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We are just months away until Knights of the Fallen Empire is finally here! Bioware has offered a forthcoming stream that has given us a first glimpse into the gameplay of the new expansion, featuring the “Outlander” storyline in action. The stream has answered a multitude of questions brought forth by the SWTOR community.

You are the Outlander, veteran of the Galactic War. Within the first moments of the gameplay we are reintroduced to Lana Beniko alongside some new faces coming to save our hero and release him from his carbonite prison. It is revealed that all the player’s comrades have been lost and the last hope to save the you. Five years have passed and both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic have been defeated. The journey begins with a desperate attempt to escape the thrown world of the Eternal Empire.  Zakuul will be one of the main locations in the new content alongside never before seen planets.  The Outlander starts in the upper city, and it has been confirmed that in other chapters you will descend lower into the undercity, and eventually the swampy terrestrial floor. The player’s decisions, both lightside and dark, will make a large impact both for your character, your companions and the future both directly and indirectly.

Additional information gathered from the stream includes:

  • Lana Beniko will become a full fledged companion, taking on a Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight class role.

  • Part of the adventure is finding out what happened to your companions. For the first 9 chapters, we are introduced to new companions. Original companions will not be taken away and will be brought back throughout the storyline. Old companions can be resummoned and there is no risk of losing cartel bought companions. Affection points gained will not be lost with companions, however, storywise, decisions and romances will return to play a part in interactions. The biggest change being given to companions will be that all companions, new and old,  will have interchangeable roles to tank, healer or dps. Gear for companions has been changed. Gear has been untied. Gear can still be customized but stats have been disassociated with companions and will instead level alongside you so there will be no worry to gear out companions.

  • The level cap increased to level 65 with new abilities and more mobility with the focus on combat which will be more fast paced.

  • Story chapters will be delivered by seasons.

  • A big companion teaser, which ties heavily into your decisions made into Chapter One, appears to be none other than Darth Marr himself. For now, complete details of this companion is uncertain...but it is definately an exciting thought.

The Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion will be free for all subscribers and available October 27, 2015.

You can watch the stream here. You may also read the quick wrap up of the stream here. More details will be announced in the coming months before the expansion hits.

Does this make you more excited for the upcoming expansion? Share your thoughts on the stream!

Many details about Fallen Empire are still unknown. We know the basics of the story. That's really about it. To get caught up so far, here's our article on all we know about Fallen Empire

This week, Twitch are hosting a livestream where we're going to learn much more of The Old Republic's upcoming expansion. For the first time ever, we're going to see actual gameplay footage. The developers are going to be showing chapter 3 of the new story, so if you don't like spoilers, go and throw yourself into the Sarlacc Pit because the world wide web is going to be packed to the rim with spoilers. 

We're also going to be getting a glimpse of how companions will work. We know they're getting an overhaul, and we're going to be seeing the new system for the first time. And lastly, we've been told we'll be seeing a "familiar face." 

Stay tuned to SWTOR-RP. We'll bring you the details as they're revealed. If, however, you wish to watch it live, here's the link to the information thread. 

Character growth and development is a natural progression through roleplay, but how our characters handle each situation that would have an impact on the foundations of who they are and who they will become differs between characters and the players who claim them as their own. Some characters have life-changing epiphanies after taking a single blaster-shot, whilst others will remain stubbornly unchanging even after losing their entire families and crews.

As roleplayers, there's always countless factors to consider when looking at how a character will develop after every situation that they find themselves in. Simple roleplay over drinks can be just as life-changing as an intense battle in both positive and negative ways. And sometimes, it's a comment or an overheard conversation that has the biggest impact. A Mandalorian struggling to find a sense of clan after leaving theirs might come to realize that the problem in working with a crew, might not be with the crew, but them. A Sith may see the face of a child and realize their path is no longer the right one. 

In this Friday Focus, we'd like to know: what inspires your character development? What are the situations that has brought about honest, life-changing growth for your characters? Do situations of intense combat have the same impact as conversations? Or do you have one of those stubborn characters that remains unphased by the galaxy around them? 

