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In the last fortnight, I have featured some pretty big names on the server: Alen, and the now deceased Thyrus (score one for the Republic, you go girls and boys! Uh... sorry Thyrus...). But now I would like to feature a brave and valiant character, one whom I met myself in the Shadows of Glory campaign, expertly organised by Light of Alderaan, the Eclipse (please see The Singularity,), Qorit network, and The Lost Praxeum. It was an amazing event and I must say that even now the embers of my excitement are yet to entirely snuff out. Great work guys!

This character really inspired me because he plays it well. The player is clearly dedicated to his community and to his guild and he is a great sport. I know, I know, I say this about everyone, but K'Marris really is one to watch! 

My favourite quote from my interview with him is this: "There are people within the Republic who have not yet been touched by the horror of war. We need to fight to preserve their way of life. That’s my inspiration, that’s what keeps me alive."

On a day-to-day basis, Colonel K’Marris Sado spends much of his time sorting through paperwork, reading reports and generally just doing a lot of the behind the scenes work many of us would rather wish we did not have to do. Though at first glance, you might not expect this of him. He seems to be a battle hardened soldier; a man of war with a glint in his eye that tells you to step back, pack up, and don't mess with him. At least that is the impression I get!

Recently, I have been reading a lot of interesting graphic novels and one of the main themes in a lot of them is that of being so tempted by the other side and/or philosophies that you just up and leave; packing your bags and bidding your former allies aloha.

I think a lot of us have considered the merits for switching sides at some point, right?

One very obvious figure stands out for me when thinking about this theme: Darth Revan. Do not tell me he was not one of the first of the likely candidates to come to mind? OK, most of you probably thought about Anakin. But by now you should all know how I like to focus on less obvious examples (or obvious in this case, it depends on how much you like the lore). This human male, of great note, started out within the Jedi Order and eventually became a Jedi Knight. However, Revan was very vocal about his misgivings when the Order did not do much to intervene with regards to the Mandalorian war with the Galactic Republic

And to put a long story short, Revan turned to the dark side, became a Darth and eventually established his own empire using something called the Star Forge, later defecting back to the light side again. There is a lot more to it than this and likely many of you will remember mention of Revan in the Dromund Kaas story-line. Have a read!

So, have you ever thought about defecting to the other side? 
D'Portgas Legacy As a pirate, Shanks is fighting and living under his own banner, however, he started as a republic citizen on Corellia. ...
Thralle/Saphra Maybe... but don't tell her master!
Taeghen No. Taeghen is ruled by his passions and genuinely believes in both the rightness of the Sith's vision and the Empire's ...

"Keep saying 'next time', and someday there might not be one waiting."
- Vannar Treece, Star Wars: Knight Errant

Always in motion, the future is. Or so says some little green guy with pointy ears. The clock is always ticking, and time continues to go by. 

In The Old Republic, though there is no clear indication of time passed, the story in the game does progress. Once we complete the entire story that the game currently has to offer though, we need to find tasks to pass the time until BioWare's next update to the end-game and story. 

Yes, we have Operations, Flashpoints, Oricon, other dailies, and of course, roleplay. But what is it you do to pass the time? When you find yourself staring at your screen at an idle character, what is it you do to fill the void? Post your answers in the comments below, and perhaps you might just help another player with tasks to fill their in-game time. 
Thralle/Saphra Need For Speed: Undercover. I pulled out my old copy recently and I've been playing through it again. Really helps to fi ...
D'Portgas Legacy Im either talking on the phone, or hanging on the balcony observing my city as i come up with events and storyplots. Its ...
Mai Cash I concentrate on forum-RP stories, & developing other potential storylines. What my character could be doing in thos ...

Born and raised in the city of Aldera, Toxa lived the first few years of his life in a cautious but generally good-natured manner. He was raised into moderately high society, and was to become the heir to the Vanschiver family business that’s been around for generations. However, fate, along with the force had different plans for him, both pleasant and cruel.

Story line 1: The beginning
The Vanschiver and Vermillion family were as close as any two families could be. Having no siblings of his own, Toxa clung to the Vermillion siblings, Aliura and her older brother Aran, as if they were blood relatives. He spent the happiest times of his life with the Vermillion siblings. Toxa and Aliura both looked up to Aran, and often playfully competed for his attention.

