping their toes into the icy water and trying their hand at it.

Everyone has a different flare, a different style, different ways of wording and emoting, things that make them distinct and unique in their story telling.

Whether you're just beginning, or you've been doing it for years, we've all learned things along the way that make us better at the thing we all enjoy so much. My task for you this week is to do one thing: if you had one piece of advice to give to someone starting out, just dipping their feet into roleplay, what would it be? What pivotal piece of information should they keep in mind?
Nikodema Ayyin Don't overthink your character and don't try to be as dramatic as possible. Keeping it simple tends to be its own reward ...
Iradox/Tyûk Watch these videos to get an idea of the setting: ...
Az'jari Tal Maintain as much consistency as you possibly can. Very often, having multiple on-going characters and arcs becomes overw ...

Image originates from deviantArt

Usually we might provide you with a peek at visual delights, but this week, we are looking back to the world of music. Click the links in the article below to hear what Gavren has created throughout his roleplaying career. 

First up, Gavren tells us a little bit about what inspires him and his love for Star Wars and roleplay in general: 

"[I've] been a Star Wars fan ever since my childhood when my brother showed me the original trilogy. I’ve always done my roleplaying in medieval fantasy settings so my music has often mirrored that. A lot of strings, harps, orchestras and woodwinds. SWTOR offers a fresh change, and new ground to explore. Mixing electro beats with the usual harp and strings could prove an interesting venture."

Listen to the below piece titled, 'Covert Sabotage': 

Alen What hidden depths some folks have! Groovy. ...
Emoral Heliolite I started listening to this guy's music back when he joined the guild; needless to say, some songs have been looping end ...
Cruallassar Nice many artists make visual art, but it isn't the only thing out there, as this has proved. I need a person ...

-Decrypting files from multiple sources-

-File 1: Memo from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri to Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan-

Master Satele, regarding your request for an analysis on the return of Revan, I have very little to add to what you doubtless know. Revan will doubtlessly move against the Empire as soon as he is prepared, and we have little to fear from him directly. However, do not assume that he will work with the Republic. The Jedi Council and he never saw eye to eye in his day, and he will doubtless work under the same assumption now. However, there are many who would support Revan should he call for it within the Jedi Order. The general populace and the military would provide less support, but within the Jedi, he is regarded as a near-mythical figure of fantastic proportions. You should take steps to limit the exodus of Jedi to the aid of Revan, should he call for it, otherwise you may face an even greater shortage of Jedi at your disposal.

Also, do not fear that I will be among the Jedi who might leave. I may regard Revan with great respect, but my allegiance is to the Republic and the Jedi Order, not Revan. I will remain under your command.

-End data entry-

-File 2: Report from Cipher 31 to [unknown]-

Keeper, I've done the digging you requested on the background of this "Revan" fellow the rumors are flying about, and if he is indeed returned from the dead, we do have something to be worried about. Apparently, the Sith are quite knowledgeable on him. He was a Jedi who came to Dromund Kaas over a decade ago, who was captured in an assassination attempt on the Emperor. It was reported that he was killed, yet Republic historical records state that after this time, the same person invaded the Republic from, note this, what was then the Unknown Regions, or from the direction of Imperial Space. At that time, he went by the moniker of Darth Revan, but through some large number of events, was defeated, returned to the Jedi, and went on to save the Republic from his apprentice, who had also become a Darth in his own eyes. A few years later, he went on a mission to reclaim his memories that were lost in the preceding events, and subsequently disappeared. At the same time as his disappearance, I was able to find a record from a one-time member of the Dark Council, a Darth Nyriss, who was executed for treason by the Emperor's guards, during a purge of the entire Dark Council. The record stated that a man identified by Nyriss as Revan was captured, but that is all. After that point, the trail ends. 

The sum of this is that the Revan of the time was quite the powerful adversary, both himself and in the art of gathering followers. Even more disturbing is the fact that there is quite a large sect of people calling themselves the Revanites within the Empire, and they could very well turn against us if Revan called them, even if it was merely someone calling himself Revan. These rumors definitely require further investigation, and we should take steps to immediately eliminate the Revanite cult before they can defect. I will continue my own investigation as I can, and I await further orders on the matter.

-End data entry-

Brought to you in conjunction with:

Fire up your holo-feeds and access a link to the original news story found here.

Welcome back to the second article in this series looking at the Voss Accord!

Yesterday we covered the first two days of the debate. Seeing the loss of one planet to the Sith Empire and another hanging in the balance. The discussions were tense with some level of animosity naturally coming from the Imperial delegates, but you can trust boys and girls that our Jedi held their ground in the face of a growingly heated situation.

Continuing from the the previous article, on the third and final day of the discussions, we were all surprised to see the once Darth Mistra in attendance. We must say that she does indeed seem greatly improved since having defected to the fair and just rule of the Galactic Republic. Perhaps justice and democracy does well for the complexion.

Also in attendance, Darth Tekthon of the Sphere of ‘diplomacy’. And we use the word diplomacy lightly when we are talking about the Sith Empire.