Akacen Everything that happens around my character influences them. The interactions of not only others with himself, but what ...
TheScythe o Struggling to find a sense of purpose? I hear wrestling one-man-tanks helps.
KagranZhenshi I always try to combine as much information (example, the things that happen with me chara and around it) and then paint ...

We are very curious beings. We're always left wondering why events turned out the way they did, and we're curious about what events may be around the corner. The same is for The Old Republic. Why must Treek be so damn cool? Why won't the Emperor just die already? Should I spend my life's savings on that Revan mask? These are the hard questions that bug us. 

Some time ago, we hosted a column that granted hints and ideas of what the expect each week. With Kashira as its creator and author, Holoscopes provided our readers and The Old Republic's roleplayers with a Star Wars-esque horoscopes column. 

Kashira produced over thirty weeks worth of predictions, and our roleplayers reported that some of Kashira's insights proved true for their in-game endeavors! 

This week, we reflect on this once-great column that our readers enjoyed immensely. To view all entries of Holoscopes, go here

Kashira Was a pleasure to write them! ...

In roleplay, our character creation—both physical appearance and back-story—can be inspired by characters from a number of mediums. We have Star Wars novels, games, and the films to draw inspiration from. The Star Wars character list is almost endless, from bounty hunters to soldiers, and from Sith to Jedi. 

Looking at the current state of The Old Republic, I can tell you that there are a lot of people who have recently been inspired by one character: Ahsoka. There are a lot of Ahsoka's running around right now, and it hurts my eyes. Togruta are cool, as is Ahsoka. They have head-stuff going on, I get it. But what happened to originality? 

For today's Friday Focus, let us know who inspired the creation of your character. Are they completely original, or have they inherited parts from a number of different characters from the Star Wars universe? I can tell that as soon as Nautolans become playable, I'll be one of the first to create a mix of Kit Fisto's physicality, Qui-Gon's lightsaber style, and with touches of a few light-hearted Jedi along the way. 

Where does the DNA make-up of your character come from?

Kalyris I haven't been RPing much in SWTOR, since I can't seem to find any. But my character is usually based off of a landscape ...
Amadán Béarla Traykx was born from seeing one of the original concepts for Luke Skywalker. That old, awesome looking badass similar to ...
Lumpy Space Prince Some would call my pilot a Mary Sue, but.. *takes a deep breath* here it goes. His look is inspired by Poe Dameron from ...

Fair and Balanced

As is true with all things, we cannot always focus on the pretty races. In science, we also have to deal with the things that no one finds attractive. Prior to this, we’ve only covered one near-useless race—the Wookiees—but today we shall cover yet another of the repulsive non-human-like species of the galaxy, and one of the worst of the kind. No I’m not speaking of the alien Nautolans with their tentacle hair (which I already covered), but rather the pig-lizards of Gamorr, technically known as the Gamorreans.

The average Gamorrean is around one-eighty tall, has a body temperature of 40.56 standard, and has a body odour only matched by those of a hutt. Their filthy green skin is often covered in a number of native parasitic bloodsuckers called “morrts.” However, where any other sensible race would remove the parasites, the Gamorreans seem to be fond of them and consider them a form of pet. At least half of the stink of a Gamorrean is the morrts which gives off an unpleasant odour.

Typically of a pig-race, they grow of age quickly. They start training to adulthood at three, are considered young adults at six, and mature adults at thirteen. They are known to be able to live past the forty-five years only in captivity as their incredibly violent nature and society means they never get to actually live to see a natural death, or rather, the lifespan of the male is much shorter than that of the average female.

Terunda/Exel So wish there were more of them about on Shaddaa. Nothing says "Hutt thug" like a gammo!

The galaxy is a big place. It's not easy keeping track of all the happenings across the many planets we have access to in The Old Republic. Not only are there planet-based stories; there are class-specific stories too. Eight character stories, plus about twenty four planet story arcs. That's a lot of content. 

As a fan site for SWTOR, we try and cover as much as we can, especially from an in-character perspective. There was one column that we hosted that delivered the game story to you: Over Exposure

Now-retired SWTOR-RP writer Mai Cash delivered, with finesse, an in-character column covering many of the game's side stories. Today, we remember Mai's efforts to bring you some of the coolest in-character reports we've hosted here at SWTOR-RP. 