It was a sad day for Toxa and Aliura when the Jedi Order came for Aran, and placed him under their care and tutelage. Though Toxa didn't fully understand why Aran was so calm about leaving his family behind, Years went by while Toxa and Aliura’s family remained close. The families planned to merge their businesses through Toxa and Aliura when the time was right. Rather than competing against each other, the families felt it was more profitable for both if Toxa and Aliura were paired together. They considered it to be inevitable as years went by, due to how close the children were.

Life is busy. The almighty Force calls and beckons, and answer it we must. Nothing lasts forever, and that is very much the case here at SWTOR-RP. We've seen many reporters come and go, some staying with us longer than others. But it is rare to find a writer who falls into the role with such ease; someone who's not just creative, but also motivated. These are the traits of long-time reporter Kashira

For those who don't know Kash, she's been filling the front pages of SWTOR-RP with many of our daily Force Reflections, but more notably, her signature column, Holoscopes. She's captured the attention of many readers, including myself, with her knack for being able to provide a Star Wars-esque horoscopes column that has hit the bullseye on predictions for the characters of many of our members. 

She posted her first article in January of 2013, and clocked a whopping three digit number of articles, cracking over one hundred Force Reflections, Holoscopes, and other in-character articles for The Old Republic

This article is a tribute to the writer and the person that is Kashira. She's been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. May the Force be with you Kash. You'll always have a home here at SWTOR-RP. 
Vaanthe a We will miss you, Kashira. Take care and good luck. Thank you for the articles and hard work for the site during your t ...
Kashira Thanks so much Ganden! It's been a pleasure working with you and the rest of the SWTOR-RP team! If anyone has considered ...
Mortedartius Although I don't know you, I admire writers who can stick at it and do good quality work (He's me sounding like someone ...
Starship Graveyard

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. The past couple of weeks we have been traversing the great frozen wasteland of Hoth, trying to carve out those crystals in the rough, the tourist attractions no one sees on this forgiving planet. This week, Over Exposure takes you to the Starship Graveyard!

Once overrun by pirates out for spoils, this kilometers-long landmark of galactic history is worth a stop on your Hothhian tour. Whether you're a history buff, or a war aficionado, Hoth's Starship Graveyard is sure to whet any sort of whistle one may have for mayhem. Made up of ships that fell from a great space battle during The Battle of Hoth. This battle was a historic event that helped shape the Great Galactic War. That's enough of a history lesson. On with the good stuff.

Now that both Galactic Republic and Sith Empire forces have given the pirates a run for their money (for the time being), now is a great time to go and take holopics of yourself and your buddies climbing the great jutting spires of the Vehement Sword: the Imperial starship which broke in half as it landed. Or, if you're feeling brave, take a vid of yourself lumbering around the well-protected outskirts of The Star of Coruscant: the Republic vessel which fell aground completely intact.

That completes our tour of the sights and smells of Hoth! Come with us as we snake through the hyperlanes to Taris! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter

The Force. The entire movie franchise and everything spawned after and because of it is all focused on one thing, one invisible entity that acts as the guide and buffer for the characters around it.

During the original trilogy, the Force is something of a mystery, but after that the Jedi fell, it's became a thing of myth and legend, an old story used to frighten children into behaving and being good citizens, or else they'd disappear like the Jedi did.

Initially, it's just a phantom, barely represented until Luke Skywalker finds a pair of droids and starts an adventure.

In the films, there is a clear picture of black and white, good and evil, light side and dark side. This image is represented by having characters that in essence are rather two dimensional at first. You have the good guys, and the bad guys, and there isn't anything in between until the epic scene where Darth Vader sacrifices himself to protect the son he never knew. That is the first real sense of atonement or grey that people see.

In The Old Republic, this idea still exists. At the start of the game, each player must choose a side, the first thing said as you load in; yet through the course of your gameplay, you see a plethora of characters on both sides of the Force line that fall into a grey area or changes sides. Good guys become bad guys, bad guys become good guys.

In roleplay this is equally true, and a part of good storytelling often is to keep things open for your character to change based on their influence.

What do your characters see the Force as? Is it what guides a character to choose a side? Is there a dark side to the force, or are there just dark people?
TraykxSkyle I'm not masterly versed in what it is. However I'll tell you how I see it ICly on Traykx. The force is everything, it is ...
Max n' Tyrrell! The force is the malio (magic) that the jedi and sith weild.
Adhock42 I think Adhock out of all mine holds the most interesting view of the Force. Her Kind believe it to be a Gift from thei ...