The third day also saw Jedi Master Tiriak replaced with Grand Master Alen Stanic, a beacon of hope for any whom might look upon him. We consider that these two Jedi Masters had indeed been large players throughout the course of the debates; fair, just and unwavering in the face of their fervently obtuse Sith counterparts.
Marcus Khaar Unless facts have been purposely been altered, I believe there is big mistake at the end of the article. "Three pla ...

Brought to you in conjunction with:

Fire up your holo-feeds and access a link to the original news story found here.

Hello girls and boys of the Galactic Republic!

The meetings on Voss, held from Wednesday to Friday, saw the Jedi of The Lost Praxeum in attendance, with members of the Sith Empire of The Singularity also seeking to add to the course of the debates. Others with more neutral interests also stood in attendance.

"For the Galactic Republic, Master Tiriak of the Lost Praxeum, for the Sith Empire, Lord Esabe of Singularity, from the Hydian Conjunction of traders, Marcus Khaar, representing the free traders of the outer rim Mr. Zeeda (we assume that he was hired to maintain the task rather than being a part of the group), and finally representing the Hutt Cartel the former miss Nar Shaddaa and wearing a splendid yellow outfit, miss Neiju. In addition to this, the Voss also sent their own neutral observer to learn more of the customs of both the Empire and the Republic.”

The debate had been tense, yet with a good many hours of discussion, an agreement had been met with regards to the planet Goriav V. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of this neutral world, they must now serve under the banner of Imperial rule. As a digest writer and as a Republic citizen I would like to extend my condolences. But you can be certain, the Republic never gives up on those in need of democracy and justice. You will not be forgotten friends.


For those that have finished the Forged Alliances Flashpoint series, you probably felt as I felt at the end of Rakata Prime: like I'd just seen a Force ghost! BioWare's plans for the development of The Old Republic's story has come to fruition, and it all started with the original release of the game with Maelstrom Prison and the Foundry

I'm not sure about everyone else, but until I played through the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint on my Jedi Knight character, I had absolutely no idea that Revan would exist in the game's story. With the game set about three hundred years after the events that took place in the Knights of the Old Republic series, I thought him dead. But it seems BioWare wanted to Force-smack us in the face. And it worked. 

After releasing Revan from his prison in Maelstrom Prison and Foundry, he disappeared. We were all left wondering when he would return. But when he did, it was epic. Perhaps disappointing, but still epic. At the finale to the Forged Alliances Flashpoint series, Revan jumped out of hyperspace above Rakata Prime's atmosphere, and Revan's holo-image appeared. He affirmed his intention for something big (in a weird voice too. Did he have a cold?), and he made it clear that he was with neither the Republic or the Empire. Naughty Revan. You've lost the plot again. 

In today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know what you think of the Revan's return. Is it really him? Could it possibly be an imposter, with the real Revan later sweeping in to save the day? Or have BioWare taken Revan back to his bad-boy days? Let us know in the comments below!
Thralle What if the Dread Masters are influencing Revan?
Kahlaan Well, you defeat reven, but you never killed him, he vanished at the end of the fight. Basically bioware made the origin ...
Dennis Well. We only see the holo of his mask, and the blonde Lana Benniko admits she feels an overwhelming force-presence appr ...

Last time we looked at 3D artist Tharynien of The Progenitor server, but in this article we will be shifting the focus back to another awesomely talented role-player and 2D artist, Lasatho of The Ebon Hawk server: the player behind the Rhomel legacy. 

Let us get straight into things and start off with looking at the artist's motivation, the raw meat and bones of why she gets up in the morning and puts pen to uh… computerised drawing pad, just to give us a glimpse of her view on the world of SWTOR: her characters, her role-play and that of her in-character and out-of-character comrades. 

"Star Wars is always going to have a special place in my heart, as cliched as that sounds. Always more of a fantasy genre fan, sci-fi and space took backseat when I was growing up and I always found myself more engaged by games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. So when I picked up Knights of the Old Republic back in the day and had this amazing story grow around me, I was hooked. An Old Republic era MMO seemed like a no-brainer but it took the pushing of a few gamer friends in order for me to give it a chance.”

And we are glad you did! Writers, musicians, painters, video bloggers and others all contributing to the world of art open up the story of this rich universe for people like us; the readers (and writers) of SWTOR-RP and beyond, bringing a whole new dimension to our role-play. 

Rendered holo-image of Revan

Whispers and rumours of a once Jedi-and-Galactic-Republic hero have echoed throughout the known galaxy. The Central Broadcasting News Service has caught wind of stories detailing the return Revan: a Jedi who saved the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic from destruction at the hands of the Sith Empire hundreds of years ago.

Numerous channels for information, including street level, intelligence level, and our not-to-be-named reliable sources all indicate that Revan may have returned from the dead and is seeking to reinstate his role in the galactic conflict.

It is believed that a large number of loyal followers dedicated to Revan's unknown cause have surfaced and taken to battle against heroes from both the Republic and the Empire.

Stay tuned to the Central Broadcasting News Service for more details as the story unfolds.

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
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