There are over 70 stories to peruse through. If you missed them, go here to view them all. Or perhaps you want to reminisce. Mai's stories don't disappoint.

Just like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, our characters in The Old Republic are going to be frozen in carbonite. The main difference will most likely be that it won't be because we'll have a price on our heads so big that we cannot go near a civilised system, but because we need to be put away in safe storage until the time is right. 

Details of the upcoming digital expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, are slowly coming out. We've seen the new trailer, which appears to have revealed a graphics upgrade, but it also shows us that we may be faced with an option to either stand by or stand against The Emperor of the Eternal Empire. 

Specific to you, the readers here at SWTOR-RP, roleplay is the main focus. So, for today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know how you're going to handle The Outlander as part of your roleplay. Not everybody can be The Outlander, just like not everyone can be on the Dark Council or have struck down the Emperor the first time around. 

How will you roleplay The Outlander?

Glzmo While I'll roleplay various reasons why my characters have been out of touch with the happenings of the galaxy, I'm pret ...
Sredna Mylaan Depends on how the story unfolds. I need to play throught the expansion before I am able to decide.
Lycann None of us should RP as The Outlander, for good reasons, as Void has stated a few hours ago.

Knights of the Fallen Empire
 is coming to our desktops in October. We're mere months away from becoming The Outlander: a veteran war hero from the Great Galactic War. A new threat has engulfed the galaxy with the Emperor of the Eternal Empire wiping out both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire

We are going to be The Outlander. It is we who are going to save the galaxy. But are we?

In the new trailer from BioWare, it appears that we may be faced with a decision that could be the saving grace or the cause of devastation to the known galaxy. Valkorian asks us to join his Eternal Empire. 

As we begin to creep closer to release of the new digital expansion, we're going to see more and more of how the game will change. In this trailer, there are two things I've noticed: Lana Beniko has received a makeover, and it appears that the game's graphics have received an overhaul. Character textures appear different to how we see them currently in The Old Republic

Do I need to lay off the deathsticks, or do you see it also?

Glzmo What I'm wondering is if this "Outlander" can now opt to utilize chat bubbles when speaking to others in /say, ...
Burgundian Frankly, Valkorion and his empire fills in the role of the Sith Empire as the big bad and does it much better since ther ...

It appears that our Force Vision has served us well in our speculation of what to expect from Knights of the Fallen Empire, BioWare's upcoming expansion to The Old Republic. EA held their press conference at E3, and what we saw was what we expected: a new cinematic from Blur. It delivered, and now all our Force Senses are tingling with anticipation of what's to come to the game in October this year. 

There is a lot of information to take in from the official press conference and beyond. What we've done is collated all that information into one place for you. Grab a cup of jawa juice, sit back, and let us fill you in on all this KotFE

The official site for the expansion has been released, and here is the description:

Could this be Knights of the Old Republic 3 embedded into The Old Republic? It appears that way, as BioWare describe the expansion as a focus on the player's story. It looks like the story will focus on single player gameplay, coated in all those great story-telling aspects of a BioWare RPG. 

What some of you might have missed is how we become part of the story. In a post-conference interview with IGN, General Manager Jeff Hickman and Senior Producer Bruce Maclean, both from BioWare in Austin, explained where the adventure kicks off for players. We dive into the expansion at the end of the trailer as The Outlander. We have been frozen in carbonite for some years, and when we awaken, the Republic and Empire have fallen at the hands of the third faction, and Bruce states that we're the galaxy's last remaining hope. We venture out across the universe, searching for our old companions who have scattered, picking up new companions who we get to choose from along the way. 

There will be five new companions to recruit, and to obtain them, we must go out on missions to earn their respect. These missions take us to different parts of the galaxy, and it all depends on what kind of companion they are, whether they be Mandalorian, a Hutt-hater, and so on. 

Continue below as we set out the highlights thus far, including links to other sources and videos on all things Knights of the Fallen Empire.

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