My previous highlight looked into the lighter side of The Progenitor server, focusing on the Grand Master Alen. He told me that his arch nemesis is Darth Thyrus, and well… what else was I to do but to seek out the player myself and get a meeting with him?

When interviewing the player through the eyes of his character, one quote really jumps out at me: "The perfect galaxy would be one forever consumed by war. Where no one lays down their arms to resist the growth of progress."

That is a pretty grim view of things. But then, let us face it: there is a little bit of a warmonger in all of us, right? You cannot tell me that you would not be tempted to rally behind this ominously malevolent Darth if given the chance. I then asked him about his day-to-day life, and I must say that the Darth was certainly not in any way forthcoming. An awkward silence hung upon the air and causing it to thicken with the slightest indication that it would be best to move on from this question and soon!

Indeed, Thyrus would seek to improve the universe; setting the galaxy alight on a wave of unrelenting conflict; burning worlds, snuffing out the lives of those not worthy of existence and creating a galaxy forever at war. Peace is indeed a lie for this Sith and there is no mistaking that.

I had to ask, beyond a desire to make the galaxy into a living and breathing barbecue, as to what the man's inspirations might be and his response was perhaps, at this point, rather chilling as expected:

"Have you ever been truly afraid, insect? Have you ever been afraid that your own heartbeat will betray your hiding spot from your nightmares? Truly felt anger pulse through your veins? Where you’ve been so wronged and witnessed such an injustice but been powerless to act? Once you’ve experienced these emotions in their raw form, you don’t need any other motivator."
Alen Thyrus is one of those characters I'll remember for a long time. A lot of Sith characters I've met have a degree of hum ...
Adhock42 *sharpens vibroblade*
Moganas *respectful bow*

There is always that one character in a book, maybe a character you roleplay with or someone in a movie who you secretly wish you could date in real life. Or am I the only one? 

I think for me, the first character who comes to mind is Darth Jadus (*swoon*). I know this guy has an army of fangirls and boys just swooning over every moment of dialogue within the SWTOR storyline; they lose all sense of self at the word Jadus and simply spend hours and hours debating the merits of his effectual personality, his smooth hypnotic soothing accent and his rather pleasing manner (OK… that sounds odd). 

However, when looking to at lore, there are a number of amazing characters to choose from; after all, charisma, even for Sith, can be an important part of what makes a character so appealing to the audience. I decided to be a little avant-garde and Darth Nihl shall be the focus of this small study. 

Darth Nihl was a Nagai Sith Lord serving within Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, previously a Nagai warlord initiated into the fold of the One Sith by none other than Darth Krayt himself, and then becoming the Fist: the go-to guy for all things war-based. Or better put, the supreme military commander for the One Sith. 

He's a dab hand with a saber, broody as anything and just plain charismatic. Where do I sign for the civil ceremony (I would assume the Catholic church would not approve of my marrying a Sith Lord)? 

So tell me: who is your secret crush? 
TraykxSkyle Oola Twi'lek dancer in jabbas palace. Or and this is weird for me to say being a dude but Qui Gon Jinn ((Liam Neeson in ...
Arlan Darth Zash, it's the voice... and well the attitude ...
Mai Cash Why has no one said Han Solo yet? Duh.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why is everyone having awesome RP but me?”

In my experience, this is a common assumption amongst role-players, that somehow, somewhere, the rest of the RP community is happening, and the individual is left in some kind of hellish limbo where plots are left unfinished, stories untold, and the only thing left to do is to mope around at the cantina bar listening in to everyone else RPing together.

This ethos is both a self-fulfilling prophecy and utter myth in the same blue milk-laced breath. I’m glad to report that the solution and the cause of this malady are one and the same.

It is you!

Let me share with you that most hallowed of all evidence, an anecdote;

Many moons ago, after the collapse of SWG and years of WoW burnout, I found a game called Rift. For me personally, it was like WoW, but with RP I could get into. I was a shy and retiring character not knowing anyone and not doing a lot about it other than keeping to myself and not having more than a sentence or two of RP interactions with anyone.
Saraani I agree..And yet I disagree. The OP is absolutely, 100% correct, too many people just sit around, too shy to approach a ...
Ponponpony This post helped me a lot cause I wasnt sure about what is roleplay, Im ansious about living it by myself , I have a dou ...
Adhock42 Unfortunately I have to disagree with the article. I've been having problems finding RP myself and it's not the fact I ...
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